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Appendix 1a � Films

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26/2/2012, The Artist became the first silent film to win an Oscar since 1927.

7/5/2011, �Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides�, directed by Rob Marshall, starring Johnny Depp and Pen�lope Cruz, premiered. The opening weekend made US$350.6m

19/5/2007, �Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End�, directed by Gore Verbinksi, starring Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom premiered in Anaheim. It was the most expensive film (US$300 million) made to date.

24/6/2006, �Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest�, directed by Gore Verbinski, starring Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom, premieres at Disneyland. It became the fastest film to gross over 1 billion US$

31/8/2004, Mel Gibson�s film, The Passion of the Christ, sold some 4.1 million copies in the USA on the first day it was released on video and DVD,

28/6/2003, The film �Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl�, directed by Gore Verbinski, starring Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom, premiered at Disneyland

2/10/1990. Ghost was one of the films on release.

13/8/1990. Die Hard II was one of the film on release.

2/12/1984, Films on included Ghostbusters and Gremlins.

21/5/1980, The Star Wars sequel, The Empire Strikes Back, premiered.

8/6/1977. Films on release included Blazing Saddles.

30/3/1975. Films on release included Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

29/11/1974. In the cinema the new sensurround film Earthquake made its debut.

12/4/1974. Films on release included Last Tango in Paris and The Exorcist.

4/1/1974. The James Bond film Live and let Die was released in South Africa.

16/10/1972. Films included Steven Spielberg�s Duel.

17/12/1971, The James Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever, was released in the US and Denmark

22/2/1969. Films on release included 2001: A Space Odyssey.

7/10/1968. Films on release included 2001: A Space Odyssey.

30/5/1968, The films 2001: A Space Odyssey and Planet of the Apes were showing.

30/10/1967. Captain Scarlet merchandise hit the shops.

20/10/1967, Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin filmed �Bigfoot�, on an expedition in northern California to search for the creature.

16/12/1968, World premier of the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

15/6/1967. Films included The Further Perils of Laurel and Hardy.

27/1/1963. Films on release included Cape Fear.

22/9/1964, The James Bond film Goldfinger premiered in LeicesterSquare, London.

12/9/1964, The Spaghetti Western film �A Fistful of Dollars� premiered, directed by Sergio Leone, starring Clint Eastwood in his first leading role

18/11/1962. The first James Bond film, Dr No, was released.

24/9/1961, Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color premiered on NBC, with An Adventure in Color, introduced by Walt Disney himself.

16/6/1960, Alfred Hitchcock�s terrifying film Psycho opened in new York.

11/11/1959, The film Ben Hur premiered in London.

1958, The first �Carry on� film was released, Carry on Sergeant. The series went on for 20 years, with a heavy emphasis on double-entendres.

21/10/1957, Elvis Presley�s 3rd musical drama film, Jailhouse Rock, opened in the USA.

3/11/1954, The first Godzilla movie was released in Japan. The story was of a giant beast awoken from a million-year slumber by nuclear weapons testing in the south Pacific.

4/3/1950, Walt Disney�s Cinderella was released.

9/1/1951, The first film to receive the new X rating opened in London. Entitled Life Begins Tomorrow, it received the rating for a scene dealing with artificial insemination.

13/8/1942, The Walt Disney film Bambi premiered at Radio City Music Hall, New York.

31/10/1941, The Walt Disney film Dumbo was released today.

13/11/1940, The Walt Disney film Fantasia had its first showing.

27/7/1940, Warner Brothers released the film A Wild Hare, Bugs Bunny�s first feature film, containing the line Eh, what�s up doc?

14/1/1938, Walt Disney�s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first full length colour and sound animated cartoon, went on general release across the USA.

21/12/1937. Walt Disney�s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first full length colour and sound animated cartoon was premiered in Los Angeles, USA.

5/2/1936, Charlie Chaplin released the last ever silent film, Modern Times.

2/3/1933, The film King Kong premiered in New York.

20/1/1929, In Old Arizona, the first full-length talking ,movie filmed outdoors, was released.

19/9/1928. The first cartoon talking picture, Walt Disney�s Steamboat Willie, with Mickey Mouse (originally called Mortimer Mouse), was shown in New York.

6/7/1928, The first all-talking feature film, Lights of New York, was presented at The Sound Theatre, New York.

10/1/1927, The futuristic film Metropolis, by Fritz Lang, premiered. It was the most expensive silent film made so far, costing 7 million German Marks, equivalent to US$ 200 million in 2005.

16/8/1925, Charlie Chaplin�s film Gold Rush was premiered in America.

21/12/1925. Battleship Potemkin, a film by Sergei Eisenstein, opened in the USSR.

1/11/1925, The Buster Keaton film Go West opened.

23/9/1912. Mack Sonnett released the first Keystone Cops film.

21/9/1903. The first Wild West movie, Kit Carson, opened in the USA. It was 21 minutes long.


Appendix 1b � Film Productiom

8/4/1985, Rupert Murdoch bought Twentieth Century Fox.

1960, Just 10 million people in the UK visited the cinema at least once a week, compared to 25 million in 1954. TV had made great inroads into cinema audiences, but rigid cinema film distribution schedules did not help. New films, of whatever standard, good or bad, were shown, for example,across northwest London for a week, trhen for a week in north east London; south London generally got the last viewings, by which time the film would have lost miuch of its novelty factor. UK cinema admissions declined from 600 million in 1959 to 225 million in 1970.

1959, BAFTA, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, was flrmed from an amalgamation of the British Film Academy (founded 1948) and the Guild of Television Producers (founded 1954). It gives annual awards for merit in the TV and film industry,

1959, The first film made in Smell-o-Vision (The Scent of Mystery) was released. The process did not catch on.

22/1/1959, Two thirds of British homes now had a television. The Rank Organisation, on 17/9/1959, said cinema attendance in Britain fell from 1.396 million in 1950 to 1.101 million in 1956 and was still in decline.

10/4/1953, The first full colour feature film from a major studio, The House of Wax, premiered at New York�s Paramount Theater.

18/2/1953, The first 3-D film, Bwana Devil, opened in New York City.

9/4/1951, The first trials of Pay-per-View TV in Chicago, Illinois. Viewers paid US$3 to download three films.

20/9/1946. The first Cannes Film Festival opened.

30/9/1936, Pinewood Film Studios opened.

1935, The first film made in 3-colour Technicolour, Becky Sharp, was released. In 1932 Technicolour was first utilised for a Walt Disney cartoon film. The process is no longer used.

1933, Joseph Arthur Rank entered the film industry, to promote Methodism.

1933, The British Film Institute (BFI) was founded to promote the cinema sa a means of entertainment and instruction. The BFI includes the National Film Archive (founded 1935) and the National Film Theatre (founded 1951).

1930, The Western Big Trail was filmed in 70 mm film (see 1917). 70mm was sometimes used for big epic films such as Lawrence of Arabia, but 35mm remained the common standard

18/2/1929, The First Academy Awards, known as Oscars from 1931, were announced.

6/10/1927. The first full length talking picture, The Jazz Singer, opened in New York. The soundtrack was almost entirely music. The biggest problem with sound movies was synchronising speech with mouth movements.

26/3/1927. The Gaumont British Film Corporation was founded.

1925, In Britain the cinema was a major source of entertainment and news. For just 6d, or 2d in the �fleapits� you could a newsreel, a feature film, a second film after an advertisement, and then a cartoon. Children paid just 1d/. The largest cinemas could seat 3,000, but people also stood at the back.

1924, Columbia Pictures, US film and distribution company, was formed.

16/4/1924. The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film corporation was formed by merger.

1923, Warner Brothers US film production company was founded.

1922, Technicolour was first used, initially as a 2-colour (red and green) superimposed image system. The system was expensive and gave poor results, but was improved with a 3-colour system from 1932 and then widely adopted.

1917, 35 mm film was adopted as the industry standard by the Society of Motion Picture Engineers of America, see 1889 and 1930.

1912, Paramount Studios was formed, originally as The Famous Players Film Company, by Adolph Zukor (1873-1976). In 1914 it merged with the distribution company Paramount Pictures. In 1966 the company was taken over by Gulf and Western Industries.

1912, The British Board of Film Censors was founded. It was renamed in 1985 as the British Board of Film Classification.

1910, The USA now possessed some 10,000 �nickelodeons� cinenas where admission was one nickel (5 cents). These cinemas recieved 26 million visitors every week. They showed a succession of short silent films, many consisteing of newsreels, with no continuity or order; patrons were expected to come and go at different times. The short films meant plots were very simple, with no time for character development.

24/2/1909. Colour films were shown to the public for the first time, in Brighton.

1907, Britain�s first film-only picture theatre, the Balham Palace, opened in SW London.

1906, The earliest colour film, made in Kinemacolor, was patented.

5/12/1901. Walt Disney was born.

2/6/1899, Lotte Reiniger, film animator, was born.

3/10/1896, Queen Victoria became the first British monarch to be captured on moving film, at Balmoral.

11/6/1892, The Limelight Department, one of the world�s first film studios, was established in Melbourne, Australia.

1889, Edison invented 35 mm film, see 1917.

23/12/1888. The film magnate J Arthur Rank was born. Born in Hull, England, he was born into a Yorkshire flour milling family. He entered the film business in his mid 30s, seeing it as a way to propagate his Methodist faith. He failed to secure distribution for a religious film called The Turn of the Tide and so began his own production, distribution, and exhibition of films in 1933. By the 1940s the Rank Organisation owned half the film studios in Britain and over 1,000 cinemas, including the well-known Odeon chain. However Rank failed to establish Britain as a rival to Hollywood. The Rank Organisation survives but with films as a secondary interest behind hotels, real estate, ballrooms, bingo, and, most profitable of all, copying machines.


Appendix 2-Telegraph, Radio and Telephone Communications

14/2/1989. Skyphone, the world�s first satellite telephone service, was launched on a British Airways flight from London to New York.

1/1/1985, The first mobile phone call was made, by Ernie Wise to Vodafone.

1962, The concept of music playing whilst a telephone call was on hold was born. Alfred Levy, factory owner, allegedly came up with the idea when a loose wire on his company�s phone system touched a girder which acted as an aerial and picked up music from a nearby radio station. Callers to Mr Levy heard music, not silence, whilst on hold. The advantage of music was that a caller on hold knew they had not been cut off, the line was still open.

12/8/1960. The first US communications satellite, Echo 1, was launched.

1/1/1934. Britain now had over 2 million telephone subscribers, with 275,000 more joining every year.

1/5/1933, The Britain to India telephone service began.

30/4/1930. A telephone link opened between Britain and Australia.

2/12/1929. Britain got its first 22 public phone boxes.

1/1/1929. In the UK, there were now 3.6 telephones per 100 people.

7/1/1927. The transatlantic telephone service between London and New York began. The charge was �15 for three minutes.

11/5/1925. Direct telephone communication between London and Rome began for the first time.

7/1/1924. Direct communication by transatlantic cable and land wire was opened by the Western Union Telegraph Company between London and Chicago.

20/3/1919. Wireless telephone communication established between Ireland and Canada.

22/1/1918, Radio-telegraphic communication was inaugurated between the USA and Italy.

23/1/1908, A 7,000 mile telegraph line from Britain to India began operations.

1902, The Cape Town to Australia cable, via Mauritius and Rodriguez opened.

1901, In the previous 12 months, 84,000,000 telegrams had been sent in the UK, compared to 9,000,000 in 1870/1.

1893, The Mauritius-Seychelles-Aden-Zanzibar-Europe cable opened.

12/7/1892, Cyrus Field, US capitalist who projected the first transatlantic cable, died (born 30/11/1819).

18/3/1891, The London-Paris telephone link opened.The first call was between the Prince of Wales and President Carnot. The link opened to the public on 1/4/1891.

14/3/1891. The submarine Monarch laid the first telephone cable across the English Channel.

24/2/1887, The telephone link between Paris and Brussels was inaugurated, the first such link between national capitals.

18/2/1876. A direct telegraph link was set up between Britain and New Zealand.

23/11/1872. Australia was connected by undersea cable to the rest of the world. The cable ran from Darwin in the north to Java, and also into southern Australia.

3/6/1871. London gained direct communication with Shanghai via an undersea cable laid via San Francisco.

1868, The UK Parliament passed a Bill enabling the Post Office to take over the competing private companies running electric telegraphs along the new rail routes. Electric telegraph links had been installed along the railway between Eustgon and Camden Town in 1837, and along the Great Western line between Paddington and Hanwell, and by the 1850s three large telegraph companies wree competing along the nations railway routes, Parliament considered this competition wasteful, and effectively created the first nationalised company.

27/7/1866. The first successful transatlantic cable was laid by the Great Eastern, which arrived this day at Hearts Content, Newfoundland. Attempts had been made to do this since 1856.

5/8/1858, The first transatlantic cable was completed, by Sir Charles Tilston Bright (1832 � 1888), and opened by Queen Victoria and President Buchanan. See 7/9/1866. It initially worked but failed in October 1858 due to decay of its electrical insulation. A second cable was succesfuly laid in 7/1866.

7/7/1858, Work began on laying the first transatlantic cable.

13/11/1851. A telegraphic service between London and Paris was started.

28/8/1850. The Channel telegraph was laid between Dover and Cap Gris Nez.

30/11/1819, Cyrus Field, US capitalist who projected the first transatlantic cable, was born (died 12/7/1892).


Appendix 3 � Actors, film directors and film stars

4/9/2014, Joan Rivers, US actress, died aged 81/

11/8/2014, Robin Williams, star actor in the film Mrs Doubtfire, died aged 63.

19/7/2014, US actor James Garner died aged 86,

29/4/2014, Bob Hoskins, British actor, died.

6/4/2014, US actor Mickey Rooney died aged 93.

2/2/2014, US actor Philip Seymour Hoffmann died.

23/3/2011, Elizabeth Taylor, UK born Hollywood actress, died aged 79 (born 1932).

4/10/2010, Death of Norman Wisdom, British comedian, aged 95.

29/9/2010, US film star Tony Curtis died aged 85.

29/5/2010, US actor Dennis Hopper died aged 74.

22/1/2008, Australian actor Heath Ledger died aged 28.

30/7/2007, Film directors Michelangelo Antonioni (94) and Ingmar Bergman (89) both died this day.

29/7/2007, EastEnders actor Mike Reid died (born 19/1/1940)

18/6/2007, Bernard Manning, comedian, died (born 13/8/1930)

14/3/2007, Avengers actor Gareth Hunt died aged 65.

8/3/2007, John Inman, actor in Are You being Served, died (born 28/6/1935).

17/1/2007, Protests in the UK and India after, on the Big Brother Reality Show, Jade Goody was allegedly racist to Shilpa Shetty.

24/12/2006, Comedian Charlie Drake died aged 81.

23/12/2006, Charlie Drake, comedian and actor, died (born 19/6/1925)

27/11/2006, Alan Freeman, radio DJ, died (born 6/7/1927)

20/11/2006, Robert Altman, film director, died (born 20/2/1925).

19/10/2006, Phyllis Kirk, actress, died (born 18/9/1927).

12/10/2006, Gillo Pontecorvo, film director, died (born 19/11/1919)

5/10/2006, Jennifer Moss, English actress died (born 1945).

14/9/2006, Mickey Hargitay, actor, died (born 6/1/1926)

2/9/2006, Charlie Williams, comedian, died (born 23/12/1926)

8/8/2006, Melissa Hayden, ballerina, died (born 15/4/1923)

5/8/2006, Daniel Schmid, film director, died (born 26/12/1941)

28/7/2006, Patrick Allen, actor, died (born 17/3/1927)

13/7/2006, Aaron Chwatt, actor, died (born 5/2/1919)

8/7/2006, Peter Hawkins, voice of the Flowerpot Men, died (born 3/4/1924)

30/6/2006, Arthur Lewis, TV and theatre producer, died (born 15/9/1916)

29/6/2006, Fabian Bielinsky, Argentinian film director died (born 1959).

25/6/2006, Kenneth Griffith, actor, died (born 12/10/1921)

23/6/2006, Aaron Spelling, TV producer, died (born 22/4/1923)

18/6/2006, Vincent Sherman, film director, died (born 16/7/1906)

30/5/2006, Shohei Imamura, Japanese film director, died (born 15/9/1926)

23/5/2006, Ian Copeland, impresario and booking agent, died (born 25/4/1949)

7/5/2006, Richard Carleton, Australian TV journalist, died.

30/4/2006, Jay Bernstein, Hollywood publicist, died (born 7/6/1937)

22/4/2006, Alida Valli, actress, died (born 3/5/1921)

9/4/2006, Vigot Sjoman, Swedish film director, died (born 2/12/1924)

25/3/2006, Richard Fleischer, US film director, died (born 8/12/21916)

24/3/2006, Lynne Perrie (Jean Dudley), actress, died (born 7/4/1931)

18/3/2006, Channing Pollock, magician, died (born 16/8/1926)

16/3/2006, Moira Redmond, actress, died (born 14/7/1928)

7/3/2006, John Junkin, actor, died (born 29/1/1930)

6/3/2006, Dana Reeve, actress, died (born 19/2/1961)

24/2/2006, Dennis Weaver, actor, died.

10/2/2006, Bhaskar Bhattacharyya, film maker, died (born 4/6/1950)

5/2/2006, Norma Candal, actress, died.

31/1/2006, Moira Shearer, ballerina, died (born 17/1/1926)

24/1/2006, Fayard Nicholas, tap dancer, died (born 20/10/1914).

14/1/2006, Shelly Winters, actress, died.

22/12/2005, George Speaight, puppeteer, died (born 6/9/1914)

10/12/2005, Richard Pryor, comedian, died.

21/11/2005, Luz Potter, actress, died (born 15/12/1914).

19/11/2005, John Timpson, radio presenter, died (born 2/7/1928)

7/11/2005, Harry Thompson, TV producer, died (born 6/2/1960).

9/11/2005, Avril Singers, actress, died (born 18/4/1922)

29/10/2005, Lloyd Buchner, actor, died (born 29/7/1924)

16/10/2005, Ursula Howells, actress, died (born 17/9/1922)

3/10/2005, Ronnie Barker, actor, died (born 25/9/1929)

25/9/2005, Don Adams, actor and comedian, died.

23/9/2005, Roger Brierley, actor, died (born 2/6/1935)

22/9/2005, Lord John Ulick Knatchbull Brabourne, film producer, died (born 9/11/1924)

16/9/2005, Constance Moore, actress, died (born 18/1/1920)

14/9/2005, Robert Wise, film producer, died (born 10/9/1914).

11/8/2005, James Booth, actor, died (born 19/12/1927)

8/8/2005, Barbara Bel Geddes, actress, died (born 31/10/1922)

7/8/2005, Peter Jennings, newsreader for ABC World News Tonight, died aged 67.

4/8/2005, Mary Dees, actress, died (born 1/9/1911).

27/7/2005, Betty Astell, actress, died (born 23.5.1912).

19/7/2005, Eddie Bunker, actor (Mr Blue in Reservoir Dogs) died (born 31/12/1933)

11/7/2005, Frances Langford, actress, died.

6/6/2005, Anne Bancroft, actress, died.

25/5/2005, Graham Kennedy, TV personality, died.

24/5/2005, Sunil Dutt, actor, died.

29/4/2005, Brook Williams, actor, died (born 22/1/1938).

15/4/2005, Margaretta Scott, actress died (born 13/2/1912).

9/3/2005, Sheila Gish, actress, died |(born 23/4/1942).

6/3/2005, Teresa Wright, actress, died (born 27/10/1918).

24/2/2005, Leonard Miall, BBC broadcaster, died (born 6/11/1914).

23/2/2005, Simone Simon, actress, died (born 23/4/1910).

21/2/2005, Gene Scott, TV evangelist, died (born 14/8/1929).

20/2/2005, Sandra Dee actress, died (born 23/4/1942)

17/2/2005, Dan O�Herlihy, actor, died (born 1/5/1919).

11/2/2005, Stan Richards, actor, died (born 8/12/1930).

4/2/2005, Ossie Davis, actor and civil rights activist, died (born 18/12/1917).

1/2/2005, John Vernon, actor, died (born 24/2/1932)

22/1/2005, Patsy Rowlands, actress, died (born 19/1/1934).

17/1/2005, Basil Hoskins, actor, died (born 10/6/1929).

2/12/2004, Alicia Markova, ballerina, died.

10/10/2004, Christopher Reeve, actor, died.

5/10/2004, Rodney Dangerfield, comedian, died.

8/8/2004, Fay Wray, actress, died.

28/3/2004, Sir Peter Ustinov, actor, died.

29/12/2003, Bob Monkhouse, comedian, died.

27/12/2003, Alan Bates, actor, died.

12/11/2003, Actor Jonathan Brandis committed suicide, aged 27 (born 13/4/1976)

14/10/2003, Patrick Dalzel-Job, James Bond inspiration, died.

28/9/2003, Elia Kazan, film director, died.

30/8/2003, Charles Bronson, actor, died.

23/7/2003, Bob Hope, comedian and actor, died.

29/6/2003, Katharine Hepburn, actress, died.

15/6/2003, Hume Cronyn, actor, died.

1/4/2003, Leslie Cheung, actor, died.

28/10/2002, Margaret Booth, film director, died.

25/10/2002, Richard Harris, actor, died.

23/7/2002, Leo McKern, actor, died.

29/6/2002, Rosemary Clooney, actress, died.

23/4/2002, Linda Lovelace, actress, died.

27/3/2002, Billy Wilder, director of films including Some Like It Hot and Sunset Boulevard, died

13/1/2002, Ted Demme, TV director, died.

26/12/2001, Nigel Hawthorne, actor, died.

28/6/2001, Joan Sims, actress, died.

27/6/2001, Jack Lemmon, actor and film director, died.

3/6/2001, Anthony Quinn, actor, died.

11/4/2001, Harry Secombe, actor and comedian, died.

19/2/2001, Stanley Kramer, film director, died.

18/10/2000, Julie London, actress, died.

17/9/2000, British TV producer Paula Yates died from an accidental drug overdose.

5/8/2000, Sir Alec Guinness, actor, died.

21/5/2000. Sir John Gielgud, British actor, died at the age of 96.

21/11/1999, Quentin Crisp, actor, died.

8/5/1999, British film star Dirk Bogarde died, aged 78.

1/5/1999, Oliver Reed, actor, died.

21/3/1999, Ernie |Wise, comedian, died.

7/3/1999, Stanley Kubrick, film director, died.

6/9/1998, Akira Kurosawa, film director, died.

16/5/1998, Ariel Waller, Canadian child actress, was born.

9/5/1998, Alice Faye (Leppert), US actress died aged 83.

28/2/1998, Dermot Morgan, actor and comedian, died.

17/9/1997, Red Skelton, comedian, died.

30/7/1996, Claudette Colbert, actress, died.

2/4/1996, Minnie Pearl, hillbilly comedienne, died.

9/3/1996, George Burns, actor, died.

25/12/1995, Dean Martin, actor, died.

23/11/1995, French film director Louis Malle died.

18/5/1995, Elizabeth Montgomery, actress, died.

25/4/1995, Ginger Rogers, US actress, died.

20/10/1994, Burt Lancaster, US film actor, died.

11/9/1994, Jessica Tandy, actress, died.

8/5/1994, George Peppard, actor, died.

4/3/1994, John Candy, comedian, died.

23/2/1994, Dakota Fanning, actress, was born.

19/2/1994, English film director Derek Jarman died.

22/1/1994, Telly Savalas, actor, died.

12/1/1994, Samuel Bronston, film producer died aged 85.

21/11/1993, Bill Bixby, actor and director, died.

31/10/1993, River Phoenix, US actor, died.

2/10/1993, Tara Lynne Barr, US actress, was born.

26/6/1993, Jack Bittner, entertainer, died.

2/3/1993, Paul Zimmerman, US screenwriter, died (born 3/7/1938).

6/2/1993, Joseph Mankiewicz, film producer, died.

16/1/1993, Florence Desmond, English actress, died (born 31/5/1905).

2/1/1993, Alden Richards, TV actor, was born.

10/12/1992, Melissa Roxburgh, Canadian actress, was born.

5/12/1992, Hilary Tindall, English actress (born 14/8/1938) died.

15/10/1992, Vincent Martella, US actor, was born in Rochester, New York

16/10/1992, Shirley Booth, actress, died.

3/10/1992, Matthew Little, actor, was born.

27/6/1992, Allan Jones, US actor, died aged 84.

6/5/1992. Marlene Dietrich, German actress, died in Paris aged 90. She was born on 27/12/1901 in Berlin, and left Germany for the USA in 1930. Her role in the film The Blue Angel brought her to fame. She became a US citizen in 1937, rejecting attempts by Hitler to bring her talents back to Germany. She played a major role in entertaining the wartime Allied troops. In 1960, on only her second post-war visit to Germany, she encountered hostility from pro-Nazi sympathisers. She subsequently remained hostile to the ideas of returning to Germany again, until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and chose the city as her final resting place.

8/12/1992, Yui Yokoyama, Japanese actress, was born.

25/6/1992, William E Harris, entertainer, died.

21/6/1992, Max Schneider, actor, was born.

5/5/1992, Jean Claude Pascal, actor, died.

24/4/1992, Sean Rademaker, US actor, was born in Washington, DC.

20/4/1992, Comedian Benny Hill died.

20/3/1992, Avonne Taylor, actress, died.

15/3/1992, Jack Washburn, actor, died aged 62.

24/2/1992, Kay Loring, actress, died.

5/2/1992, Laura Liddell, English actress died aged 83.

6/12/1991, Ann Sorg Coston, actress died aged 62.

9/11/1991, Yves Montand, actor, died.

22/10/1991, Peter Willes, British actor, died.

17/10/1991, Tennessee Ernie Ford, TV host, died.

11/10/1991, Redd Foxx, comedian and actor, died.

14/6/1991, Dame Peggy Ashcroft, actress, died.

24/5/1991, Miriam di San Servolo, Italian actress, died (born 1912).

18/5/1991, Muriel Box, British writer, film director and feminist, died aged85.

17/5/1991, Daniel Curtis Lee, American actor, was born.

16/4/1991, David Lean, film director, died.

29/3/1991, Matt Bennett, actor died aged 52 of a brain tumour.

28/3/1991, Amy Bruckner, USactress, was born.

15/12/1990, Betty Warren actress, died.

4/12/1990, Edward Binns, US actor, died of a heart attack aged 74.

8/11/1990, Grampy Davis, USactor, died of a heart attack, aged 87.

3/11/1990, Mary Martin, actress, died.

1/9/1990, Aisling Loftus, English actress, was born.

25/8/1990, Aras Lynemli, Turkish actor, was born.

28/6/1990, Estelle Lamont, entertainer, died.

2/6/1990, Rex Carey Harrison, British actor, died aged 82.

16/5/1990, Sammy Davis Junior, US comedian, died.

29/3/1990, Tai Hara, Australian TV actor, was born.

26/3/1990, Yuya Yagira, Japanese actor, was born.

8/1/1990, Terry-Thomas, actor and comedian, died.

16/12/1989, Lee van Cleef, movie star, died.

20/10/1989, Anthony Quayle, actor, died.

6/10/1989, Sophia Thomalla, German television actress, was born.

23/9/1989, Mara Scherzinger, German actress, was born.

23/7/1989, Daniel Radcliffe, actor, was born.

11/7/1989, Sir Lawrence Olivier, actor, died.

10/7/1989. Mell Blanc, the voice behind Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig, died.

27/6/1989, Laurence Olivier, British actor, died.

30/4/1989, Sergio Leone, film director, died.

6/3/1989, Harry Andrews, actor, died aged 77.

25/2/1989, Tony Oller, US actor, was born

3/12/1988, Michela Quattrociocche, Italian film actress, was born.

27/11/1988, John Carradine, actor, died.

18/5/1988, Daws Butler, cartoon voice for Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound, died.

27/4/1988, David Scarboro, British actor, died (born 1968)

13/4/1988, Allison Williams, US actress, was born.

11/4/1988, Jean �Jeff� Donnell, US actress, died aged 66 of a heart attack.

10/4/1988, Haley Joel Osment, actor, was born.

16/1/1988, Ballard Berkeley, British actor, died aged 83

7/1/1988, Trevor Howard, actor, died.

27/12/1987, Lily Luahana Cole, English actress, was born.

30/11/1987, James Baldwin, actor, died.

10/11/1987, Jessica Tovey, Australian actress, was born.

26/9/1987, Jang Keun-Suk, TV actor, was born.

24/9/1987, Grey Damon, US TV actor, was born.

29/8/1987, Lee Marvin, actor, died.

28/8/1987, John Huston, film director, died.

24/8/1987, Douglas Byng, British actor, died in Brighton (born 17/3/1893 in Nottingham)

24/6/1987, Jackie Gleason, actor, died.

22/6/1987, Fred Astaire, US actor, died.

13/6/1987, Geraldine Page, actress, died.

24/5/1987, Hermione Gingold, British actress, died in New York (born in London 9/12/1897).

15/5/1987, Rita Hayworth, US actress, died of Alzheimer�s Disease.

10/4/1987, Shay Mitchell, Canadian actress, was born.

8/3/1987, Milana Vayntrub, TV actress, was born.

3/3/1987, US actor Danny Kaye died.

24/2/1987, Mayuko Iwasa, actress, was born.

21/2/1987, Ashley Green, US actress, was born.

12/2/1987, Lang Jefferies, Canadian actor, died aged 55.

2911/1986, British-born US actor Cary Grant died.

19/8/1986, Hermione Baddeley, British actress, died in Los Angeles (born in Shropshire 13/11/1906)

30/3/1986, Easter Sunday. James Cagney, US actor, died.

5/3/1986, Andrew Jenks, US filmmaker, was born.

29/1/1986, Leif Erickson, actor, died.

27/1/1986, Lilli Palmer, actress, died.

14/1/1986, Donna Reed, actress, died.

26/12/1985, Harold P Warren, US film director, died (born 1928).

16/12/1985, Rock Hudson, actor, died.

16/10/1985, Claude Stroud, actor, died.

10/10/1985, Orson Welles, US actor, died aged 70.

6/9/1985, Johnny Desmond, US actor, died in Los Angeles (born 14/11/1920 in Detroit)

30/3/1985, Harold Peary, actor, died of a heart attack aged 76.

21/10/1984, Francois Truffaut, French film director, died aged 52.

5/8/1984, Richard Burton, Welsh actor, died aged 58.

27/7/1984, British actor James Mason died.

7/7/1984, Dame Flora Robson, actress, died.

28/5/1984, Eric Morecambe, comedian on the Morecambe and Wise Show, died in Cheltenham.

4/5/1984, British actress Diana Dors died.

16/4/1984, Noah Fleiss, US actor, was born in White Plains, New York

2/3/1984, Louis Basile, actor, died aged 48.

15/2/1984, Ethel Merman, actress, died.

20/1/1984, Johnny Weissmuller, US actor who played Tarzan, died

8/10/1983, Joan Hackett, actress, died.

27/9/1983, Jose Mar�a de Tavira Bianchi, Mexican actor, was born

3/9/1983, Ellie Lambeti, Greek actress, died (born 1926).

29/7/1983, Luis Brunel, Spanish film maker, died aged 83.

5/5/1983, John Williams, actor, died.

5/11/1982, Jacques Tati, French film-maker, died aged 74.

29/10/1982, Nicolas Gob, Belgian actor, was born/

15/10/1982, Imran Naqvi, actor, was born.

30/8/1982, Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman died.

18/7/1982, Priyanka Chopra, actress, was born.

5/6/1982, Scott Speer, US film-maker, was born.

2/6/1982, Jewel Staite, Canadian actress, was born.

31/5/1982, Jonathan Tucker, US film director, was born.

5/3/1982, John Belushi, actor, died.

18/2/1982, Tina Carver, actress, died aged 58.

30/1/1982, Stanley Holloway, British actor, died in Littlehampton (born 1/10/1890 in London)

29/11/1981, Natalie Wood, US actress, died.

27/11/1981, Lotte Lenya, Austrian actress, died in New York (born 18/11/1898 in Vienna)

16/11/1981, William Holden, actor, died.

13/11/1981, Shawn Yue, Hong Kong actor, was born.

28/3/1981, Julia Stiles, US actress, was born.

28/1/1981, Elijah Wood, actor, was born.

10/1/1981, Richard Boone, actor, died.

19/12/1980, Jake Gyllenhall, actor, was born.

22/11/1980, Mae West, American film star in the 1930s, died aged 88.

7/11/1980, Steve McQueen, Hollywood actor who performed many of his own stunts, died of cancer.

25/10/1980, Mehcad Brooks, US actor, was born.

24/7/1980, Peter Sellers, English film actor, died aged 54.

26/4/1980, Cicely Courtneidge, British actress, died in London (born Sydney 1/4/1893)

3/4/1980, Luella Gear, US actress, died aged 82.

29/3/1980, Amy Mathews, Australian actress., was born.

7/3/1980, Divine, actor, died.

30/11/1979, Zeppo Marx, the agent of the Marx brothers, died in London.

18/7/1979, Jared Hess, US film director and screenwriter, was born

11/6/1979. The actor John Wayne died,aged 72.

8/6/1979, British actor Michael Wilding died.

12/4/1979, Claire Danes, actress, was born.

13/2/1979, Jean Renoir, French film director, died.

21/2/1979, Jennifer Love Hewitt, actress, was born.

27/1/1979, Rosamund Pike, actress, was born.

2/1/1979, Suranne Jones, British actress, was born.

18/12/1978, Katie Holmes, actress, was born.

7/12/1978, Shiri Appleby, US actress, was born.

30/10/1978, Edgar Bergen, ventriloquist, died.

25/9/1978, Jodie Kidd, TV personality, was born.

24/9/1978, Ruth Etting, US actress, died in Colorado Springs (born 23/11/1896 in David City, Nebraska)

9/9/1978, Jack Warner, film studio founder, died.

9/8/1978, Audrey Tatou, actress, was born.

8/5/1978, Matthew Davis, US actor, was born.

1/3/1978, Charlie Chaplin�s coffin was stolen from a cemetery in Switzerland.

15/1/1978, Eddie Cahill, US actor, was born New York City.

18/12/1977, Cyril Ritchard, Australian actor, died in Chicago (born 1/12/1897 in Sydney)

14/10/1977, Bing Crosby, US actor, died.

2/8/1977, Edward Furlong, actor, was born.

10/7/1977, Chiwetel Ejiofor, actor, was born

10/5/1977, American film star Joan Crawford died.

27/1/1977, Walter Baldwin, US actor, died aged 88

16/1/1977, Peter Finch, actor, died.

13/1/1977, Orlando Bloom, actor, died.

31/8/1976, Shar Jackson, actress, was born.

23/8/1976, Scott Caan, US actor, was born in Los Angeles, California.

2/8/1976, Fritz Lang, German film director, died aged 85.

26/4/1976, South African-born British actor Syd James died.

18/4/1976, Melissa Joan Hart, actress, was born.

13/4/1976, Actor Jonathan Brandis was born in Connecticut USA (committed suicide 12/11/2003, aged 27).

22/3/1976, Reece Witherspoon, actress, was born.

17/3/1976, Luchino Visconti, Italian film director, died aged 69.

14/3/1976, Busby Berkeley, US film director, died.

9/2/1977, Buddy Johnson, US musician, died in New York (born 10/1/1915 in Darlington, South Carolina)

23/1/1976, Paul Robeson, US actor, died aged 77.

17/12/1975, Milla Jovovich, actress, was born.

2/11/1975, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italian film director, died aged 53

25/10/1975, Evel Knievel made his longest motorbike jump, clearing 14 Greyhound buses on his Harley Davidson machine.

5/10/1975, Kate Winslet, British actress, was born.

7/8/1975, Charlize Theron, actress, was born.

27/6/1975, Toby Maguire, actor, was born.

6/6/1975, Larry Blyden, US TVgame show host of What's My Line? was killed aged 49 in a car accident in Morocco.

4/6/1975, Angelina Jolie, actress, was born.

27/4/1975, Nicholas Soussanin, actor, died aged 86.

15/4/1975, British actor Michael Flanders died.

11/4/1975, Josephine Baker, US entertainer, died.

4/3/1975, Queen Elizabeth II knighted the actor Charlie Chaplin.

22/2/1975, Drew Barrymore, US actress, was born.

10/2/1975, Martyn Green, British actor, died in Hollywood (born 22/4/1899 in London)

13/10/1974, Ed Sullivan, TV host, died.

15/8/1974, Natasha Henstridge, actress, was born.

28/7/1974, Nicole Narain, US-Lebanese actress, was born.

21/7/1974, Steve Byrne, US comedian, was born.

16/7/1974, Robinne Lee, US actress, was born.

25/5/1974, Donald Crisp, British actor (How Green Was My Valley), died aged 91.

22/5/1974, Sean Gunn, US actor, was born.

5/3/1974, Billy De Wolfe, US actor, died of lung cancer aged 67

9/2/1974, Amber Valletta, US actress wasborn in Phoenix, Arizona.

31/1/1974, Sam Goldwyn, Polish-born US film producer, died aged 91.

30/1/1974, Christian Bale, actor, was born.

4/12/1973, Tyra Banks, actress, was born.

3/10/1973, Neve Campbell, actress, was born.

1/9/1973, Ram Kapoor, Indian actor, was born in New Delhi.

24/8/1973, David Chapelle, comedian, was born.

29/7/1973, Stephen Dorff, actor, was born.

19/7/1973, US Kung Fu film star Bruce Lee died.

3/7/1973, Betty Grable, US actress, died in Santa Monica, California (born 18/12/1918 in St Louis, Missouri)

21/6/1973, Juliette Lewis, US film actress, was born.

2/6/1973, Carlos Acosta, Cuban ballet dancer, was born in Havana.

16/5/1973, Tori Spelling, US actress, was born.

21/4/1973, Mark Dexter: English actor, was born.

14/4/1973, Adrien Brody, actor, was born.

13/4/1973, Balraj Sahni, Punjabi film actor, died aged 59.

12/4/1973, Arthur Freed, US film producer, died in Hollywood (born 9/9/1894 in Charleston, South Carolina)

31/1/1973, Portia de Rossi, actress, was born.

26/1/1973, US actor Edward G Robinson died.

19/1/1973, Max Adrian, Irish actor, died in London (born 1/11/1903).

24/12/1972, Melville Ruick, US actor, died aged 74.

22/12/1972, Vanessa Paradis, actress, was born.

28/9/1972, Gwyneth Paltrow, actress, was born.

31/8/1972, Chris Tucker, actor, was born.

15/8/1972, Ben Affleck, actor, was born.

30/4/1972, Josephine Grace Johanna Scoglio, actress, died (born 3/3/1934),

11/4/1972, Natacha Regnier, Belgian actress, was born.

3/4/1972, Jennie Garth, actress, was born.

29/3/1972, J Arthur Rank, British film entrepreneur, created a peer in 1957, died.

28/3/1972, Nick Frost, English comedian and actor, was born.

23/3/1972, Judith Godreche, French actress, was born.

11/1/1972, Amanda Peet, actress, was born.

31/12/1971, Marin Sais, US actress, died (born 1890)

5/12/1971, Kali Rocha, US actress, was born.

17/11/1971, Gladys Cooper, English actress, died aged 82.

4/11/1971, Ann Pennington, US dancer, died in New York (born 23/12/1894 in Camden, New Jersey)

18/9/1971, Jada Pinkett Smith, actress, was born.

5/6/1971, Mark Wahlberg, actor, was born.

10/5/1971, Amy Mastura, Malaysian actress, was born.

2/5/1971, Edith Day, US actress, died in London (born 104/1896 in Minneapolis)

18/4/1971, David Tennant, actor, was born.

12/3/1971, David Burns, US actor, died in Philadelphia (born 22/3/1902 in New York City)

25/2/1971, Sean Astin, US actor, was born in Santa Monica, California.

9/2/1971, Adeline Blondieau, French actress, was born.

29/1/1971, Clare Balding, TV sports presenter, was born

18/1/1971, Elizabeth Holtzmann, US actress, died in Stamford, Connecticut (born 23/5/1906 in Cincinnati)

6/11/1970, Ethan Hawke, film director, was born.

8/10/1970, Matt Damon, actor, was born.

6/8/1970, M. Night Shyamalan (Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan), Indian-born horror film producer and director; was born in Mahe, Puducherry union territory.

26/4/1970, Gypsy RoseLee, actress, died.

5/3/1970, John Frusciante, rock musician, was born.

31/1/1970, Minnie Driver, actress, was born.

29/1/1970, Heather Graham, actress, was born.

21/12/1969, Julie Delpy, actress, was born.

9/9/1969, Rachel Hunter, actress, was born.

4/9/1969, Noah Taylor, actor, was born

28/7/1969, Jason Priestley, actor, was born.

22/6/1969, Judy Garland, US actress, died.

27/4/1969, Darcey Bussell, ballerina, was born.

2/2/1969, Boris Karloff, actor, died.

25/1/1969, Irene Castle, US actress, died in Eureka Springs, Kansas

4/1/1969, Violet and Daisy Hilton, English conjoined twin actresses, died.

3/12/1968, Brendan Fraser, actor, was born.

2/12/1968, Lucy Liu, actress, was born.

23/11/1968, Kirsty Young, broadcaster, was born

8/10/1968, Emily Procter, actress, was born

28/9/1968, Naomi Watts, actress, was born.

25/9/1968, Will Smith, actor, was born

21/9/1968, Ricki Lake, actress, was born.

20/9/1968, Leah Pinsent, Canadian TV and film actress; was born in Toronto

10/9/1968, Guy Ritchie, film director, was born.

9/9/1968, Julia Sawalha, actress, was born

8/9/1968, Louise Minchin, English morning news show host for BBC One, was born in British Hong Kong

28/8/1968, Billy Boyd, Scottish actor known for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, was born.

26/8/1968, Byron Lawson, Canadian actor, was born.

16/8/1968, Donovan Leitch Jr, US actor, was born in London, England.

9/8/1968, Gillian Anderson, actress, was born.

25/6/1968. Comedian Tony Hancock killed himself in a hotel bathroom in Sydney, Australia.

4/6/1968, Dorothy Gish, actress, died.

15/5/1968, Sophie Raworth, broadcaster, was born.

29/3/1968, Lucy Lawless, New Zealand television actress, was born

18/2/1968, Molly Ringwald, actress, was born.

17/2/1968, British actor Sir Donald Wolfit died.

29/1/1968,Edward Burns, actor, was born.

20/1/1968, Melissa Rivers, actress, was born.

16/12/1967, Miranda Otto, actress, was born.

4/12/1967, Bert Lahr, US stage and film actor, died aged 72.

1/12/1967, Nestor Carbonell, TV actor, was born.

24/11/1967, Salli Richardson, actress, was born.

6/11/1967, Rebecca Schaeffer, US actress, was born in Eugene, Oregon (died 1989)

28/10/1967, Julia Roberts, actress, was born.

28/9/1967, Mira Sorvino, actress, was born.

21/8/1967, Carrie Anne Moss, actress, was born

16/7/1967, Will Ferrell, comedian and actor, was born.

20/6/1967, Nicole Kidman, actress, was born.

16/6/1967, Reginald Denny, English actor died aged 75.

6/6/1967, Paul Giamatti, US actor, was born.

10/2/1967, Laura Dern, actress, was born.

14/1/1967, Emily Watson, actress, was born.

21/12/1966, Kiefer Sutherland, actor, was born.

15/12/1966, Walt Disney, US film producer and leader in animation, died.

12/11/1966, David Schwimmer, actor, was born.

11/10/1966, Luke Perry, actor, was born.

25/9/1966, Ada Reeve, British actress, died in London (born 3/3/1874 in London)

7/9/1966, Toby Jones, English film actor, was born in Hammersmith, London

15/8/1966, Debra Messing, actress, was born.

14/8/1966, Halle Berry, actress, was born.

3/8/1966, US nightclub comedian Lenny Bruce was found dead at his Hollywood house.

23/7/1966, Montgomery Clift, actor, died.

28/6/1966, John Cusack, actor, was born.

27/6/1966, JJ Abrams, TV producer, was born.

3/4/1966, Miina Tominaga, Japanese actress, was born in Hiroshima, Japan.

7/3/1966, Joy Tanner, US actress, was born.

3/3/1966, Fernando Colunga, actor, was born.

27/2/1966, Donal Logue, Canadian actor, was born

25/2/1966, Alexis Denisof, US actor, was born.

22/2/1966, Rachel Dratch, US actress, was born

21/2/1966, Bronwen Booth, English actress, was born.

1/2/1966, The silent film comedian Buster Keaton died.

30/1/1966, Daphne Ashbrook, US actress, was born in Long Beach, California

19/6/1966, Ed Wynn, US actor, died in Beverly Hills, California (born 9/11/1886 in Philadelphia)

3/1/1966, Harry Welchman, British actor, died in London (born 24/2/1886 in Barnstaple, Devon)

2/1/1966, Tia Carrere, actress, was born.

30/11/1965, Ben Stiller, actor, was born.

4/11/1965, Malandra Burrows, actress, was born

26/9/1965, Clara Bow, actress, was born.

7/9/1965, John Polson, actor, was born.

17/5/1965, Jeremy Vine, broadcaster, was born.

23/2/1965, Stan Laurel, English-born American film comedian along with Oliver Hardy, died aged 74.

27/1/1965, Alan Cumming, actor, was born.

9/1/1965, Joely Richardson, actress, was born.

13/12/1964, Ernesto Almirante, Italian actor, died aged 87.

5/12/1964, Remy Angenot, Flemish actor, died aged 70

28/9/1964. Harpo Marx, the silent one who chased girls and played the harp, died aged 75.

16/9/1964, Rossy de Palma, Spanish actress, was born.

22/7/1964, Bonnie Langford, actress, was born.

13/6/1964, Kathy Burke, actress, was born

23/5/1964, Staci Greason, actress, was born in Denver, Colorado.

20/4/1964, Crispin Glover, actor, was born.

7/4/1964, Russell Crowe, actor, was born.

29/3/1964,) Easter Sunday. Elle MacPherson, actress, was born.

18/2/1964, Matt Dillon, actor, was born.

5/2/1964, Laura Linney, actress, was born.

29/1/1964, Alan Ladd, actor, died.

21/1/1964, Joseph Schildkraut, Austrian-born American stage and film actor, died aged 67.

18/12/1963, Brad Pitt, actor., was born.

16/12/1963, Benjamin Bratt, actor, was born.

28/10/1963, Lauren Holly, actress, was born.

6/10/1963, Elisabeth Shue, actress, was born.

18/6/1963, Pedro Armendariz, Mexican actor, died aged 51.

9/6/1963, Johnny Depp, actor, was born.

11/5/1963, Natasha Richardson, actress, was born.

8/5/1963, British comedian Max Miller died.

26/4/1963, Jet Li, actor, was born.

20/3/1963, Actor David Thewlis was born in Blackpool, England.

31/1/1963, John Dye, US actor, was born in Amory, Mississippi (died 2011)

28/1/1963, John Farrow, Australian born USfilm director, died aged 58.

3/1/1963, Jack Carson, actor, died.

22/12/1962, Ralph Fiennes, actor, was born.

16/12/1962, Lew Landers, US film and TV director, died aged 61.

15/12/1962, Charles Laughton, actor, died.

6/12/1962, Janine Turner, US actress, was born.

13/10/1962, Kelly Preston, actress, was born.

17/9/1962, Baz Luhrmann, film director, was born.

5/8/1962. Marilyn Monroe, US film actress, died in Los Angeles aged 36, of a barbiturates overdose.

31/7/1962, Wesley Snipes, actor, was born.

10/3/1963, Lew Leslie, US actor, died in Orangeburg, new York (born 1886)

17/2/1962, Lou Diamond Phillips, actor, was born.

5/2/1962, Jennifer Jason Leigh, actress, was born.

25/1/1962, Emma Freud, broadcaster, was born

17/1/1962, Jim Carrey, US actor, was born.

30/11/1961, Winifred Lawson, British actress, died in London (born 15/11/1894 in London)

28/11/1961, Martin Clunes, actor, was born.

19/11/1961, Meg Ryan, actress, was born.

9/11/1961, Jill Dando, British journalist and BBC television presenter, was born in Weston-super-Mare (murdered 1999).

5/11/1961, Gina Mastrogiacomo, US actress), was born in Long Island, New York (died 2001)

3/10/1961, Dean Lawrence, English actor, was born.

25/9/1961, Heather Locklear, actress, was born.

16/9/1961, Louise Groody, US actress, died in Canadensis, Pennsylvania (born 26/3/1897 in Waco, Texas)

30/8/1961, Charles Coburn, actor, died.

18/8/1961, Huw Edwards, broadcaster, was born.

30/7/1961, Laurence Fishburne, actor, was born.

23/7/1961, Woody Harrelson, actor, was born.

13/5/1961, Gary Cooper, US actor, died.

6/5/1961, George Clooney, actor, was born.

20/4/1961, Nicholas Lyndhurst, actor, was born.

3/4/1961, Eddie Murphy, actor and comedian, was born.

21/2/1961, Christopher Atkins, actor, was born.

19/2/1961, Dana Reeve, actress, was born (died 6/3/2006)

13/1/1961, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, actress, was born.

12/1/1961, Simon Russell Beale, actor, was born.

10/12/1960, Kenneth Branagh, actor, was born.

3/12/1960, Julianne Moore, actress, was born.

17/11/1960, Jonathan Ross, broadcaster, was born

16/11/1960, Clark Gable, US actor, died.

5/11/1960, Mack Sennett, Canadian-born US actor and film director, died aged 80.

9/9/1960, Hugh Grant, actor in Four Weddings and a Funeral, was born.

10/8/1960, Antonio Banderas, actor, was born.

22/5/1960, Mohanlal, Indian actor, was born.

24/4/1960, Paula Yates, TV presenter, was born.

31/3/1960, Anne Howard, US actress, was born in San Diego, California

8/3/1960, Izek Mukhamadov, ballet dancer, was born

12/2/1960, Bobby Clarke, US comedian, died in New York (born 16/6/1888 in Springfield, Ohio).

9/2/1960, Joanne Woodward, actress, received the first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

18/1/1960, Mark Rylance, theatre director, was born.

11/1/1960, Stanley Tucci, actor, was born.

31/12/1959,Val Kilmer, actor, was born.

30/12/1959, Tracey Ullman, actress, was born.

11/12/1959, Lisa Gastineau, US reality show star, was born as Lisa D'Amico in Rockland County, New York

18/11/1959, Ulrich Noethen, German actor, was born.

12/11/1959, Vincent Irizarry, US actor, was born.

9/11/1959, Tony Slattery, writer, was born

25/10/1959, Nancy Cartwright, voice actress, was born.

23/10/1959, �Weird Al� Yankovic, comedian, was born.

15/10/1959, Todd Solondz, film director, was born.

14/10/1959, Errol Flynn, British actor, died.

4/10/1959, Anneka Rice, broadcaster, was born

23/9/1959, Jason Alexander, actor, was born.

21/9/1958, Simon Mayo, broadcaster, was born

10/8/1959, Rosanna Arquette, actress, was born.

31/7/1959, Andrew Marr, broadcaster, was born.

8/7/1959, Pauline Quirke, actress, was born.

16/6/1959, George Reeves, actor, died.

6/6/1959, Josie Lawrence, actress, was born.

17/4/1959, Sean Bean, actor, was born.

6/3/1959, Fred Stone, US actor, died in Hollywood (born 19/8/1873 in Valmont, Colorado)

31/1/1959, Kelly Lynch, actress, was born.

22/11/1958, Jamie Lee Curtis, actress, was born

15/11/1958, US actor Tyrone Power dieed.

10/10/1958, J Peck, USactor, was born.

6/10/1958, Bernie Mac, actor, was born.

15/9/1958, Wendie Sperber, US comedian and actress, was born.

13/9/1958, Bobby Davro, English comedian and actor, was born.

16/7/1958, Michael Flatley, dancer, was born.

8/7/1958, Kevin Bacon, actor, was born.

6/7/1958, Jennifer Saunders, comedienne and director, was born.

30/5/1958, Annette Bening, actress, was born.

29/4/1958, Michelle Pfeiffer, actress, was born.

15/4/1958, Estelle Taylor, US actress, died aged 64.

22/3/1958, Michael Todd, film producer, died.

20/3/1958, Holly Hunter, actress, was born.

10/3/1958, Sharon Stone, actress, was born.

7/3/1958, Rick Mayall, actor in The Young Ones, was born.

3/3/1958, Miranda Richardson, actress, was born.

10/2/1958, Billy Vine, actor, died.

26/1/1958, Ellen DeGeneres, US actress and talk show host, was born.

26/12/1957, Death of French film pioneer Charles Pathe.

2/12/1957, Leslie Henson, British actor, died in Harrow (born 3/8/1891 in London)

24/11/1957, Edward Stourton, broadcaster, was born

1/11/1957, Brian Stokes Mitchell, actor, was born

30/9/1957, Fran Drescher, actress, was born.

23/9/1957, Rosalind Chao, US actress, was born.

24/8/1957, Stephen Fry, comedian, was born.

18/8/1957, Denis Leary, comedian, was born

7/8/1957, Oliver Hardy, of Laurel and Hardy fame, died of a stroke, aged 65. Laurel was then aged 67.

29/4/1957, Geoffrey Gould, US actor, was born

27/4/1957, Michel Barrette, Canadian actor, was born.

21/3/1957, Sabrina Le Beauf, US actress, was born.

12/3/1957, Josephine Hull, US actress, died aged 71.

27/2/1957, Timothy Spall, actor, was born.

18/2/1957, Vanna White, TV game show presenter, was born.

17/1/1957, Keith Chegwin, English television presenter & actor, was born in Walton, Liverpool (died 2017)

14/1/1957, Humphrey Bogart, American film actor and 1951 Oscar winner, died of throat cancer.

8/1/1957, Amanda Burton, actress, was born

3/1/1957, Frank Dicopoulos, US actor, was born in Akron, Ohio

29/12/1956, Fred MacAulay, Scottish comedian, was born in Perth, UK.

28/11/1956, Fiona Armstrong, broadcaster, was born

20/11/1956, Bo Derek, actress, was born.

8/11/1956, Richard Curtis, English actor, was born.

20/10/1956, Danny Boyle, English film director, was born in Radcliffe, Manchester

8/10/1956, Stephanie Zimbalist, actress, was born.

20/9/1956, Gary Cole, actor, was born.

17/9/1956, Rita Rudner, comedienne, was born.

21/8/1956, Kim Cattrall, actress, was born.

16/8/1956, Hungarian-born US actor Bela Lugosi died.

18/7/1956, Violet Loraine, British actress, died in Haltwhistle, Northumberland (born 26/7/1886 in London)

9/7/1956, Tom Hanks, actor, was born.

2/7/1956, Jerry Hall, actress, was born.

13/5/1956, Richard Madeley, broadcaster, was born.

30/4/1956, Lars von Trier, film director, was born

20/4/1956, Allen Kearns, Canadian actor, died in Albany, new York (born 1893 in Ontario, Canada)

12/3/1956, Grace la Rue, US actress, died in Burlingame, California (born 1882)

7/3/1956, Bryan Cranston, US actor, was born.

27/2/1956, Ethel Levey, US actress, died in New York (born 22/11/1881 in San Francisco)

27/1/1956, Mimi Rogers, actress, was born.

23/1/1956, Hungarian-born British film director Sir Alexander Korda died.

21/1/1956, Geena Davis, actress, was born.

9/1/1956, Imelda Staunton, actress, was born.

7/1/1956, David Caruso, actor, was born.

5/1/1956, Jeanne Marie Mistinguett, French actress, died in Bourgival (born 1873)

13/12/1955, Dame Edna Everage (Barry Humphries) made her stage debut at the Union Theatre, Melbourne, Australia.

29/11/1955, Howie Mandel, comedian, was born in Toronto, Ontario

30/9/1955, TV actor James Dean was killed when his Porsche careered off the road near Los Angeles.

21/7/1955, Willem Dafoe, actor, was born.,

6/6/1955, Sandra Bernhardt, actress, was born.

27/6/1955, Isabelle Adjani., actress, was born.

19/3/1955, Bruce Willis, actor, was born.

19/2/1955, Jeff Daniels, actor, was born.

3/2/1955, Kirsty Wark, TV presenter, was born.

12/1/1955, Kirstie Alley, actress, was born.

6/1/1955, Rowan Atkinson, actor and comedian, was born.

28/12/1954, Denzel Washington, actor, was born.

22/11/1954, Roy Rene (Mo), comedian, died.

7/9/1954, Corbin Bernsen, actor, was born.

28/6/1954, Alice Krige, actress, was born.

19/6/1954, Kathleen Turner, actress, was born.

30/4/1954, Jane Campion, film director, was born.

18/4/1954, Easter Sunday. Rick Moranis, comedian, was born.

16/4/1954, Ellen Barkin, US actress, was born in New York City.

10/4/1954, Auguste Lumiere, French cinema pioneer, died.

9/4/1954, Dennis Quaid, actor, was born.

8/4/1954, Fritzi Scheff, US actress and singer, died aged 74.

2/4/1954, Ron Palillo, actor, was born (died 2012).

17/3/1954, Lesley Anne Down, actress, was born.

18/2/1954 John Travolta, US film actor, was born in Englewood, New York State.

17/2/1954, Rene Russo, actress, was born.

2/2/1954, Christie Brinkley, actress, was born.

1/2/1954, Bill Mumy, actor, was born.

29/1/1954, Oprah Winfrey, actress and TV host, was born.

6/1/1954, Anthony Minghella, director, was born.

9/12/1953, John Malkovich, actor, was born.

25/11/1953, James Hayden, US actor, was born.

16/11/1953, Griff Rhys Jones, writer, was born.

13/10/1953, Millard Mitchell, Cuban actor died from lung cancer aged 50

12/10/1953, David Threlfall, actor, was born.

9/10/1953, Tony Shalhoub, actor, was born.

8/10/1953, Nigel Bruce, British actor (Sherlock Holmes), died from a heart attack aged 58.

4/10/1953, Tcheky Karyo, Turkish actor, was born.

17/7/1953, Maude Adams, US actress (born 11/11/1872) died.

13/6/1953, Tim Allen, comedian and actor, was born.

19/5/1953, Victoria Wood, comedienne, was born.

19/4/1953, Ruby Wax, comedienne, was born.

22/3/1953, Nigel Planer, actor, actor, was born.

16/3/1953, Isabelle Huppert, actress, was born.

17/2/1953, Norman Pace, actor, was born.

8/2/1953, Mary Steenburgen, actress, was born.

20/12/1952, Jenny Agutter, actress, was born.

10/12/1952, Susan Dey, actress, was born.

9/12/1952, Michael Dorn, US actor (Trek Next Generation), was born in Luling, Texas.

3/12/1952, Mel Smith, English actor, was born.

30/11/1952, Mandy Patinkin, US actor, was born.

3/11/1952, Rosanne Barr, actress and comedienne, was born.

27/10/1952, Roberto Benigni, actor, was born

25/9/1952, Christopher Reeve, US actor, was born.

16/9/1952, Vesta Tilley, British music hall entertainer, died in Monte Carlo (born 1864)

9/9/1952, Joseph Allen Sr, US actor, died aged 79

6/9/1952, Gertrude Lawrence, British actress, died in New York (born 4/7/1898 in London)

18/8/1952, Patrick Swayze, actor, was born,

7/8/1952, Alexei Sayle, comedian, was born.

6/8/1952, Ella Shields, US comedian, died in Morecambe, Lancashire (born 26/9/1879 in Baltimore)

31/7/1952, Alan Autry, actor, was born.

27/7/1952, Roxanne Hart, US actress, was born.

22/6/1952, Alastair Stewart, broadcaster, was born.

7/6/1952, Liam Neeson, actor, was born.

4/5/1952, Michael Barrymore, actor and comedian, was born.

27/3/1952, Maria Schnieder, actress, was born.

24/10/1951, Todd Crespi, actor, was born in Frankfurt, Germany.

9/8/1951, James Naughtie, broadcaster, was born.

6/8/1951, Daryl Somers, TV presenter, was born.

5/8/1951, John Jarratt, actor, was born.

21/7/1951, Robin Williams, actor and comedian, was born.

8/7/1951, Angelica Huston, actress, was born.

6/7/1951, Geoffrey Rush, actor, was born.

13/5/1951, Selina Scott, broadcaster, was born.

20/4/1951, Luther Vandross, singer, was born.

17/4/1951, Olivia Hussey, actress, was born.

4/4/1951, Al Christie, Canadian film director and producer died (born 1881)

17/3/1951, Kurt Russell, actress, was born.

16/3/1951, Kate Nelligan, actress, was born.

5/3/1951, Giorgos Ninios, Greek actor, was born.

6/2/1951, Kevin Whately, actor, was born.

12/1/1951, Kirstie Alley, actress, was born.

18/12/1950, Gillian Armstrong, film director, was born

31/10/1950, Jane Pauley, news anchor, was born.

23/10/1950, Al Jolson, US film actor, died aged 64.

21/9/1950, Bill Murray, actor, was born.

18/9/1950, Siobhan Davies, choreographer, was born

16/9/1950, Loyd Grossman, broadcaster, was born

6/7/1950, Geraldine James, actress, was born

11/6/1950, Gemma Craven, actress, was born.

4/6/1950, Bhaskar Bhattacharyya, film maker, was born (died 10/2/2006)

1/6/1950, Gemma Craven, actress, was born.

12/5/1950, Jenni Murray, broadcaster, was born.

11/5/1950, Jeremy Paxman, TV broadcaster, was born.

26/4/1950, Peter Schaufuss, ballet dancer, was born.

18/2/1950, John Hughes, film director, was born.

5/2/1950, Marie-Pierre Castel, French actress, was born.

23/1/1950, Richard Dean Anderson, actor, was born.

16/1/1950, Debbie Allen, actress, was born.

5/1/1950, Malcolm Hardee, comedian, was born (died 2/2/2005).

2/1/1950, Mark Sharman, ITV Director of Sport, was born.

25/12/1949, Sissy Spacek, actress, was born

15/12/1949, Don Johnson, actor, was born

11/12/1949, Teri Garr, actress, was born.

4/12/1949, Jeff Bridges, actor, was born.

6/11/1949, Nigel Havers, actor, was born.

21/10/1949, Jacques Copeau, French actor, died in Beaune.

8/10/1949, Sigourney Weaver, actress, was born/

25/9/1949, Anson Williams, USactor, was born in Los Angeles, California.

16/9/1949, Susan Ruttan, US actress, was born in Oregon City, Oregon.

31/8/1949, Richard Gere, actor, was born.

7/7/1949, Shelley Duval, actress, was born.

3/7/1949, Susan Penhaligon, actress, was born.

22/6/1949, Meryl Streep, actress, was born.

15/6/1949, Simon Callow, actor, was born.

24/5/1949, Jim Broadbent, actor, was born.

2/5/1949, Alan Titchmarsh, gardener and TV personality, was born in Ilkley, England

25/4/1949, Ian Copeland, impresario and booking agent, was born (died 23/5/2006)

8/4/1949, John Madden, film director, was born.

6/4/1949, Seymour Hicks, British actor, died aged 78

29/3/1949, Eric Idle, comedian, was born.

22/3/1949, Fanny Ardant, actress, was born.,

16/3/1949, Leyland Hodgson, British-born US actor, died aged 56.

24/1/1949, John Belushi, actor, was born

9/1/1949, British comedian Tommy Handley died.

27/12/1948, Gerard Depardieu, French actor, was born.

9/11/1948, Vincent Schiavelli, actor, was born (died 26/12/2005)

3/11/1948, Lulu, or Marie Lawrie, actress, was born.

30/10/1948, Richard Alston, choreographer, was born

17/10/1948, Margot Kidder, actress, was born.

29/9/1948, Bryant Gumbel, TV host, was born.

27/9/1948, Barbara Dixon, actress, was born.

19/9/1948, Jeremy Irons, actor, was born.

17/8/1948, Julian Fellowes, actor, was born

11/8/1948, Don Boyd, film director, was born.

23/7/1948, US film director David Wark Griffith died.

17/7/1948, Wayne Sleep, dancer, was born.

2/7/1948, Saul Rubinek, actor and filmmaker, was born in Fuhrenwald displaced persons camp, Germany

9/6/1948, Nick Clarke, BBC broadcaster, was born (died 23/11/2006).

24/2/1948, Denis Waterman, actor, was born.

28/1/1948, Mikhail Baryshnikov, ballet dancer, was born.

16/1/1948, John Carpenter, film director, was born.

29/12/1947, Ted Danson, actor, was born in San Diego.

29/10/1947, Richard Dreyfuss, actor, was born

24/10/1947, Kevin Kline, actor, was born.

17/10/1947, Michael McKean, actor, was born.

26/8/1947, Anne Archer, actress, was born.

31/7/1947, Richard Griffiths, actor, was born in Thornaby on Tees, North Yorkshire, England (died 2013)

22/7/1947, Danny Glover, actor, was born.

14/7/1947, Julia Somerville, broadcaster, was born.

25/6/1947, Billy Merson, British actor, died in London (born 29/3/1881 in Nottingham)

28/5/1947, Faith Brown, impressionist, was born.

20/5/1947, Greg Dyke, TV executive, was born.

30/4/1947, Leslie Grantham, actor, was born.

15/4/1947, Lois Chiles, actress and model, was born in Houston, Texas;

12/4/1947, David Letterman, US talk show host, was born.

24/3/1947, Sir Alan Sugar, British businessman and TV personality, was born.

16/3/1947, Robin Williams, actor and comedian, was born.

24/2/1947, Edward James Olmos, actor, was born.

22/2/1947, Pirjo Honkasalo, film director, was born in Helsinki, Finland

19/2/1947, Gustavo Rodr�guez, actor, was born in Ciudad Bol�var, Venezuela (died 2014)

2/1/1947, Larry David, comedy writer, actor and TV producer, was born in Brooklyn, New York

17/12/1946, Eugene Levy, Canadian film and TV comedian, was born in Hamilton, Ontario

25/9/1946, Felicity Kendal, actress, was born.

26/8/1946, Alison Steadman, actress, was born

15/8/1946, Tony Robinson, actor, was born.

5/8/1946, Loni Anderson, actress, was born.

19/7/1946, Mrs Norma Jeane Dougherty, former munitions factory worker and model, took a screen test at 20th Century Fox Studios. The studio suggested she adopt the name Marilyn, after the 1920s musical star Marilyn Miller, and she decided on the last name Monroe, her mother�s maiden name. For 6 months after she signed, she learnt about make-up, hair and acting. She divorced her husband, James Dougherty, a former US Merchant marine, in September 1946.

16/6/1946, James Bolam, actor, was born.

10/5/1946, Maureen Lipman, actress, was born.

2/5/1946, David Suchet, actor, was born.

5/4/1946, Jane Asher, actress, was born.

12/3/1946, Liza Minelli, US actress, was born.

18/2/1946, Michael Buerk, TV newscaster, was born.

17/2/1946, Dorothy Gibson, US silent film star, died aged 56.

5/2/1946, Charlotte Rampling, actress, was born.

2/2/1946, Farrah Fawcett, US actress, was born.

5/1/1946, Diane Keaton, actress, was born.

17/12/1945, Christopher Cazenove, actor, was born.

21/11/1945, Goldie Hawn, actress, was born.

30/10/1945. Henry Winkler, actor, was born.

28/10/1945, Gilbert Emery, US actor, died aged 70.

20/10/1945, George Wyner, actor, was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

19/10/1945, Divine, actor, was born.

3/10/1945, Christopher Bruce, dancer, was born.

21/9/1945, Jerry Bruckheimer, TV film producer, was born.

2/6/1945, Jon Peters, film producer, was born in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California.

5/1/1945, Roger Spottiswoode, film director, was born in Ottawa, Canada

25/12/1944, Kenny Everett, radio and TV comedian, was born.

14/6/1944, Joe Grifasi, US actor, was born.

11//6/1944, Roscoe Orman, US actor, was born.

19/5/1944, Peter Mayhew, US-British actor (Chewbacca in Star Wars), was born in London, England (died 2019).

10/5/1944, Jim Abrahams, film director was born in Shorewood, Wisconsin

5/5/1944, Roger Rees, actor, was born

26/3/1944, Diana Ross, US actress, was born.

21/3/1944, Hilary Minster, actor, was born in Surrey, England (died 1999);

6/1/1944, Bonnie Franklin, actress, was born.

8/10/1943, Chevy Chase, actor, was born.

27/8/1943, Tuesday Weld, USfilm and TVesday actress, was born.

13/6/1943, Malcolm McDowell, actor, was born.

7/6/1943, Michael Pennington, actor, was born

30/5/1943, Charles Collingwood, actor, was born.

27/5/1943, Cilla Black, singer and presenter of the TV show Blind Date, was born.

5/5/1943, Michael Palin, actor, was born.

20/4/1943, Edie Sedgwick, actress, was born

31/3/1943, Christopher Walken, US actor, was born in Queens, New York City.

25/3/1943, Paul Michael Glaser, actor, was born

5/3/1944. Wilkie Bard, British comedian, died in London (born 19/3/1874 in Manchester)

29/1/1943, Tony Blackburn, British radio presenter, was born.

6/1/1943, Luciano Virgilio, Italian actor, was born.

5/12/1942, Randy Kirby, US actor was born in Chicago, Illinois

30/11/1942, Buck Jones, US actor, died.

24/11/1942, Billy Connolly, Scottish comedian, was born.

18/11/1942, Linda Evans, US actress, was born.

29/10/1942, Bob Ross, TV host, was in Daytona Beach, Florida (died 1995)

26/10/1942, Bob Hoskins, actor, was born.

21/10/1942, Judith Sheindlin, US TV personality (Judge Judy), was in Brooklyn, New York

15/10/1942, Penny Marshall, actress, was born.

5/9/1942, Werner Herzog, German film director, was born.

16/8/1942, John Challis, English actor, was born.

13/7/1942, Harrison Ford, actor, was born.

22/6/1942. Meryl Streep, actress, was born

10/6/1942, Gordon Burns, TV presenter, was born.

12/5/1942, Susan Hampshire, actress, was born

23/4/1942, Sandra Dee, actress, was born (died 20/2/2005)

5/4/1942, Easter Sunday. Peter Greenaway, film director, was born.

14/3/1942, Rita Tushington, actress, was born

21/2/1942, Margarethe von Trotta, film director, was born in Berlin, Germany

19/1/1942. Michael Crawford, British comedy actor, was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, as Michael Dumble-Smith.

3/1/1942, John Thaw, actor, was born.

6/9/1941, Roger Law, puppeteer and satirist, was born

13/8/1941, J Stuart Blackton, English-born US film producer, died aged 66.

4/8/1941, Martin Jarvis, actor, was born

28/7/1941, Colin Higgins, US film director, was born.

20/6/1941, Stephen Frears, film director, was born.

14/6/1941, Mike Yarwood, entertainer, was born.

19/5/1941, Nora Ephron, screenwriter and TV director, was born.

18/5/1941, Miriam Margoyles, actress, was born.

8/2/1941, Nick Nolte, US actor, was born in Omaha, Nebraska.

26/1/1941, Scott Glen, actor, was born.

25/1/1941, Gregory Sierra, US actor, wasborn in New York City (died 2021)

8/12/1940, Jenny Linden, English actress, was born.

16/11/1940, Donna McKechnie, US actress, was born.

6/10/1940, Sukumari, Indian film actress, was born in Nagercoil, British India (died 2013)

13/7/1940. Patrick Stewart, actor, was born.

25/5/1940, Joe De Grasse, Canadian film director, died aged 67.

25/4/1940, Al Pacino, actor, was born.

10/3/1940, Chuck Norris, actor, was born.

9/3/1940, Raul Julia, actor, was born.

2/2/1940, Sir David Jason, actor, was born.

22/1/1940, John Hurt, actor, was born.

19/1/1940, Eastenders actor Mike Reid was born (died 29/7/2007)

10/11/1939, Russell Means, actor, was born.

27/10/1939, John Cleese, English comedy actor, was born in Weston Super Mare.

7/10/1939, Clive James, TV broadcaster, was born in Sydney.

3/10/1939, Fay Templeton, US actress, died aged 73.

26/9/1939, Ricky Tomlinson, actor, was born.

1/9/1939, Lily Tomlin, actress, was born.

16/8/1939, Sir Trevor McDonald, broadcaster, was born.

31/7/1939,Susan Flannery, soap opera actress, was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.

30/7/1939, Peter Bogdanovich, film director, was born.

22/7/1939, Gila Almagor, Israeli actress, was born

16/7/1939, Colin Redgrave, actor, was born.

28/4/1939, Judy Carne, actress, was born.

23/4/1939, Lee Majors, actor, was born in Wyandotte, Michigan.

20/4/1939, Ray Brooks, actor, was born.

21/2/1939, Richard Beymer, US actor was born in Avoca , Iowa.

11/12/1938, Reg Livermore, entertainer, was born

23/10/1938, Derek Jacobi, actor, was born.

20/10/1938, Emidio Greco, Italian director and screenwriter, was born.

29/8/1938, Elliott Gould, actor, was born.

11/8/1938, Anna Massey, actress, was born

3/8/1938, Terry Wogan, TV broadcaster, was born in Limerick, Ireland.

22/7/1938, Terence Stamp, actor, was born.

20/4/1938, Peter Snow, radio and television presenter and historian, was born in Dublin, Ireland

27/2/1938, Pascale Petit, French actress, was born in Paris, France.

13/2/1938, Oliver Reed, actor, was born.

22/1/1938, Brook Williams, actor, was born (died 29/4/2005).

31/12/1937, Anthony Hopkins, actor, was born.

8/12/1937, Laddie Cliff, British actor, died in Montana, Switzerland (born 3/9/1891 in Bristol)

27/11/1937, Rodney Bewes, actor, was born

4/11/1937, Loretta Swit, actress, was born.

18/8/1937, Robert Redford, actor, was born.

8/8/1937, Actor Dustin Hoffman was born.

3/8/1937, Steven Berkoff, actor, was born

27/7/1937, Jerry Juhl , film and TV writer, was born (died 27/9/2005).

7/6/1937, Jean Harlow, US actress, died.

1/6/1937, Morgan Freeman, US actor, was born.

1/5/1937, Una Stubbs, actress, was born

11/4/1937, Jill Gascoine, British TV actress, was born in London, England (died 2020)

30/3/1937, Warren Beatty, actor, was born.

17/3/1937, Galina Samsova, ballet dancer, was born.

7/2/1937, Peter Jay, TV broadcaster, was born.

29/12/1936, Mary Tyler Moore, actress, was born.

25/12/1936, Ismail Merchant, film director, was born (died 25/5/2005).

8/12/1936, David Carradine, actor, was born.

30/10/1936, Michael Landon, actor, was born.

26/10/1936, Shelley Morrison, actress, was born in New York City

16/10/1936, Peter Bowles, actor, was born

8/10/1936, David Carradine, actor, was born.

24/9/1936, Jim Henson, puppeteer, was born.

16/9/1936, Henry A Lytton, British actor, died in London (born 1860 in London)

9/9/1936, Brian Blessed, actor, was born

18/8/1936, Robert Redford, actor, was born.

9/7/1936, Richard Wilson, actor, was born.

6/7/1936, Dave Allen, comedian, was born (died 10/3/2005)

17/6/1936, Ken Loach, TV and film director, was born

7/6/1936, Jobyana Howland, US actress, died in Los Angeles (born 31/3/1880 in Indianopolis).

17/5/1936, Dennis Hopper, actor, was born.

16/5/1936, Roy Hudd, actor, was born.

7/4/1936, Marilyn Miller, US actress, died in New York (born 1/9/1898 in Evansville, Indiana)

23/3/1936, Oscar Asche, Australian actor, died in London (born in Geelong, 16/1/1871)

19/3/1936, Ursula Andress, actress, was born.

17/3/1936, Patty Maloney, actress, was born in Perkinsville, New York.

11/2/1936, Burt Reynolds, US actor, was born.

16/1/1936, Michael White, film producer, was born.

8/12/1935, C Hayden Coffin, British actor, died in London (born 22/4/1862 in Manchester)

10/11/1935, Roy Scheider, actor, was born

30/10/1935, Michael Winner, film director, was born

29/10/1935, Michael Jayston, actor, was born

24/10/1935, Sir Mark Tully, broadcaster, was born

1/10/1935, Julie Andrews, star in The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, was born in Walton on Thames.

23/9/1935, William de Wolf Hopper, US actor, died in Kansas City Missouri (born 30.3.1858 in New York)

28/8/1935, Harold Snoad, English television producer, was born

18/8/1935, Sir Howard Morrison, entertainer, was born.

8/8/1935, John Laws, radio presenter, was born.

21/7/1935, Julian Pettifer, broadcaster, was born.

17/7/1935. Donald Sutherland, actor, was born.

11/6/1935, Gene Wilder, actor, was born.

6/6/1935, George Grossmith Jr, British actor, died in London (born 11/5/1874 in London)

2/6/1935, Roger Brierley, actor, was born (died 23/9/2005)

20/5/1935, Mickey Rose, US actor, was born (died 2013).

14/5/1934, Sian Phillips, actress, was born.

19/4/1935, British comedian Dudley Moore was born.

31/3/1935, Richard Chamberlain, actor, was born.

28/3/1935, Michael Parkinson, TV broadcaster, was born.

27/3/1935, Julian Glover, actor, was born.

27/2/1935, Lilian Gish, actress, was born.

25/2/1935, Sally Jessy Raphael, TV talk show host, was born.

9/1/1935, Bob Denver, actor, was born.

29/12/1934, Ed Flanders, actor, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota (died 1995)

9/12/1934, Dame Judi Dench, actress, was born.

23/11/1934, Arthur Wing Pinero, English actor, died aged 79.

22/11/1934, Harry Steppe, US vaudeville performer, died aged 46

28/9/1934, Brigitte Bardot, actress, female role model, was born in Paris.

20/9/1934, Sophia Loren, actress, was born.

24/8/1934, Barbara Eden, actress, was born.

8/8/1934, Keith Barron, actor, was born.

28/7/1934, Marie Dressler, US film star, died at santa Barbara, California (born 9/11/1860, Coburg, Ontario, Canada).

21/7/1934, Sir Jonathan Miller, actor and film director, was born.

16/6/1934, Dame Eileen Atkins, actress, was born.

3/3/1934, Josephine Grace Johanna Scoglio, actress, was born (died 30/4/1972),

14/2/1934, Florence |Henderson, actress, was born.

13/2/1934, George Segal, actor, was born.

22/1/1934, Bill Bixby, actor, was born.

19/1/1934, Patsy Rowlands, actress, was born (died 22/1/2005).

31/12/1933, Eddie Bunker, actor (Mr Blue in Reservoir Dogs) was born (died 19/7/2005)

21/10/1933, Georgia Brown, British actress, was born in London

29/7/1933, Anne Rogers, British actress, was born in Liverpool

29/6/1933, Fatty Arbuckle, actor, died.

11/6/1933, Gene Wilder, actor, was born.

23/5/1933, Joan Collins, actress, was born.

15/4/1933, Elizabeth Montgomery, actress, was born.

9/4/1933, Gian Maria Volont�, Italian actor, was born in Milan, Italy (died 1994)

6/4/1933, Dudley Sutton, British actor, was born.

3/3/1933, Margaret Fink, Australian film producer, was born.

22/2/1933, Sheila Hancock, actress, was born.

13/2/1933, Kim Novak, actress, was born.

15/1/1933, Frank Bough, TV broadcaster, was born.

12/1/1933, Michael Aspel, TV broadcaster, was born.

29/12/1932, Inga Swenson, US actress, was born.

10/11/1932, Roy Scheider, actor, was born.

19/10/1932, Robert Reed, actor, was born.

2/8/1932, Peter O�Toole, actor, was born.

7/12/1932, Ella Burstyn, actress, was born.

8/7/1932, Brian Walden, broadcaster, was born.

22/6/1932, Amrish Puri, actor, was born (died 12/1/2005)

18/5/1932, Harry Randall, British comedian, died in London (born 22/3/1860 in London)

13/5/1932, Gianni Boncompagni, Italian television host, was born.

19/4/1932, Jayne Mansfield, US actress, was born.

11/4/1932, Joel Grey, US actor, was born in Cleveland, Ohio.

18/2/1932, Milos Forman, Czech film director and actor, was born.

19/1/1932, Richard Lester, film director, was born.

12/1/1932, Des O�Connor, entertainer, was born.

23/11/1931, Leonora Braham, British actress, died in London.

23/10/1931, English actress Diana Dors was born.

10/9/1931, Norman Morrice, choreographer, was born.

9/9/1931, Margaret Tyzack, actress, was born

20/6/1931, Martin Landau, actor, was born.

22/3/1931, William Shatner, actor, was born.

15/2/1931, Claire Bloom, actress, was born.

8/2/1931, James Dean, US actor, was born.

7/2/1931, Gloria Talbott, US actress, was born in Glendale, California (died 2000)

23/1/1931, Anna Pavlova, Russian ballerina, died.

19/1/1931, Tippi Hedren, actress, was born.

17/1/1931, James Earl Jones, actor, was born.

13/1/1931, Charles Nelson Reilly, actor, was born.

5/1/1931, Robert Duvall, US actor, was born.

8/12/1930, Stan Richards, actor, was born (died 11/2/2005).

4/12/1930, Ronny Corbett, comedian, was born.

10/11/1930, Kazuo Kuroki, film director, was born (died 12/4/2006)

1/10/1930, Sir Richard Harris, actor, was born.

18/9/1930, Ray Alan, ventriloquist, was born

26/8/1930, US actor Lon Chaney died.

25/8/1930, Sean Connery, British film actor who played the leading role in seven James Bond movies, was born in Edinburgh as Thomas Connery.

13/8/1930, Bernard Manning, comedian, was born (died 18/6/2007)

3/8/1930, James Komack, US film director and actor, was born in New York City (died 1997)

29/7/1930, Paul Taylor, dancer, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (died 2018)

26/7/1930, Barbara Jetford, actress, was born.

8/7/1930, Michael Codron, theatrical producer, was born.

28/6/1930, Jack Gold, film director, was born

24/6/1930, Claude Chabrol, film director, was born.

1/6/1930, Birth of TV actor Edward Woodward, best known for The Equaliser.

4/1/1930, Iain Cuthbertson, actor, was born.

30/3/1930, Rolf Harris, Australian entertainer and cartoonist, was born.

24/3/1930, Steve McQueen, US actor, was born.

27/2/1930, Joanne Woodward, actress, was born.

10/2/1930, Robert Wagner, actor, was born.

30/1/1930, Gene Hackman, actor, was born.

11/1/1930, Rod Taylor, actor, was born.

11/12/1929, Sir Kenneth MacMillan, dancer and choreographer, was born

12/11/1929, Grace Kelly, US actress, was born.

12/10/1929, Magnus Magnusson, British writer and TV presenter of the quiz show Mastermind, was born in Reykjavik, Iceland.

11/10/1929, Graham Roberts, actor, was born.

20/9/1929, Anna Meara, actress, was born.

14/8/1929, Gene Scott, TV evangelist, was born (died 21/2/2005).

4/8/1929, Kishore Kumar, Indian actor, was born.

24/7/1929, Peter Yates, film producer, was born

6/6/1929, Sunil Dutt, actor, was born.

16/5/1929, The first Academy Awards were presented in Hollywood, by the Academy�s President, Douglas Fairbanks.

14/5/1929, Henry McGee, actor, was born (died 28/1/2006)

4/5/1929, Audrey Hepburn, actress, was born.

12/2/1929, Lillie Langtry, US actress, died.

23/1/1929, Jeanne Moreau, actress, was born.

12/11/1928, Grace Kelly, US actress, was born (died 1982)

25/10/1928, Marion Ross, actress, was born.

11/8/1928, Arthur J Lamb, US actor, died (born 12/8/1870)

26/7/1928, Stanley Kubrick, US film director, was born (died 1999)

21/7/1928, Ellen Terry, British actress, died.

14/7/1928, Moira Redmond, actress, was born (died 16/3/2006)

12/7/1928, Sir Alistair Burnet, newsreader, was born.

16/2/1928, Eddie Foy, US comedian, died in Kansas City (born 9/3/1854 in new York).

3/2/1928, Val Doonican, Irish entertainer, was born in Waterford.

26/1/1928, Roger Vadim, film director and actor, was born.

23/1/1928, Jeanne Moreau, actress, was born.

21/10/1927, Nadia Nerina, ballerina, was born

1/10/1927, Sandy Gall, broadcaster, was born.

9/7/1927, John Drew, US actor, died in San Francisco, California (born 13/11/1853 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

2/7/1927, Brock Peters, actor, was born (died 23/8/2005)

13/12/1927, Christopher Plummer, actor, was born

12/12/1927, Honor Blackman, actress, was born.

25/10/1927, Barbara Cook, US actress, was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

18/9/1927, Phyllis Kirk, actress, was born (died 19/10/2006).

30/7/1927, Stan Stennett, actor, was born

26/7/1927, Danny la Rue, entertainer, was born

4/7/1927, Gina Lollobrigida, Hollywood actress, was born.

3/7/1927, Ken Russell, film director, was born.

11/6/1927, Dame Beryl Grey, ballerina, was born.

7/4/1927, Ccomedian A Dolan was televised in Whippany, New Jersey, making him the first televised comedian.

17/3/1927, Patrick Allen, actor, was born (died 28/7/2006)

23/12/1926, Charlie Williams, comedian, was born (died 2/9/2006)

6/11/1926, Frank Carson, comedian, was born

31/10/1926, Jimmy Savile, British radio and TV presenter, was born in Leeds, Yorkshire.

31/10/1926. The USA magician and escapologist Harry Houdini died, aged 52. He was born as Ehrich Weisz in Hungary and adopted his later name from the conjuror Robert Houdin whose autobiography he read as a young boy. .Determined to match Houdin�s achievements and to haul his family out of poverty, Houdini ran away to New York to begin a life in magic and entertainment which would enthral thousands. He escaped from handcuffs in an underwater nailed packing crate, and later exposed many psychic frauds. Whilst giving a lecture on spiritualism in Montreal, Houdini was asked if he could withstand a blow to the abdomen. Before he had a chance to prepare himself, Houdini was struck three times by a student. Despite this he managed to perform again, but died of peritonitis in a Detroit hospital a few days later.

10/10/1926, Oscar Brown Jr, entertainer, was born (died 29/5/1925)

16/9/1926, Tommy Bond, actor, was born (died 23/9/2005)

23/8/1926, Rudolf Valentino, Hollywood film star, died.

16/8/1926, Channing Pollock, magician, was born (died 18/3/2006)

22/7/1926, Bryan Forbes, film producer, was born.

21/7/1926, Bill Pertwee, actor, was born

18/7/1926, Richard Pasco, actor, was born.

14/7/1926, Harry Dean Stanton, actor, was born.

19/5/1926, David Jacobs, broadcaster, was born.

30/4/1926, Cloris Leachman, actress, was born.

16/2/1926, John Schlesinger, English actor, was born (died 2003).

11/2/1926, Leslie Nielsen, actor, was born.

20/1/1926, Patricia Neal, actress, was born.

17/1/1926, Moira Shearer, ballerina, was born (died 31/1/2006)

15/1/1926, Maria Schell, actress, was born.

14/1/1926, Warren Mitchell, actor, was born.

8/12/1925, Sammy Davis Junior, US actor, was born.

2/12/1925, Julie Harris, actress, was born in Grosse Point, Michigan (died 2013)

17/11/1925, Rock Hudson, US actor, was born.

23/10/1925, Johnny Carson, TV presenter, was born (died 23/1/2005).

17/10/1925, Harry Carpenter, broadcaster, was born.

11/10/1925, Richard Burton, Welsh actor who was married to Elizabeth Taylor twice, was born this day.

22/9/1925, William Franklyn, actor, was born (died 31/10/2006)

8/9/1925, Peter Sellers, comic TV actor, was born.

2/8/1925, Alan Whicker, widely-travelled TV reporter, was born in Cairo, Egypt.

15/7/1925, Harry Dean Stanton, actor, was born.

23/6/1925, Miriam Karlin, actress, was born.

21/6/1925, Maureen Stapleton, actress, was born (died 13/3/2006)

15/6/1925, Richard Baker, broadcaster, was born

22/4/1925, George Cole, actor, was born

4/4/1925, Dorothy Alison, actress, was born.

20/2/1925, Robert Altman, film director, was born

8/2/1925, Jack Lemmon, actor and film director, was born.

7/2/1925, Dora Bryan, actress, was born.

26/1/1925, Paul Newman, US actor, was born.

21/1/1925, Benny Hill, English comedian, was born in Southampton.

9/11/1924, Lord John Ulick Knatchbull Brabourne, film producer, was born (died 22/9/2005)

4/10/1924, Charlton Heston, the film star in Ben Hur, was born.

16/9/1924, Lauren Bacall, Hollywood actress, was born.

7/8/1924, Kenneth Kendall, broadcaster, was born.

29/7/1924, Jocelyne Rickards, film costume designer, was born (died 7/7/2005)

21/7/1924, Don Knotts, actor and comedian, was born.

7/6/1924, Dolores Gray, US actress, was born in Chicago (died 2002)

22/5/1924, Charles Aznavour, actor, was born.

13/5/1924, Bea Arthur, actress, was born

12/5/1924, Tony Hancock, English comedian, was born (died 1968).

29/4/1924,Zizi Jean Marie, dancer, was born.

21/4/1924, Eleonora Duse, Italian actress (born Lombardy, Italy, 3/10/1859) died in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

3/4/1924, Marlon Brando, US Hollywood actor, was born.

23/3/1924, TE Dunville, British comedian, was born

19/3/1924, Mary Wimbush, actress, was born (died 31/10/2005)

19/2/1924, Lee Marvin, actor, was born.

8/1/1924, Ron Moody, actor, was born.

26/12/1923, Jack Pleasants, British comedian, died in Bradford, Yorkshire (born 17/8/1874 in Bradford)

22/12/1923, John Ebdon, TV broadcaster, was born (died 19/3/2005)

9/12/1923, Meggie Albanesi, British actress, died aged 24.

24/10/1923, Sir Robin Day, TV interviewer, was born this day.

9/10/1923, Donald Sinden, actor, was born.

4/10/1923, Charlton Heston, US actor, was born

29/8/1923, British film director and actor Sir David Attenborough was born.

11/7/1923, Albert Chevalier, btritish actor, was born in Notting Hill, London.

29/4/1923, Irvin Kershner, film director, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (died 2010)

25/4/1923, Melissa Hayden, ballerina, was born (died 8/8/2006)

13/4/1923, Don Adams, actor, was born.

22/3/1923, Marcel Marceau, mime artist, was born.

28/2/1923, Charles Durning, actor, was born.

19/1/1923, Jean Stapleton, actress, was born.

3/12/1922, Sven Nykvist, cinematographer, was born (died 20/9/2006)

13/11/1922, Charles Bronson, US actor, was born.

9/11/1922, Dorothy Dandridge, American actress, singer and dancer, in Cleveland, Ohio (died 1965)

17/10/1922, Pierre Juneau, Canadian film and broadcast executive, was born in Montreal, Quebec (died 2012)

17/9/1922, Ursula Howells, actress, was born (died 16/10/2005)

16/9/1922, Janis Paige, US actress, was born in Tacoma, Washington.

8/9/1922, Sid Caesar, comedian, was born.

26/7/1922, Blake Edwards, film director, was born.

21/6/1922. Judy Holliday, US actress, was born in New York (died 7/6/1965 in New York)

11/6/1922, Michael Cacoyannis, film director, was born.

10/6/1922, Judy Garland, US actress, was born.

3/6/1922, Alain Resnais, film director, was born.

27/5/1922, Christopher Lee, English actor, was born.

5/8/1922, Sandy Kenyon, actor was born in New York City (died 2010)

18/4/1922, Avril Singers, actress, was born (died 9/11/2005)

25/1/1922, Raymond Baxter, broadcaster, was born (died 15/9/2006)

17/1/1922, Betty White, actress, was born.

8/12/1921, Terence Morgan, actor, was born (died 25/8/2005).

4/12/1921, Deanna Durbin, Canadian actress, was born in Winnipeg.

3/11/1921, Charles Bronson, actor, was born.

16/10/1921, Michael Conrad, US actor, was born in New York City (died 1983)

9/9/1921, Charlie Chaplin arrived at Waterloo Station, London, on the boat train from Southampton, to a rapturous welcome. He was staying at the Ritz Hotel, socially a million miles from his childhood days in Lambeth.

8/9/1921, Harry Secombe, Welsh actor and comedian, was born.

19/8/1921, Gene Roddenbury, TV producer, was born.

27/6/1921, Muriel Pavlow, actress, was born

8/6/1921, Sheila Ryan, US actress, was born.

21/6/1921, Jane Russell, US actress, was born.

10/5/1921, Nancy Walker, US actress, was born in Philadelphia

16/4/1921. Peter Ustinov, actor, was born.

28/3/1921. Dirk Bogarde, English film actor, was born in Hampstead, London.

22/3/1921, Nino Manfredi, Italian actor, was born.

2/3/1921, Kenji Misumi, Japanese film director; was born in Kyoto (died 1975)

24/2/1921, Abe Vigoda, US actor, was born (died 2016)

27/1/1921, Donna Read, actress, was born.

30/11/1920, Virginia Mayo, actress, was born (died 17/1/2005).

19/10/1920, LaWanda Page, African-US actress was born in St Louis (died 2002)

17/10/1920, Montgomery Clift, actor, was born.

1/10/1920, Walter Matthau, US actor, was born.

27/9/1920, William Conrad, actor, was born.

18/9/1920, Jack Warden, actor, was born (died 19/7/2006)

17/9/1920, Dinah Sheridan, actress, was born.

17/8/1920, Maureen O'Hara, Irish-born US film actress, was born (died 2015)

29/6/1920, Ray Harryhausen, film producer, was born.

18/6/1920, Ian Carmichael, actor, was born

30/3/1920, Turhan Bey, actor, was born in Vienna, Austria.

6/3/1920, Lewis Gilbert, British film director, was born in Hackney, London (died 2018)

3/3/1920, James Doohan, actor, was born (died 20/7/2005).

4/2/1920, Norman Wisdom, British comedian, was born as Norman Wisden.

3/2/1920, Bibi Osterwald, actress, was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA.

18/1/1920, Constance Moore, actress, was born (died 16/9/2005)

10/7/1919, Ian Wallace, actor, was born.

7/7/1919, Jon Pertwee, actor, was born,

29/6/1919, Slim Pickens, actor, was born.

16/4/1919, Merce Cunningham., choreographer, was born.

17/4/1919, The United Artists film distribution company was founded in Hollywood.

18/2/1919, Jack Palance, actor, was born.

18/12/1918, Betty Grable, US actress, was born.

9/12/1918, Kirk Douglas, US actor, was born.

22/10/1918, Myrtle Gonzalez, US actress, was born.

14/7/1918, Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman was born.

1/6/1918, Nathalie Krassovska, ballerina, was born (died 8/2/2005).

3/5/1918, Mona Inglesby, ballerina, was born (died 6/10/2006)

17/4/1918, William Holden, actor, was born in Illinois, USA.

16/4/1918, Spike Milligan, British-Irish actor and comedian, was born.

28/2/1918, Alfred Burke, actor, was born

4/2/1918, Ida Lupino, actress, was born.

29/1/1918, John Forsythe, actor, was born.

11/7/1917, Yul Brynner, US actor, was born.

6/8/1917, Robert Mitchum, Hollywood actor, was born in Connecticut, USA.

30/5/1917, Pamela May, dancer, was born (died 6/6/2005).

25/4/1917, Ella Fitzgerald, singer, was born.

15/4/1917, Hans Conried, US voice actor, was born in Baltimore (died 1982).

22/3/1917, Virginia Grey, US actress, was born.

6/2/1917, Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress, was born.

24/1/1917, Ernest Borgnine, actor, was born.

18/12/1916, Bettie Grable, US actress, was born.

9/12/1916, Kirk Douglas, actor, was born.

8/12/1916, Richard Fleischer, US film director, was born in New York City (died 2006)

23/11/1916, Michael Gough, actor, was born.

4/11/1916, Walter Cronkite, news broadcaster, was born.

27/10/1916, Bob de Lange, Dutch actor, was born.

5/10/1916, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, actor, was born (died 12/9/2005).

11/6/1919, Richard Todd, actor, was born.

5/4/1916, Gregory Peck, US actor, was born.

26/2/1916, Jackie Gleason, actor, was born.

18/12/1915, Betty Grable, actress, was born.

7/12/1915, Eli Wallach, actor, was born.

11/7/1915, Yul Brynner, actor, was born in Sakhalin (died 10/10/1985)

7/7/1915, Yul Brynner, actor, was born.

6/5/1915, Orson Wells, American actor and film director, was born.

21/4/1915, Anthony Quinn, actor, was born.

29/1/1915, Victor Mature, actor, was born.

26/1/1915, William Hopper, actor, was born.

13/12/1914, Fred Coe, US television producer, was born.

10/12/1914, Dorothy Lamour, actress, was born.

26/10/1914, Jackie Coogan, actor, was born.

5/5/1914, US actor Tyrone Power was born.

2/4/1914, British actor Sir Alec Guinness was born.

26/2/1914, Robert Alda, actor, was born.

20/1/1914, Roy Plomley, who created �Desert Island Discs�, was born. He began his career as a copywriter for an advertising agency then became an actor. He then became an announcer for a French commercial radio station. He was awarded the OBE in 1975.

4/1/1914, Jane Wyman, actress, was born.

30/11/1913. Charlie Chaplin made his film debut in Mack Sennett�s short film Making a Living.

9/11/1913, Hedy Lamarr, actor, was born.

2/11/1913, Burt Lancaster, US actor, was born.

19/9/1913, Frances Farmer, actress, was born.

25/6/1913, Cyril Fletcher, TV comedian, was born (died 2/1/2006).

13/6/1913, Ralph Livingstone Edwards, creator of the TV series This Is Your Life, was born (died 16/11/2005)

18/1/1913, Danny Kaye, US actor, was born (died 1987).

21/11/1912, Eleanor Powell, actress, was born.

25/10/1912, Minnie Pearl, comedian, was born.

23/8/1912, Gene Kelly, US singer and dancer, was born

12/8/1912, Samuel Fuller, US film director, was born in Worcester, Massachusetts (died 1997)

23/5/1912, Betty Astell, actress, was born (died 27/7/2005).

11/5/1912, Phil Silvers, US actor famous for his role as Sergeant Bilko, was born.

21/4/1912, Marcel Camus, film director, was born.

8/4/1912, Emily Soldene, British actress, died in London (born 9/3/1840 in Islington, London)

13/2/1912, Margaretta Scott, actress, was born (died 15/4/2005).

26/9/1911, Mildred Shay, actress, was born (died 15/10/2005).

1/9/1911, Mary Dees, actress, was born (died 4/8/2005).

6/8/1911, Lucille Ball, US TV actress, was born.

16/7/1911, US actress Ginger Rogers was born.

6/6/1911. Edward Harrigan, US comedian, died in new York (born 26/10/1844 in New York)

3/6/1911, Paulette Goddard, actress, was born.

17/5/1911, Maureen O�Sullivan, actress, was born.

5/4/1911, Gordon Jones, actor, was born in Alden, Iowa, USA.

3/3/1911, Jean Harlow, actress, was born.

26/11/1910, Cyril Cusack, actor, was born.

21/11/1910, Eleanor Powell, US actress, was born in Springfield, Masachusetts.

15/11/1910, Geoffrey Toone, actor, was born (died 1/6/2005).

14/7/1910, William Hanna, animator, was born.

15/5/1910, Constance Cummings, actress, was born (died 22/11/2005)

23/3/1910, Akira Kurosawa, Japanese film maker, was born/

1/3/1910, British actor David Niven was born.

17/2/1910, Marc Lawrence (Max Goldsmith), actor, was born (died 28/11/2005).

6/1/1910, Loretta Young, actress, was born.

9/12/1909, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, actor, was born

8/11/1909, Katherine Hepburn, US actress, was born.

2/6/1909, June MacCloy, actress, was born (died 5/5/2005).

15/5/1909, British actor James Mason was born.

11/2/1909, Joseph Mankiewicz, film director, was born.

14/1/1909, Joseph Losey, US film director, was born (died 1984).

16/12/1908, Frances Day, US actress, was born in New Jersey State.

18/11/1908, Imogene Coca, American actress, was born (died 2001)

11/11/1908, Martin Held, German television and film actor, was born (died 31 January 1992)

9/10/1908, Jacques Tati, French comedian who created Monsieur Hulot�s Holiday, was born.

14/9/1908, Clayton Moore, actor, was born in Chicago, Illinois.

12/7/1908, Milton Berle, US comedian, was born in New York.

20/5/1908, US actor James Stewart was born.

7/4/1908, Laurie West, TV weatherman, was born (died 16/3/2005)

23/3/1908, Birth of US actress Joan Crawford.

5/3/1908, Sir Rex Harrison, actor, was born.

20/3/1908, Sir Michael Redgrave, actor, was born.

22/2/1908, Birth of actor John Mills.

5/2/1908, Daisy and Violet Hilton, conjoined twin actresses, were born.

22/12/1907, Dame Peggy Ashcroft, actress, was born.

29/9/1907, Gene Autry, entertainer, was born.

15/9/1907, Fay Wray, actress, was born.

4/6/1907, Rosalind Russell, actress, was born.

26/5/1907, John Wayne, actor, was born.

22/5/1907, Birth of British actor, Laurence Olivier.

12/5/1907, Katharine Hepburn, US actress, was born.

15/2/1907, Cesar Romero, actor, was born.

30/1/1907, Henri Murray, French actor, was born.

13/1/1907, Jeff Morrow, US actor, was born in New York city (died 1993)

13/11/1906, Hermione Baddeley, English actress, was born in Shropshire (died 19/8/1986 in Los Angeles)

5/8/1906, John Huston, film director, was born.

20/7/1906, Anton Farber, German actor, was born.

16/7/1906, Vincent Sherman, film director, was born (died 18/6/2006)

3/7/1906, George Sanders, actor, was born.

3/5/1906, Nancy Astor, actress, was born.

22/4/1906, Eddie Albert, actor, was born (died 26/5/2005).

11/2/1906, Anita Garvin, US actress, was born in New York City (died 1994)

6/2/1906, Nin� Gordini Cervi, Italian actress, was born.

5/2/1906, John Carradine, actor, was born.

13/10/1905, Sir Henry Irving, the first British actor to receive a knighthood, gave his final performance in Bradford, Yorkshire, before collapsing and dying in the arms of his dresser at the Midland Hotel.

18/9/1905. Greta Garbo, the Swedish shop-girl who became a famous film star, was born.

16/5/1905, Bob Hope, US comedian, was born.

15/5/1905, Henry Fonda, actor, was born.

3/4/1905, Joseph Jefferson, US actor, died (born 20/2/1829).

16/3/1905, Elisabeth Flickenschildt, German actress, was born in Hamburg, Germany (died 1977)

4/2/1905, Eddie Foy Jr, US actor, was born in New Rochelle, New York

18/1/1905, Chick Chandler, US actor, was born in Kingston, New York (died 1988)

12/1/1905, Tex Ritter, actor, was born.

1904, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) was set up to train actors. In 1905 it moved to premises in Gower Street, London.

2/12/1904, Ann Gilbert, US actress, died (born 21/10/1821).

15/11/1904, Tilly Losch, Austrian actress, was born in Vienna, Austria (died 1975)

29/9/1904, Greer Garson, actress, was born.

7/7/1904, James Cagney, film director, was born in New York.

3/5/1904, John Breeden, US actor, was born in San Francisco, California (died 1977)

1/4/1904, Sid Field, English actor was born (died 1950).

18/1/1904, Cary Grant, American film actor, was born in Bristol, England, as Alexander Archibald Leach.

10/1/1904, Ray Bolger, actor, was born.

18/6/1903, Jeanette MacDonald, actress and singer, was born.

29/5/1903, Bob Hope, comedian, was born.

25/5/1903, Ralph Reader, British actor, was born in Crewkerne, Somerset (died 13/5/1982 in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire)

3/5/1903, Actor and singer Bing Crosby was born (died 1977).

28/2/1903, Vincente Minnelli, film director, was born.

9/11/1902, British film director Anthony Asquith was born.

18/7/1902, Dimitar Panov, Bulgarian actor, was born (died 1985)

4/4/1902, Louise Leveque de Vilmorin, French actress, was born in Verrieres-le-Buisson, France (died 1969)

27/12/1901, Marlene Dietrich, German actress, was born.

5/12/1901, Walt Disney was born.

28/9/1901, Ed Sullivan, TV show host, was born.

19/9/1901, Joe Pasternak, film producer, was born.

22/6/1901, Jack Whiting, US actor, was born in Philadelphia (15/2/1961)

8/5/1901, GH Macdermott, British comedian, died in London (born 27/2/1845 in London)

7/5/1901, US actor Gary Cooper was born.

14/4/1901, US actors were arrested at the Academy of Music, New York, for wearing costumes on a Sunday.

18/3/1901, Russian-German dancer Tatiana Gsovsky was born.

9/2/1901, James Murray, US actor, was born (died 1936).

27/12/1900, Marlene Dietrich, US actress, was born (died 1992).

6/12/1900, Agnes Moorhead, actress, was born.

27/10/1900, John Boles, US actor, was born in Greenville, Texas (died in San Angelo, Texas, 27/2/1969)

15/6/1900, Mary Ellis, US actress, was born in New York.

6/6/1900, Arthur Askey, British comedian, was born in Liverpool (died 16/11/1982 in London).

22/2/1900, Luis Bunuel, Spanish film maker, was born (died 1983).

12/2/1900, Todd Duncan, US actor, was born in Daneville, Kentucky

24/9/1899, John Clarke, US actor, died (born 3/9/1833).

13/8/1899, Birth of film director Alfred Hitchcock.He was born in Leytonstone, London, the son of a greengrocer.

17/7/1899, James Cagney, actor, was born.

5/7/1899, Jean Cocteau, film director, poet, artist, novelist, was born in Maisons-Lafitte, France.

22/5/1899, Binnie Hale, British actress, was born in Liverpool (died 10/1/1984 in London)

12/3/1899, Mary Keeley, English actress, died.

31/10/1898, Helena Faucit, English actress, died (born 1817).

18/10/1898, Lotte Lenya, Austrian actress, was born in Vienna (died 27/11/1981 in New York)

13/8/1898, Alfred Hitchcock, film director, born in Leytonstone.

4/7/1898, Gertrude Lawrence, British actress, was born in London (died 6/9/1952 in New York)

1/12/1897, Cyril Ritchard, Australian actor, was born in Sydney (died 18/12/1977 in Chicago)

19/6/1897, Moe Howard, comic actor, was born.

26/3/1897, Louise Groody, US actress, was born in Waco, Texas (died in Canadensis, Pennsylvania, 16/12/1961

23/11/1896, Ruth Etting, US actress, was born in David City, Nebraska (died 24/9/1978 in Colorado Springs)

30/10/1896, Ruth Gordon, actress, was born.

14/10/1896, Bud Flanagan, British comedian, was born in Whitechapel, London (died 20/10/1968 in London)

12/1/1896, Tommy Handley, British comedian, was born in Liverpool.

24/12/1895, Carl Brisson, Danish actor, was born in Copenhagen (died in Copenhagen 26/9/1958).

2/10/1895, Bud Abbott, actor and comedian, was born.

13/8/1895, Bert Lahr, US actor, was born in New York (died 4/12/1967 in New York)

4/8/1895, Bobby Howes, British actor, was born in London (died 27/4/1972 in London)

6/5/1895, Rudolph Valentino, actor, was born.

1/2/1895, John Ford, film director, was born.

15/9/1894, Jean Renoir, film director, was born.

31/5/1894, Fred Allen, US actor, was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts (died 17/3/1956 in New York).

29/5/1894, Beatrice Lillie, Canadian actress, was born in Toronto (died 20/1/1989 in Henley on Thames)

15/5/1894, Stanley Lupino, British actor, was born in London (died 10/6/1942 in London)

11/5/1894, Martha Graham, choreographer, was born.

5/4/1894, Chesney Allen, British comedian, was born in Brighton (died n13/11/1982 in London)

14/2/1894, Jack Benny, actor, was born.

14/10/1893, Lilian Gish, actress, was born.

2/10/1893, David James, English actor, died (born 1839).

17/8/1893, Actress Mae West was born.

7/4/1893, Irene Castle, US actress, was born in new Rochelle, New York.

1/4/1893, Cicely Courtneidge, British actress, was born in Sydney (died 29/4/1980 in London)

10/2/1893, Jimmy Durante, actor, was born.

1/2/1893, In New Jersey, USA, Thomas Edison opened the world�s first film studio.

7/12/1892, Fred Leslie, English actor, died (born 1/4/1855).

25/10/1892, Leo G Carroll, actor, was born.

23/10/1892, Gummo Marx, actor and comedian, was born.

29/7/1892, William Powell, actor, was born.

16/6/1892, Henry George Lupino, British actor, was born in London (died 10/11/1959 in London)

13/6/1892, Basil Rathbone, actor, was born.

24/4/1892, Jack Hulbert, British actor, was born in Ely (died 25/3/1978 in London)

31/1/1892, Eddie Cantor, US comedian, was born in New York (died 10/10/1964 in Hollywood)

18/1/1892, Oliver Hardy, comedian in the Laurel and Hardy duo, was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

4/11/1891, Tony Hart, US comedian, died (born 25/7/1855).

3/9/1891, Laddie Cliff, British actor, was born in Bristol (died 8/12/1937 in Montana, Switzerland)

3/8/1891, Leslie Henson, British actor, was born in London (died 2/12/1957 in Harrow)

16/7/1891, Blossom Seeley, US entertainer, was born in San Francisco (died 17/4/1974 in new York)

20/3/1891, Lawrence Barratt, US actor, died born in Paterson, New Jersey 4/4/1838).

5/12/1890, Fritz Lang, film director, was born.

2/10/1890, Julius Groucho Marx was born (died 1977).

15/8/1890, Phyllis Dare, English actress, was born in London (died 27/4/1975 in Brighton)

16/6/1890, Stan Laurel, of the Laurel and Hardy duo, was born as Arthur Stanley Jefferson in Ulverston, Lancashire (now Cumbria). Oliver Hardy was born in America on 18/1/1892.

24/2/1890, Marjorie Main, actress, was born.

9/11/1889, Claude Rains, actor, was born.

17/6/1889, John Gilbert, US actor, died (born 27/2/1810).

16/4/1889, Birth of comedian Sir Charles Chaplin in Kennington, London (died 1977). He was the son of two music hall entertainers.

3/3/1889, Alice Delysia, French actress, was born in Paris (died 10/2/1979)

24/12/1888, Michael Curtiz, film director, was born.

23/11/1888, Harpo Marx, one of the Marx Brothers comedy team, was born in New York City.

16/6/1888, Bobby Clarke, US comedian, was born in Springfield, Ohio (died 12/2/1960 in New York)

21/3/1888, Thomas German Reed, British actor, died in London (born 17/6/1817)

12/3/1888, Vaslav Nijinski, ballet dancer and choreographer, was born.

20/8/1887, Julia Sanderson, US actress, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts (died 27/1/1975 in Springfield)

16/8/1887, Augustine Brohan, French actress, died (born 22/1/1807).

25/6/1887, George Abbott, US actor, was born in Forestville, New York.

18/3/1887, Chico Marx, comedian, was born.

4/2/1887, Zena Dare, English actress, was born in London.

23/1/1886, Jean Bressant, French actor, died (born 23/10/1815).

8/11/1885, John McCullough, US actor, died.

16/2/1885, Will Fyffe, Scottish actor, was born in Dundee (died 14/12/1947 in St Andrews)

13/1/1884, Sophie Tucker, comedienne and vaudeville performer, was born.

15/7/1883, Tom Thumb, the American circus midget who finally attained a height of 40 inches, died.

23/5/1883, Douglas Fairbanks, US actor, was born in Denver, Colorado (died 12/12/1939 in Santa Monica, California).

1/4/1883, Lon Chaney, actor in Phantom of the Opera, was born.

20/10/1882, Bela Lugosi, actor, was born.

29/8/1882, Samuel Goldwyn was born.

12/2/1882, Madame Celeste, French actress, died (born 16/8/1815) 12/2/1882).

22/11/1881, Ethel Levey, US actress, was born in San Francisco (died 27/2/1955 in New York)

29/3/1881, Billy Merson, British actor, was born in Nottingham (died 25/6/1947 in London)

12/2/1881, Anna Pavlova, ballerina., was born

7/6/1880, John Brougham, British actor, died (born 9/5/1814).

15/8/1880, Adelaide Neilson, British actress, died.

31/3/1880, Jobyana Howland, US actress, was born in Indianapolis (died 7/6/1936 in Los Angeles)

3/2/1880, Lina Abarbanell, German actress, was born in Berlin (died 6/1/1963).

29/1/1880, William Claude Dukenfield (WC Fields), actor, was born (died 25/12/1946).

27/12/1879, Sydney Greenstreet, actor, was born.

5/8/1879, Charles Fechter, actor, died (born 23/10/1824)

11/6/1879, Max Schrek, actor, died

5/1/1879, Jack Norworth, US actor, was born in Philadelphia (died 1/9/1959 in New York)

2/9/1878, Edna May, US actress, was born in Syracuse, New York (died 2/1/1948 in Lausanne, Switzerland)

3/7/1878, George Michael Cohan, US actor, was born in Providence, Rhode Island (died 5/11/1942 in New York)

8/6/1878, Charles Matthews, English actor, died (born 26/12/1803).

24/2/1876, Victor Moore, US actor, was born in Hammonton, New Jersey (died in East Islip, New York)

26/1/1876, Antoine Frederick-Lemaitre, French actor, died (born 28/7/1800).

1/12/1875, Pauline Dejazet, French actress, died (born 30/8/1798).

22/3/1875, Hezekiah Bateman, US actor, died (born in Baltimore, Maryland 6/12/1812).

30/12/1874, Ludwig Dessoir, German actor, died (born 15/12/1810).

24/8/1874, William Betty, English actor, died (born in Shrewsbury 13/9/1791).

17/8/1874, Jack Pleasants, comedian, was born in Bradford, Yorkshire (died 26/12/1923 in Bradford)

24/4/1874, Harry Houdini, American magician and escapologist, was born in Appleton, Wisconsin, as Ehrich Weiss. He was the son of a rabbi from Budapest.

19/3/1874, Wilkie Bard, British comedian, was born in Manchester (died 5/3/1944 in London)

4/11/1873, Laura Keene, actress, died

19/8/1873, Fred Stone, US actor, was born in Valmont, Colorado (died 6/3/1959 in Hollywood)

27/4/1873, William MacReady, English actor, died (born 3/3/1793).

18/3/1873, Anna Held, actress, was born in Warsaw (died 13/8/1918 in New York)

12/12/1872, Edwin Forrest, US actor, died (born 9/3/1806).

11/11/1872, Maude Adams, US actress, was born (died 17/7/1953).

7/8/1872, Gustav Devreint, German actor, died (born 4/9/1803).

23/3/1872, HW Berry, British actor, was born in London (died 2.5.1951 in London)

1/2/1872, Bogumil Dawison, German actor, died (born 1818).

24/4/1871, Blanche Ring, US actress, was born in Boston (died 13/1/1961 in Santa Monica, California)

13/4/1871, Ellaline Terriss, actress, was born in Stanley, Falkland Islands (died 16/6/1971 in Richmond, Surrey)

30/1/1871, Edward Seymour Hicks, British actor, was born in St Helier, Jersey (died in London 6/4/1954)

16/1/1871, Oscar Asche, actor, was born in Geelong, Australia (died in London23/3/1936)

12/8/1870, Arthur J Lamb, US actor, was born in Somerset, UK (died 11/8/1928 in Providence, USA)

18/3/1870, Nellie Wallace, British comedienne, was born in Glasgow (died 24/11/1948 in London)

9/11/1869, Marie Dressler, US actress, was born in Coburg, Canada (died 28/7/1934 in Santa Barbara, California)

20/9/1869, George Robey, British actor, was born in London (died 29/11/1954 in Saltdean, Sussex)

10/8/1868, Adah Menken, US actress, died.

27/3/1867, Joseph Coyne, US actor, was born in New York (died 17/2/1941 in Virginia water, Surrey, UK)

23/3/1866, Harry Champion, British comedian, was born in Shoreditch, London (died 14/1/1942 in London)

22/10/1865, Raymond Hitchcock, US actor, was born in Auburn, New York (died 24/11/1929 in Beverly Hills, California)

18/1/1863, Konstantin Stanislavsky, Russian theatrical producer, was born.

22/7/1862, Gus Elen, British comedian, was born in London (died 17/2/1940 in London)

26/4/1862, James T Powers, US actor, was born in New York (died 10/2/1943 in New York)

22/4/1862, C Hayden Coffin, British actor, was born in Manchester (died 8/12/1935 in London)

4/12/1861, Lillian Russell, US actress, was born in Clinton, Iowa (died 5/6/1922 in Pittsburgh)

24/9/1861, William Farren, English actor, died (born 13/5/1786).

17/1/1861, Marie Gilbert, Irish dancer, died (born 1818).

22/3/1860, Harry Randall, British comedian, was born in London (died 18/5/1932 in London)

9/2/1860, William Burton, actor, died (born 1804).

12/11/1859, French acrobat Jules Leotard performed the first circus trapeze act at the Cirque Napoleon, Paris, wearing the famous costume named after him.

28/7/1859, Mary Anderson, US actress, was born in Sacramento, California.

4/11/1858, Francis Benson, English actor, was born in Tunbridge Wells.

9/12/1857, Edgar Smith, US actor, was born in Brooklyn, New York (died 2/1/1936 in Atlantic City, New Jersey)

25/7/1857, Nathaniel Goodwin, US actor, was born.

24/5/1857, Richard Mansfield, US actor, was born (died 30/8/1907).

25/7/1855, Tony Hart, comedian, was born in Worcester, Massachusetts (died in Worcester 4/11/1891)

1/4/1855, Fred Leslie, English actor, was born (died 7/12/1892).

12/11/1854, Charles Kemble, actor, died

15/1/1853, Rutland Barrington, British actor, was born I Penge, London (died 31/5/1922 in London)

10/1/1853, Jessie Bond, British actress, was born in Camden Town, London (died 17/6/1942 in Worthing)

29/9/1852, Arthur Roberts, British comedian, was born in London (died 27/2/1933 in London)

1/5/1852, Calamity Jane, Wild West performer, was born.

9/12/1847, George Grossmith, English comedian, was born.

20/3/1847, Anne Boutet, French actress, died (born 9/2/1779).

2/3/1847, Richard Temple, British actor, was born in London (died 19/10/1912 in London)

26/10/1845, Edward Harrigan, US actor, was born.

22/10/1845, Sarah Bernhardt, French actress, was born in Paris.

30/4/1845, Henry Crane, US actor, was born.

27/2/1845, Gilbert Hastings McDermott, British comedian, was born in London (died 8/5/1901 in London)

26/10/1844, Edward Harrigan, comedian, was born in New York (died 6/6/1911 in New York)

22/10/1844, Sarah Bernhardt, actress, was born.

16/5/1844, Sir John Hare, English actor, born

16/12/1843, William Kendal, English actor, was born.

4/12/1843, Harry Rickards, entertainer, was born in Stratford, east London (died 13/10/1911 in London)

30/9/1843, Harry Liston, British comedian, was born in Manchester (died 8/4/1929 in London)

14/5/1841, Sir Squire Bancroft, actor, was born near London.

28/2/1841, Jean Mounet-Sully, French actor, was born.

23/1/1841, Benoit Coquelin, French actor, was born (died 8/2/1909).

3/10/1838, Otto Devrient, German actor, was born (died 23/6/1894).

4/4/1838, Lawrence Barratt, US actor, was born in Paterson, New Jersey (died 20/3/1891).

4/1/1838, Charles Sherwood Stratton was born. He later became famous as Tom Thumb, a midget exhibited by Phineas Barnum.

31/5/1837, Joseph Grimaldi, famous English clown, died (born 18/12/1779).

28/5/1837, Tony Pastor, US entertainer, was born in New York (died 26/8/1908 in New York)

13/11/1833, Edwin Booth, US actor, was born in Belair, Maryland (died 7/6/1893).

3/9/1833, John Clarke, US actor, was born (died 24/9/1899).

15/5/1833, Edmund Kean, actor, died (born 17/3/1787)

20/12/1832, Ludwig Devrient, German actor, died (born 15/12/1784).

6/2/1832, Joseph Munden, English actor, died.

26/7/1831, William Florence, US actor, was born (died 14/11/1891).

26/12/1803, Charles Matthews, English actor, was born (died 8/6/1878).

1/11/1827, Friedrich Haase, German actor, was born.

23/10/1824, Charles Fechter, actor, was born (died 5/8/1879).

26/2/1823, John Philip Kemble, actor, died (born 1/2/1757)

1/10/1822, Francois Got, French actor, was born (died 1901).

3/3/1822, Abraham Benard, French actor, died (born 26/10/1750).

21/10/1821, Ann Gilbert, US actress, was born (died 2/12/1904).

5/4/1820, Sam Cowell, British music hall performer, was born in London (died in Blandford, 11/3/1864)

7/9/1819, Jeanne Arnould-Plessey, French actress, was born in Metz (died 1897).

23/7/1816, Charlotte Cushman, US actress, was born (died 18/2/1876).

3/7/1816, Dorothea Jordan, Irish actress, died.

25/5/1816, Anne Lange, French actress, died (born 17/9/1772).

23/10/1815, Jean Bressant, French actor, was born (died 23/1/1886).

16/8/1815, Madame Celeste, French actress, was born (died 12/2/1882).

4/3/1815, Frances Abington, English actress (born 1737) died.

9/5/1814, John Brougham, British actor, was born (died 7/6/1880).

6/12/1812, Hezekiah Bateman, US actor, was born in Baltimore, Maryland (died 2/3/1875).

26/9/1811, George Cooke, English actor, died (born 1756).

15/12/1810, Ludwig Dessoir, German actor, was born (died 30/12/1874).

5/7/1810, American showman Phineas T Barnum was born in Bethel, Connecticut.

27/2/1810, John Gilbert, US actor, was born (died 17/6/1889).

22/1/1807, Augustine Brohan, French actress, was born (died 16/8/1887).

9/3/1806, Edwin Forrest, US actor, was born (died 12/12/1872).

4/9/1803, Gustav Devreint, German actor, was born (died 7/8/1872).

23/7/1803, Charles Lewes, English actor, died.

28/7/1800, Antoine Frederick-Lemaitre, French actor, was born (died 26/1/1876).

5/8/1799, Jean Colson, French actor, died (born 16/1/1725).

30/8/1798, Pauline Dejazet, French actress, was born (died 1/12/1875).

15/5/1797, Pierre Lafont, French actor, was born (died 19/4/1873).

5/4/1797, Karl Devrient, German actor, was born (died 4/10/1877).

1/2/1794, Etienne Arnal, actor, was born in Meulan (died 1872).

3/3/1793, William MacReady, English actor, was born (died 27/4/1873).

13/7/1791, William Betty, English actor, was born in Shrewsbury (died 24/8/1874).

31/10/1790, John Edwin, English actor, died (born 10/8/1749).

16/2/1788, George Anne Bellamy, English actress, died.

17/3/1787, Edmund Kean, actor, was born (died 15/5/1833).

13/5/1786, William Farren, English actor, was born (died 24/9/1861).

6/12/1785, Catherine Clive, British actress, died (born 1711).

15/12/1784, Ludwig Devrient, German actor, was born (died 30/12/1832).

18/12/1779, Joseph Grimaldi, English clown who invented the white face make up for clowns, was born.

9/2/1779, Anne Boutet, French actress, was born (died 20/3/1847).

20/1/1779, David Garrick, English actor and theatre manager, died. He was buried in Westminster Abbey.

16/6/1778, Konrad Ekhof, German actor, died (born 12/8/1720).

8/2/1778, Henri Louis Cain, French actor, died (born 14/4/1728).

10/1/1777, Spranger Barry, British actor, died in London (born in Dublin 23/11/1719).

27/12/1774, Henry Mossop, Irish actor, died.

7/4/1774, Robert Elliston, English actor, was born (died 1831).

17/9/1772, Anne Lange, French actress, was born (died 25/5/1816).

30/1/1766, Susannah Cibber, actress, died (born 1714).

24/1/1760, Lavinia Fenton, English actress, died (born 1708).

11/12/1757, Colley Cibber, English actor, died (born 6/11/1671).

1/2/1757, John Philip Kemble, actor, was born (died 26/2/1823).

26/10/1750, Abraham Benard, French actor, was born (died 3/3/1822).

10/8/1749, John Edwin, English actor, was born (died 31/10/1790).

15/11/1746, Jean Dugazon, French actor, was born (died 1809).

16/8/1738, Joe Miller, English actor, died.

20/3/1730, Adrienne Lecouvreur, Frenchy actress, died (born 5/4/1692).

22/12/1729, Michel Baron, French actor, died (born in Paris 1635).

14/4/1728, Henri Louis Cain, French actor, was born (died 8/2/1778).

16/1/1725, Jean Colson, French actor, was born(died 5/8/1799),

25/1/1723, La Clairon, French actress, was born (died 1803).

12/8/1720, Konrad Ekhof, German actor, was born (died 16/6/1778).

23/11/1719, Spranger Barry, British actor, was born in Dublin (died in London 10/1/1777).

7/11/1713, Elizabeth Barry, actress, died (born 1658).

2/1/1713, Marie Dumesnil, actress, was born (died 20/2/1803).

15/5/1698, Marie Champmesle, French actress, died (born 1642).

5/4/1692, Adrienne Lecouvreur, Frenchy actress, was born (died 20/3/1730).

6/11/1671, Colley Cibber, English actor, was born (died 11/12/1757).


Appendix 5 � Theatres, concerts, operas (see also Music for operatic performances).

20/8/2005, Clifford Williams, theatre director, died (born 30/12/1926)

12/6/1997, The new Globe Theatre, London, opened.

13/5/1975, Richard Hollingshead, who pioneered the development of the drive-in movie theatre in 1933 In Camden, USA, died this day.

12/6/1974. The Redgrave Theatre, Farnham, opened.

8/9/1971, The John F Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts opened in Washington DC.

9/8/1962, The National Theatre was established in London, with Sir Lawrence Olivier as director.

10/5/1961, In Britain the satirical revue Beyond the Fringe mocked �The Establishment� (a term coined by the journalist Henry Fairlie in 1955 to describe those holding the power in Britain).

14/5/1959, David Pugh, theatre director, was born.

8/5/1956, First performance of John Osborne�s play �Look Back in Anger� at the Royal Court theatre, London. The play heralded the start of the ;Angry Young Men� on the British establishment.

5/11/1955, The rebuilt Vienna State Opera reopened with a performance of Beethoven�s Fidelio. It had been destroyed in an Allied bombing raid on 12/3/1945.

14/1/1947, The newly-renovated Covent Garden Opera House in London opened, with a performance of Bizet�s Carmen.

1934, The opera house at Glyndebourne, East Sussex, England, was established by John Christie (1882-1962).

23/4/1932, The new Shakespeare Memorial Theatre opened in Stratford on Avon.

6/1/1931, The New Sadlers Wells Theatre in London was opened.

27/4/1928. The Piccadilly Theatre, London, opened.

30/12/1926, Clifford Williams, theatre director, was born (died 20/8/2005)

6/3/1926. Fire destroyed the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre at Stratford on Avon. Only a blackened shell was left.

6/1/1914, The Professional Children's School began admitting students interested in theatre work in New York City.

7/11/1912, The Deutscher Opernhaus (now Deutsche Oper Berlin) opened in Charlottenburg, Berlin.

29/10/1911. First stone of the Drury Lane Theatre laid.

26/12/1910, The London Palladium Theatre opened, specialising in revues and vaudeville.

9/6/1904, First concert by the London Symphony Hall.

9/12/1897, Hermione Gingold, British actress, was born in London (died 24/5/1987 in New York)

21/12/1886, The Gaiety Theatre, London opened. It was on the site of the old Strand Musick Hall. After World war two it was demolished and replaced by an office block.

17/4/1884, The Empire Theatre, London, opened

28/2/1883, The first Vaudeville theatre opened, in Boston, USA.

10/10/1881, The Savoy Theatre, London, opened

15/5/1862, The third Royal Opera House opened at Covent Garden, London.

30/1/1858, The Halle Opera in Manchester, England, gave its first public concert.

5/3/1856, London�s Covent Garden Opera House was destroyed by fire.

18/3/1854, The Alhambra Theatre, London, opened in Leicester Square

18/9/1809, The Royal Opera House in London opened with a performance of Macbeth. The building burnt down in 1856, and a foundation stone from it was incorporated into the current structure.

27/11/1806, The Adelphi Theatre, London, opened.

24/2/1804, London�s Drury Lane Theatre burnt down, bankrupting its owner, Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

27/7/1787, The Theatre Royal, Margate, was founded.

10/6/1782, The Grand Theatre, Lancaster, was founded.

3/8/1778, La Scala opera housein Milan opened, the work of Guiseppe Piermarini.

30/5/1766, The oldest theatre still in use in Britain, the �Royal;� in Bristol, was opened.

28/9/1745. The National Anthem �God save the King� was first played at the Drury Lane Theatre, London.

7/5/1663, The first Drury Lane theatre, London, opened.

13/4/1644. Demolition of the Globe Theatre on the South Bank, London.

6/9/1642, The English Long Parliament ordered the closure of all London theatres.

29/6/1613. The Globe Theatre in London burnt down after a cannon was fired during a Shakespeare play and set fire to the roof.


Appendix 6 � Art Galleries

12/5/2000, In London, the Tate Modern art gallery opened.

2/2/1977, The Pompidou Centre of art and culture opened in Paris.

21/7/1897. The Tate Gallery in London was officially opened, on the site of Millbank Prison.

9/4/1838. The National Gallery, in Trafalgar Square, London, opened.


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