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1995, In the US there were 12.2 million undegraduates (11 million of them at public institutions), across 3,700 establishments.

19 October 1977, The Society for Music Theory was founded at Northwestern University, USA.

1965, US university enrollments rose as young US citizens used this route to escape the military draft and being sent to Vietnam. Anti-Vietnam-War protests escalated across US campuses (see USA,Vietnam).

1956, The University of South Florida was established at Tampa.

1955, The District of Columbia Teacher�s College was founded, created by a merger of Wilson Tacher�s College and Miner Teacher�s College.

1948, Brandeis University was founded at Waltham, Massachusetts.

1947, California State College was founded at Los Angeles.

1947, Sacramento State College was founded in California.

1946, US college enrolments reached a record high as 2 million veterans signed up for education (see 22 June 1944). The increase demand for places came up against reduced supply as many HE institutions, in the US and elsewhere, had gone bankrupt after years of reduced enrolment during World War Two.

1946, The University of Binghampton was established in New York.

1946, Portland State University was established in Oregon.

1946 Lake Superior State College was founded at Sault Ste Marie, Michigan.

1946, Mississippi State College was founded at Itta Bena.

1946, Westchester Community College was founded at White Plains, New York.

1946, Malboro College was founded at Marlboro, Vermont.

22 June 1944, US Congress enacted the GI Bill of Rights (Servicemen�s Readjustment Act), providing finance for college education for millions of US War veterans.

1940, Iona College was founded in New Rochelle,New York.

1937, Queens College was founded in Flushing, New York.

1937, St John�s College was founded at Annapolis, Maryland.

1937, Pepperdine College was foundedin Los Angeles.

16 August 1937, Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, became the first university to offer course sin traffic engineering and administration.

1934, The University of Houston, Texas, was founded.

1933, Southern Colorado State College was founded at Pueblo

1933, West Georgia College was founded at Carrolton

1933, Black Mountain College was founded at Black Mountain, North Carolina.

1933, Monmouth College was founded at Long Branch,New Jersey.

1932, Laurence Institute of Technology was founded at Southfield, Michigan.

1932, Boise State University, Idaho, was founded by the Episcopal Church. It has awarded its own degrees since 1965.

1930, Dillard University, New Orleans, was founded by a merger between New Orleans University and Straight College (both founded in 1869)

1930, Old Dominion University was founded at Norfolk, Virginia.

1930, Brooklyn College was founded at Brooklyn, New York.

1929, Cornell University began a course in hotel administration.

1926, The University of Miami was founded at Coral Gables, Florida. In 1945 it had barely 2,000 students, but 13,364 by 1957.

1926, Scripps College was founded at Claremont, California.

1926, Long Island University was founded at Brooklyn, New York.

1926, Sarah Lawrence College for Women was founded at Bronxville, New York.

1925, Bennington College for Women was founded at Bennington, Vermont.

1925, Trinity College, North Carolina, changed its name to Duke University, after receiving a US$ 40 million from tobacco magnate James B Duke.

1924, The Brookings Institute was founded.

1923, Texas Technical University was founded at Lubbock.

1923, Glassboro State College was founded at Glassboro, New Jersey.

1923, Bethune-Cookman College was formed at Daytona, Florida, by a merger of the Daytona Normal and Industrial Institute for Negro Girls at Bethune with the Cookman Institute for Men at Jacksonville.

1922, Teaching began at the Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines, with 6 students. In 1935 this became the University of Alaska.

13 August 1920, Phoenix College, one of the earliest community colleges in the US, began its first classes, with 18 students at Taylor Street and 6th Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona. By 2020, the college had grown to 12,000 students on a 50-acre campus. It is not affiliated with the University of Phoenix, founded in the same city in 1976.

23 May 1919. The University of California opened its second campus in Los Angeles as its Southern Branch before it was eventually renamed the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

1918, The University of South Dakota was founded.

1916, Russell Sage College for Women was founded at Troy, New York, by philanthropist Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage, aged 88.Her husband had died 10 years ago aged 90, leaving her US$ 70 million built up through railway operations.

24 February 1916, St. Joseph's College was established in New York City and expanded to a second campus on Long Island, New York.

1915, Emory University was founded at Atlanta as the Methodist College.

1912, Rice University was founded as Rice Institute, with a bequest from late Texas merchant William Marsh Rice, whohad been chloroformed to death by his valet in new York in 1900, aged 84.

1912, Memphis State University was founded in Tennessee.

1911, Skidmore College for Women was founded at Saratoga Springs, New York.

1911, Connecticut College for Women was established at New London.

1910, The Southern Methodist University was founded at Dallas.

1910, Kent State University was founded at Kent, Ohio.

1910, Bowling Green State University was founded at Bowling Green,Ohio.

30 March 1910, The Mississippi Legislature chartered Mississippi Normal College in Hattiesburg. The school, known since 1962 as the University of Southern Mississippi, opened for classes on 18 September 1912

1908, Youngstown State University was founded at Youngstown, Ohio.

1908, Reed College was founded at Portland, Oregon.

1908, A professional school of journalism was established at the University of Missouri.

1907, The University of Hawaii was founded at Honolulu.

1907, The University of Redlands was founded at Redlands, California.

1906, The University of California opened a campus at Davis.

1906, Western Kentucky University was founded at Bowling Green.

1906, Eastern Kentucky University was founded at Richmond.

1905, Indiana Medical College was formed.

9 April 1905, James William Fulbright, US Senator who instituted the Fulbright Scholarship to encourage international student exchange, was born in Sumner, Missouri.

1904, Winona Ttechnical College, Indiana, opened.

1903, Western Michigan University was founded at Kalamazoo.

1901, Idaho State University was established at Pocatello.

1901, The US Army War College was founded at Washington DC by Secretary of War, Elihu Root. It moved to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, in 1951.

1901, Whittier College was founded at Whittier, California.

1901, Texas Women�s University was founded at Denton.


1900, The US College Entrance Examination Board was founded to screen applicants to colleges.

1900, Carnegie Institute of Technology was founded at Pittsburgh, with funding from steel magnate Andrew Carnegie.

1900, Columbia University inaugurated the USA�s first Chair in Anhropology


1899, San Francisco State University was established in California.

1899, Western Illinois University was established at Macomb.

1899, Simmons College was founded at Boston.

1899, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, was established.


1898, Northeastern University was founded at Boston.

1897, Indianapolis College of Law opened.

1896, The University of Indianapolis was formed. It was initially a loose federation between the Indiana Law School (1894), the Indiana Dental College (1879) and Butler College (chartered 1849, opened 1855 as the North Western Christian University; renamed Butler University in 1877, after a benefactor, Ovid Butler).

1896, Adelphi College was founded at Long Island City, New York.

1895, Northern Illinois University was founded at De Kalb

1895, The University of Texas at Arlington was founded.

1895, De Paul University, Chicago, was founded.

1894, Radcliffe Coillege for Women opened at Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was named after Anne Radcliffe, who was the first woman to make a gift to Harvard University.

1894, Columbia University established the second soiciology department in the USA.


1893, The New Mexico Highlands University was founded at Las Vegas

1893, Western New Mexico University was founded at Silver City

1893, Montana State University was founded at Missoula

1893, Montana State College was founded at Bozeman

1893, Western Montana College was founded at Dillon

1893, Montana School of Mines was founded at Butte


1892, The Indiana Vetinary College opened.

1892, The Chicago School of Sociology was founded by Albion Small. This was the first US University department of Sociology

1892, The Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts was established. In 1909 it became Rhode Island State College, and in 1951, University of Rhode Island.

1892, The University of New Mexico was opened (founded 1889) in Albuquerque, New Mexsico, USA.

1892, Ithaca College was founded at Ithaca, New York.

1892, The Illinois Institute of Technology was founded in Chicago.


1891, Chicago University was founded.

1891, The Drexel Institue was founded at Philadelphia.

1891, California Institute of Technology was founded at Pasadena.

1891. Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College was founded.

1891, Hardin-Simmons University was founded at Abilene, Texas, by Baptists.

1891, The American University was founded at Washington DC.


1890, In 1890 only 3% of US citizens aged 18-21 attended college, a figure that rose to 8% by 1930.

1890, Madison University at Hamilton, New York was renamed Colgate University, after large donations from the soapmaker William Colgate and Sons.

1890, The University of Oklahoma was founded at Norman, Oklahoma Territory

1890, Oklahoma State University was founded at Stillwater.

1889, Barnard College opened in New York, near Columbia University, to promote women�s education.

1889, Clemson College opened, as Clemson Agricultural College, at Clemson, South Carolina.

1889, The University of Idaho opened, at Moscow.

1889, The New York Educational Alliance was founded by German-Jews, to provide education to slum-dwellers on New York�s east side, many of them from eastern Europe.

6 May 1889, Purdue University was founded at Lafayette, Indiana.


1887, The Pratt Institute opened in Brooklyn, New York, to train artisans and draughtsmen. It was funded by Charles Pratt, aged 57, who made his money on an oil refinery which he sold to John D Rockerfeller in 1874.

1887, Clarke University was founded in Worcester, Massachusetts, by Jonas Gilman Clark, aged 72.

1887, The Catholic University of America was founded at Washington DC.

1887, Pomona State College was established in Claremont, California.

1887, The Occidental College was founded at Los Angeles.

1887, Chico State University was founded at Chico, California

1887, Gonzaga University was founded at Spokane, Washington.

2 March 1887, US Congress passed the Hatch Act, authorising the establishment of agricultural experimental stations in all States having land-grant colleges.


1886, The University of Wyoming was established at Laramie; teaching began in 1887.

1886, Sophia Newcombe Memorial College was founded at New Orleans, to give Tulane University (1834) a women�s adjunct.


1885, McAlester College was founded at St Paul, Minnesota, by members of the United Presbyterian Church.

1885, The Georgia Institute of Technology was founded at Atlanta.

1885, Bryn Mawr College for Women was founded near Philadelphia by former Quaker Minister Joseph Taylor. At this time there were only 4 women with PhDs in the whole of the USA, and Bryn Mawr College employed all of them.

1885, Stanford University (Leland Stanford Junior University) was founded by railway magnate Leland Stanford, aged 61, in memory of his son who died aged 15 in 1884 of typhoid fever in Florida. Tuition began at the university, near San Francisco, in 1891. In 1891 it admitted its first 559 students.

1885, The Arizona State University was established.


1884, Temple University was established at Philadelphia by Baptist clergyman Russwell Herman Conwell, aged 41.

1883, The University of North Dakota was established.

1883, The first psychological laboratory was established at Johns Hopkins University by G Stanley Hall.

1882, The University of South Dakota was established.


1881, Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute was founded by Booker Taliaferro Washington, aged 25, at Tuskegee, Alabama, pioneering industrial education for Black people.

1881, Spelman College, Atlanta, began as the Atlanta Female Baptist Seminary. It was renamed in 1924 in honour of John D Rockerfeller�s mother in law, Lucy Henry Spelman. It became the leading US college for Black women.

1881, Case School of Applied Science was founded at the home of the late Cleveland philanthropist Leobard Case.

1881, Marquette College was founded at Milwaukee. It merged with a Roman Catholic College in 1906 to become Marquette University. In 1908 it had 81 academic staff and 630 students.

1881, The University of Connecticut was founded at Storrs

1881, Wharton School University of Pennsylvania, was founded.

1881, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, was founded.


1880, The University of Southern California was founded.

1879, Radcliffe College began as classes for women were started in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by Elizabeth Cary Agassiz, widow of the late naturalist Louis Agassiz (died 1873 aged 66).

1879, Carlisle Training and Industrial School for Indians was founded at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, by former USArmy Officer Richard Henry Pratt, aged 39. This was the first non-reservationary school for Amerindians.

31 December 1879, The USA now possessed 154 co-educational colleges, up from 24 in 1866.

1878, Duquesne University was founded at Pittsburgh

1878, Mississippi University was founded at Starkville


1877, The University of Detroit was founded in Michigan.

1877, The University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) was founded by the Jesuits

1877, The first university publishing house was established at Johns Hopkins University (see 1876), where the American Journal of Mathematics began publication. This was the origin of todays �publish-or-perish� academic culture, spawning a large number of papers contributing rather less to knowledge than they advance the careers of their authors.


1876, The University of Texas was founded at Austin.

1876, Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College was founded near Bryan.

1876, The US Coastguard Academy was established at New London, Connecticut.

3 October 1876, Johns Hopkins University (see 1877) opened at Baltimore, with a bequest from Baltimore financier Johns Hopkins who died in 1873 aged 78.


1875, Brigham Young University was founded at Salt Lake City, Utah Territory.

1875, Hebrew Union College was founded at Cincinatti by Stephen M Wise.

20 July 1875, The first US State agricultural experimental station was established at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut.

1874, The University of Nevada was established at Elko; moved to Reno in 1885.

1874, St Olaf College was founded byNorwegians at Northfield, Minnesota.

1874, Colorado College was founded at Colorado Springs

1874 The College of Santa Fe was founded in New Mexico Territory.

17 September 1873, Ohio State University, founded 1870, admitted its first students.

1872, The University of Oregon was founded at Eugene.

1872, Vanderbilt University was established at Nashville, Tennessee, funded by a grant from Commodore Vanderbilt.

1872, The University of Toledo was founded in Ohio

1871, Smith College was established at Northampton, Massachusetts, funded by a bequest from Sophia Smith to create a college for women. Tuition here began in 1875.

1871, The University of Arkansas was founded at Fayetville.


1870, Syracuse University was founded at Syracuse, New York

1870, Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute was charterd in Virginia.

1870, Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College was founded.

1870, Texas Christian University was founded at Fort Worth.

1870, Loyola University, Chicago, was founded as St Ignatius College, by the Jesuits.

1870, The University of Akron was founded.

1870, Wellesley College for Women was founded at Wellesley, Massachusetts.Tuition began in 1875.

1870, The University of Cincinatti was founded.

1870, Ohio State University was founded at Columbus.

1870, Stevens Institute of Technology was founded at Hoboken, New Jersey.

1870, St Johns University was founded at Brooklyn, New York.

1870, Hunter College for Women was founded at New York.

1870, Women were admitted to the University of Michigan for the first time since it was founded at Ann Arbor in 1817.


1869, The University of Nebraska was established, at Lincoln.

1869, Southern Illinois University was founded at Carbondale.

1869, Ursinus College was founded just outside Phuiladelphia.

1869, Pennsylvania State College was founded at Pittsburgh.

1868, Wayne State University was founded at Detroit.

23 March 1868, The University of California was founded at Berkeley

1868, The University of the South began tuition at Sewannee, Tennessee, 10 years after it was founded by Episcopalian Bishops, Leonidas Polk and James H Otey.

1867, The University of Illinois was established at Urbana.

1867, West Virginia University was established at Morgantown.

1867, Atlanta University was founded in Georgia. It did much to promote opportunities in higher education for Black people.

1867, Howard University for Negroes (sic) was founded by White Congregationalists just outside Washington DC. Its founders included General OO Howard, Director of the Freedmen�s Bureau. They proposed to admit all students, irrespective of age, gender, marital status or intellectual ability. The first tuition began here in 1869,

1867, Mankato State University was founded at Mankato, Minnesota.

1866, The University of New Hampshire at Durham received its Charter, originally as the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts.

1866, Drew University was founded by New York financier Daniel Drew at Madison, New Jersey.

1866, Carleton College was founded at Northfield, Minnesota.

1865, Purdue University was founded.

1865, Cornell University was founded at Ithaca, New York, by Andrew Jackson White, aged 32, a State Senator.

1865, Lehigh University was founded at Bethlehem, Penssylvania.

1865, Fisk University was founded at Nashville, Tennessee.

1865, The University of Kentucky was founded at Lexington.

1865, The University of Maine was founded at Orono.

1865, Worcester Polytechnic was founded at Worcester, Massachusetts.

1864, Swarthmore College was founded at Swarthmore, Pennsylvania by Abolitionists, including James Mott.

1864, Bates College was founded at Lewiston, Maine.

1864, The University of Kansas was founded at Lawrence.

1864, The University of Denver was founded i Colorado Territory.

1863, Massachusetts University was founded at Amherst as the Massachusetts Agricultural College. It changed its name in 1947

1863, Boston College was founded by Roman Catholics.

2 July 1862, US President Abraham Lincoln signed into law the Morill Act. This provided for the allocation of �public land�(which had been expropriated from the indigenous Amerindians) for the purposes of establishing colleges specialising in agriculture and mechanics. 17 of these colleges were specifically to promote education for Black people, and, ironically, 30 of them were specifically to support the education of Amerindian people (in White culture and industry)

1861, The University of Colorado was founded at Boulder; the University of Washington was founded at Seattle.

1861, MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was founded by William Barton Rogers just downriver from Harvard University at Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1861, Vassar Female College was chartered at Poughkeepsie, New York, by Matthew Vassar, aged 69, a brewer who had become wealthy through land speculation. He endowed the College,which opened in 1865.

1861, Yale University awarded the first US PhD.

1860, Louisiana State University was founded at Baton Rouge.

1860, Bard College was founded at Annandale on Hudson, New York State.

1858, Oregon State University was founded at Corvallis.

1858, Iowa State College was founded at St Annes.


1857, Marquette University was founded at Milwaukee

1857, Illinois State University was founded

1857, San Jose State College was founded in California

1857, Michugan State College of Agriculture opened.


1856, Auburn University, at Auburn, Alabama, was founded.

1856, Seton Hall College was founded at South Orange, New Jersey

1856, St Lawrence University was founded at Canton, New York.

6 March 1856, The Maryland Agricultural College, now University of Maryland, received its Charter.

1855, Pennsylvania State University and Michigan State University opened.

1855, Berea State College was founded at Berea, Kentucky.

1855, Elmira Female College was founded at Elmira, New York, It was the first US institution to grant degrees to women.

1854, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute was founded at Brooklyn.New York.

1853, The first agricultural college in the US was founded, in New York.

1853, The University of Florida was founded.

1853, Washington University was founded at St Louis.

1852, Boston State College was founded

1852, Tufts College was founded at Medford, Massachusetts.

1852, Antioch College was founded Yellow Springs, Ohio.

1852, Mills College for Women was founded at Oakland, California.


1851, Northwestern University was founded north west of Chicago, in the Evanston area (named after physician John Evans, then aged 36, who had played a major role in securing the Charter for this university.

1851, The University of Minnesota was founded at Minneapolis.

1851, Ripon College was founded at Ripon, Wisconsin.

1851, The University of Santa Clara was founded in California.

1851, Dukes University, North Carolina, began as Trinity College, founded at Durham.


1850, University of Utah founded in Salt Lake City.

1850, Illinois Wesleyan University was founded at Bloomington.

1850, The University of Dayton was founded in Ohio

1850, The University of Rochester was founded in New York.

1849, Eastern Michigan University was founded at Ypsilanti.

1848, The University of Wisconsin at Madison, and The University of Mississippi at Oxford, were founded.

1848, Muhlenberg College was founded at Allentown, Pennsylvania, by Lutheran clergyman Gotthilf Muhlenberg.

1847, City College New York was founded as a tuition fee-free institution to help poor immigrants attain a better position.

1847, Iowa State University was founded at Iowa City.

1847, Lawrence College was founded at Appleton, Wisconsin.

1846, Bucknell University was founded as a college in Bucknell, Pennsylvania.

1846, The University of Buffalo was founded at Buffalo, New York.

1846, Beloit College was founded at Beloit, Wisconsin.

1846, Grinnel College was founded in Iowa.

1845, Baylor University, Texas, was founded.

1845, the United States Naval Academy was founded at Annapolis, Maryland.

1844, The State University of New York was founded at Albany.

1843, The College of the Holy Cross was founded by Jesuits at Worcester, Massachusetts.

1842, Notre Dame University was founded at South Bend, Indiana, by French Catholic missionary Edward Frederick Sorin, aged 28, who was the first President of the university, 1844-65.

1842, Villanova University was founded by Roman Catholics at Philadelphia.

1842, Ohio Wesleyan University was founded at Delaware.

1842, Iowa Wesleyan College was founded at Point Pleasant.

1841, Otterbein College was founded at Westerville, Ohio.

1841, Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart was founded in New York.

1841, Fordham University was founded by New York Jesuits; originally known as St John�s College.

1840, Missouri State University was founded, in Columbia.

1839, The Lowell Institute, Boston, was founded by John Lowell Jr, aged 70, to provide free lectures by eminent scholars.

1839, Virginia Military Institute was founded.

1839, The first state-supported normal school (teacher�s college) was founded at Lexington, Massachusetts, due to the efforts of Horace Mann, aged 33, secretary of the Board of Education.

1839, The Universities of Boston and Missouri were founded.

22 February 1839, Wilbur Fisk, 1st president of the Wesleyan University, Connecticut, USA, from its founding in 1831, died (born 31 August 1792).

1837, Michigan State University was founded at Ann Arbor.

1837, Depauw University was founded as the Indiana Ashway University, at Greencastle, Indiana. It took the name Depauw in 1883.

1837, Marshall University was founded at Huntington, Virginia.

8 November 1837, Mount Holyoake Female Seminary opened at South Hadley,Massachusetts.It was the first US college for women. Edcuator Mary Lyon, aged 40, wanted to provide education for females of modest means;she admitted 80 students, but had to turn away a further 400 applicants for lack of room.

1836, The University of Wisconsin was founded at Madison.

1835, Albion College was founded at Albion, Michigan.

1834, Tulane University was founded in New Orleans; it took the name Tulane in 1882 from a large benefactor, Paul Tulane. See 1886.

1834, Wheaton College was founded in Norton, Massachusetts.

1833, Oberlin College opened at Oberlin, Ohio.

1833, Haverford College was founded at Philadelphia by the Society of Friends.

1833, The University of Delaware began as the College of Delaware, founded at Newark.

1833, Wake Forest College was founded in North Carolina.

1832, Gettysburg State College was founded at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

1831, Wesleyan College was founded at Middletown, Connecticut.

1831, Denison University was founded at Granville, Ohio.

1831, Xavier College was founded at Cincinatti.

18 April 1831, New York University was founded, as the University of the City of New York. It changed its name in 1896.

1831, The University of Alabama was founded at Tuscaloosa.

1830, Randolph Macon College was founded at Ashland, Virginia.

1826, Lafayette College was founded at Easton, Pennsylvania.

1825, Queen�s College, New Brunswick, founded in 1766, was renamed Rutgers College, after local benefactor Henry Rutgers, then aged 80.

1825, Amherst College, at Amherst, Massachusetts, received its Charter.

27 March 1825, Teaching began at the University of Virginia (see 1819).

1824, Kenyon College was founded by Philander Chase, aged 49, Episcopal Bishop of Ohio.

1824, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute was founded at Troy, New York State. It was the first US engineering and technical school.

1823, Trinity College was founded at Hartford, Connecticut.

1820, Indiana University was founded at Bloomington

1819, The University of Cincinatti was founded in Ohio.

1819, Norwich University was founded at Northfield, Vermont.

1819, Centre College was founded at Danville, Kentucky.

1819, Colgate University was founded, as Madison College, at Hamilton, New York State.

1819, The University of Virginia was established at Charlotteville,see 27 March 1825.

1819, The Western University of Pennsylvania was founded, at Allegheny.

1818, St Louis University was founded in St Louois, Missouri.

1817, The University of Michigan was founded at Ann Arbor. See 1870.

1817, Harvard Law School was founded at Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1815, Allegheny College was founded at Meadville, Penssylvania.

1809, Miami University began as a college at Oxford, Ohio, on the Miami River.

1 June 1808. The first students were admitted to Ohio University; its charter had been approved on 18 February 1804.

1807, The University of Maryland at Baltimore was founded.

11 January 1807, Ezra Cornell, founder of Cornell University, New York, was born.

15 November 1806, The first issue of the Yale University Literary Cabinet, the first college magazine in the USA, was published.

1804, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, received its Charter.

16 March 1802, The United States Military Academy at West Point, New York State, was founded.

1801, The University of South Carolina was founded.

1 November 1800, Middlebury College was founded in Middlebury,Vermont.

3 April 1798, The University of Louisville was founded in Louisville, Kentucky

27 August 1796, Sophia Smith, US philanthropist and founder of Smith College, was born in Hatfield, Massachusetts.

1795, Union University was founded at Schenectady, New York State.

1795, The University of North Carolina was founded. This was the first State University in the USA.

1794, The University of Tennessee was founded as a college in Knoxville.

1794, Bowdoin College, Maine, was established.

31 August 1792, Wilbur Fisk, 1st president of the Wesleyan University, Connecticut, USA, from its founding in 1831, was born (died 22 February 1839).

1791, The University of Vermont was founded at Burlington.

1789, Georgetown University began as a Roman Catholic college founded by John Carroll, first Archbishop of Baltimore.

1787, Pittsburgh University began as a college founded at Fort Pitt.

1785, The University of Georgia opened at Athens.

1783, Yale University enrolled 270 students this year, exceeding any other US university.

1780, Transylvania University was founded in Kentucky, the first university in that State. Its name was inspired by the heavily-wooded region it is situated in.

1772, Salem College was founded at Salem, North Carolina.

1769, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, was established.

1766, State University, New Jersey, was founded as Queen�s College.

1764, Brown University, Rhode Island, was established.

1754, Kings College, New York City, was founded. Originally Kings College, it became Columbia College in 1784, and Columbia University in 1896.

1749, Pennsylvania University was established.

1749, Washington and Lee University, Virginia, was established.

1746, Princeton University, New Jersey, was founded, as the College of New Jersey, in Elizabethtown, new Jersey. It moved to Newark, New Jersey and then in 1754 to its present site at Princeton. It later became Princeton University, in 1896.

1743, The University of Delaware was founded.

9 October 1701. Yale College in the USA received its Charter. It was founded, as the Collegiate School of America, becoming Yale College in 1718. In 1733 Yale became the first US college to teach Geometry, using Euclid�s Elements as a textbook.

1693, The College of William and Mary, Virginia,was established.


Harvard University

1 June 1769, Edward Holyoke, President of Harvard University, died.

26 June 1689, Edward Holyoke, President of Harvard University, was born.

19 February 1672, Charles Chauncy, President of Harvard College, died (born 11/1592).

28 October 1638, John Harvard left a bequest of 400 books and �700 to what is now Harvard University.

28 October 1636, Harvard University, the oldest in the USA, was founded at Cambridge, Massachusetts by Puritan emigrants from Britain. The General Council of Massachusetts set up a college with the comparatively modest sum of �400. However on 28 October 1638 Mr John Harvard, assistant pastor of the First Church of Charleston, who died aged 31, left the College a bequest of �780 and 400 books. The aim was establish an educational institution equal to Oxford or Cambridge in England.

26 November 1607. John Harvard, founder of Harvard University, was born in London.


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