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If I had asked customers what they wanted, they would have said faster horsesHenry Ford


17/3/2010, LTI, the last motor manufacturing plant in Coventry since 2008, announced that it would be shifting production of its taxi cab body and chassis to China, but still shipping them to Coventry for the final assembly.

7/4/2005, MG Rover, the UK�s last volume car maker, went into receivership after a planned alliance with Chinese car manufacturer Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation fell through.

20/12/1977, UK motor executive Sir Reginald Rootes died in London, aged 81.

17/8/1968, Clessie Cummins, founder of Cummins Engines Company, died in California.

24/8/1967, Car company executive henry J Kaiser died this day aged 85.

8/10/1961, John D Hertz, founder of Hertz Rent-A-Car System, died in Los Angeles.

30/4/1948. First Land Rover exhibited at the Amsterdam Motor Show.

24/3/1948, The last Lincoln Continental Mark 1 car was manufactured.

23/11/1940, The Willys-Overland company launched its new General Purpose vehicle, known as a jeep (GP), for the US army.

29/12/1929, William Maybach, German car designer, died aged 83.

15/6/1909, The first motorised hearse was introduced by Crane and Breed in Cincinatti, Ohio, USA

13/1/1906, The first AMCMA (American Motor Car Manufacturer�s Association) exhibition was held in New York City, USA.

21/1/1901, The first Paris Motor Show was held.

9/2/1846, Wilhelm Maybach, car engineer, was born.


Alpha Romeo

1985, Fiat bought the Alpha Romeo company.

1919, First Alpha Romeo sports car produced.

24/6/1910, Alfa Romeo became an independent company this day. Italian car designer Guiseppe Merosi was hired by the French company Darraq to design cars for the Italian market but Merosi�s success in Italy ;led him to break away as Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (ALFA) this day. The company became ALFA Romeo after Nicola Romeo bought the company in 1918.


American Motors Corporation

14/1/1954, The American Motors Corporation was formed by a merger between the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and the Hudson Motor Car Company.



12/10/1868, August Horch, founder of the Audi car company, was born in Winningen, Rhenish Prussia. Having worked for Karl Benz from 1896, he then founded A Horch and Co in 1899. He then left his own company in after a legal dispute with investors but was unable to use the Horch name on another company. His son suggested Audi, which means �to listen�, the same as �horch� in German.



1952, The British Motor Corporation was formed by a merger of Austin and Morris. It was itself taken over by British Leyland in 1968.

24/11/1951, British motor manufacturers Austin and Morris announced a merger.

23/5/1941, Herbert Austin, British motor mechanic and manufacturer of the Austin car, died near Bromsgrove.

1905, The Austin Car Company was founded by Herbert Austin, at Longbridge, near Birmingham, UK.

8/11/1866. The Birmingham car manufacturer Herbert Austin was born in Little Missenden.



9/1/1909, The Badger 4-Wheel Drive Auto Company was founded.



13/8/1971, Walter Owen Bentley, founder of the Bentley car company, died aged 82.

14/12/1931, Rolls Royce acquired Bentley.

1931, Bentley went into receivership, having done badbly during the Depression. This year it was bought by Rolls Royce.



27/10/2006, BMW car designer Albrecht Graf Goertz, who designed the 503 and 507 models, died aged 92.

17/3/2005, BMW built its 3 millionth vehicle, at its Regensburg plant.

18/9/2004, BMW introduced the 1 Series, as a low cost entry model, whilst upscaling the 3 Series. By 2008 the 1 Series was accounting for 20% of BMW sales.

31/1/1994 German car manufacturer BMW announced the purchase of Rover from British Aerospace for US$ 800 million.

26/5/1962, Karl Friedrich Rapp, founder of BMW, died aged 80.

15/2/1935, BMW launchged the 326 model.

1917, The BMW company was founded.


Bridgestone Tyres

1/3/1931, The Bridgestone Tyre Company was founded in Japan.

9/4/1930, The first Bridgestone tyres were manufactured.


British Leyland

8/10/1980. British Leyland launched its successful Mini Metro.

1968, British Leyland was formed by Leyland Motors (commercial vehicle manufacturer, formed in 1898) absorbing Rover and the British Motor Corporation. This company was cresated by te Uk Labour Government as a �national champion�. However it inherited 48 separate plants, a large and unco-ordinated model range and an unwieldy management structure. It focussed on smaller cars but the UK market was shifting to larger executive cars, which Ford excelled in, such as the Escort and Cortina. |BL offered the Allegro and Marina, whoich were not market successes.

In 1975 the company was close to collapse and was bailed out by the Government; due to poor industrial relations it continued to lose money until privatised in the 1980s.


British Motor Corporation

26/8/1989, The Mini celebrated its 30th birthday. In 1959 just 20,000 were made; in 1970 the figure was 381,000, after the car had won several rallies and been adopted by public figures such as John Lennon, Peter Sellers, Twiggy and Marianne Faithfull.By 1992 5.3 million Minis had been sold.

17/9/1974, The British Motor Corporation unveiled the Vanden Plas 1500.

19/6/1969, The 2 millionth Mini was manufactured.

26/8/1959, Europe was facing fuel shortages due to Egypt�s nationalisation of the Suez Canal and the British Motor Corporation unveiled the Mark 1 Mini this day as a fuel economical car. Production of Minis continued until 2000, when some 5.3 million of them had been manufactured.

18/8/1959, The British Motor Corporation�s Mini car was launched. At �500 including Purchase Tax, it was short on luxuries, but affordable with a nippy engine and its small size made it was convenient for town driving. However BMC�s specialisation in smaller cars, with lower profits, meant funds for research and development were limited.

1952, The British Motor Corporation was formed by a merger of Austin and Morris. It was itself taken over by British Leyland in 1968.



15/1/1909, Gianroberto Bugatti, son of the car designer Ettore Bugatti, was born this day in Germany. This day also his father founded Automobiles E Bugatti. Aged 23, Gianroberto (Jean) designed several Bugatti models. He was killed in a car accident on 11/8/1939.

1908, The first Bugatti car was produced by Ettore Bugatti (1881-1947). However the first famlous Bugatti, Type 35, was not produced until 1924.

15/9/1881, Ettore Bugatti, car engineer, was born.



5/4/1940, Buick revealed the world�s first concept car, the Buick Y Job.

18/2/1940, In the USA, Buick unveiled its Town master car model.

5/3/1929, David Buick, founder of the Buick motor company, died.

27/7/1904, The first Buick made was sold to Dr Hilbert Hills, of Flint, Michigan.

19/5/1903, The Buick Motor Company was founded, as a division of Buick Auto Vim and Power Company. The Buick Model B went on sale in 1904. William C Durant became General Manager and used the profits to establish General Motors in 1908, which Buick later became part of.



7/2/1958, The 2 millionth Cadillac, a Sedan DeVille, was manufactured.

25/11/1949, Cadillac manufactured its one millionth car.

26/3/1932, Henry Leland, founder of Cadillac and Lincoln, died aged 89.

29/7/1909, General Motors purchased Cadillac for US$ 4.5 million.

17/10/1902, The first Cadillac car, made in Detroit, was sold in the USA.

21/8/1901. In Detroit, USA, the Cadillac motor company was founded.



26/10/1909, General Motors purchased Cartercar

6/4/1908, Byron Carter, founder of Cartercar, died aged 44 from injuries received when a vehicle�s starter crank kicked back and broke his jaw.



7/11/1969, The 250,000th Chevrolet Corvette was manufactured.

28/12/1953, Production of the Chevrolet Corvette moved from Flint, Michigan, to St Louis, Missouri.

30/6/1953, The first Chevrolet Corvette sports cars left the factory at Flint, Michigan, for commercial sale.

17/1/1953, The Chevrolet Corvette sports car was unveiled at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York. See 30/6/1958.

16/4/1946, Arthur Chevrolet, car designer, died.

6/6/1941, Louis Chevrolet, American car designer, died.

13/11/1934, The ten millionth Chevrolet was manufactured.

3/6/1925, The 100,000th Chevrolet was manufactured.

29/4/1915, Chevrolet introduced its Model 490, priced at US$ 490.

15/11/1911, The Chevrolet car company was founded in Detroit, USA,

25/12/1878, Louis Chevrolet, car manufacturer, was born in Switzerland.



3/6/2011, The US Treasury completed an agreement to sell the last of its holdings in Chrysler to Fiat.

9/3/1987, The Chrysler Motor Corporation announced its purchase of the ailing American Motors Corporation.

7/1/1980, In the US, the Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Act became law. It had been passed, reluctantly, by Congress to avert the hundreds of thousands of job losses that would have resulted if Chrysler had gone bust, along with supporting industries. By 1979 Chrysler was losing 6-8 million dollars a day. The rescue deal included US$ 1.5 billion in Federal Loan Guarantees, along with numerous concessions from other parties interested in Chrysler�s survival, including bankers, the unions and dealers. Chrysler avoided bankruptcy and slowly regained profitability.

1/11/1979, The struggling Chrysler Corporation received a US$ 1.5 billion bailout from the US Government.

1967, Chrysler took over the British car maker Rootes

29/5/1928. In the USA, the Chrysler and Dodge motor companies merged.

6/6/1925. Walter P Chrysler founded the Chrysler Motor Company in Detroit.

2/4/1875, Walt Chrysler, founder of Chrysler Corporation, was born.



3/7/1935. Death of the French engineer Andre Citroen.

1913, The French motor car company Citroen was founded as a gear cutting firm by motor engineer Andre Gustave Citroen (1878-1935). It began making low-price cars in 1919. It was taken over by Peugeot in 1974.

5/2/1878, Andre Citroen, French automobile engineer, was born.



1/4/1995, Saturday (+18,225) Daewoo began selling cars in the UK.



7/5/1998, Daimler-Benz and Chrysler merged.

19/6/1960, Jaguar took over the Daimler motor company.

27/6/1909, Daimler introduced their three-point Mercedes logo.

9/6/1903, In Germany, the Daimler Motor Company factory at Cannstadt was destroyed by fire.

20/4/1897, The first production car was delivered from Daimler, to a Mr Ernest Estcourt.

6/1/1896, The Daimler Motor Company was incorporated by Harry Lawson.

1890, Daimler Motoren Geselschaft was founded by Gottleib Daimler at Bad Cannstatt, Germany.

4/3/1887, The first Daimler cars appeared on the road.



1/6/1905, Emile Delahaye, founder of Delahaye Automobiles, died aged 62.



19/3/2005, Car engineer and executive John Z DeLorean died aged 80.


De Soto

1/9/1941, The 1942 De Soto car model was introduced, featuring Airfoil headlights that retracted when not in use.



12/1/1921, William Durant founded Durant Motors Inc, after being fired from General Motors.



16/1/1903, The first saloon car, the Duryea, appeared at the Stanley Motor Show.

3/9/1895, The Duryea Motor Wagon Company was incorporated.

15/12/1861, Edgar Charles Duryea, US car manufacturer, was born near Canton, Illinois (died 28/9/1938 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).



20/11/2011, Ferrari designer Sergio Scagletti died aged 91.

18/2/1898, Enzo Ferrari, racing car driver and manufacturer, was born.



3/6/2011, The US Treasury completed an agreement to sell the last of its holdings in Chrysler to Fiat.

19/3/1900, The Fiat factory in Turin, Italy, opened.

11/7/1899, FIAT was founded this day. 24 cars were produced in 1900, 135 in 1904, and 1,146 cars were made in 1906.

12/3/1866, Giovanni Agnelli, founded of the FIAT (Fabrica Italiano Automobili Torino) was born. He founded the FIAT company in 1899.


Firestone (tyres)

7/2/1938, Harvey Firestone, tyre manufacturer, died in Miami, Florida.

3/8/1900, Harvey Firestone set up the Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio.


Fisher Body

22/12/1910, The Fisher Closed Body Company was founded to manufacture enclosed automobiule cabs.

22/7/1908, Brothers Fred and Charles Fisher founded the car body company Fisher Body in Detroit, Michigan.Prior to this they had built horse drawn carriages. They supplied Cadillac.


Ford Motor Company

26/3/2008, Ford completed the sale of its Jaguar and Land Rover brands to Tata for US$ 2.3 billion. Tata was on a diversification drive and would not make any major changes. The 16,000 employees involved would not be affected.

26/7/2003, Ford produced its last car made in the UK

28/1/1999, The Ford car company announced it was buying the Volvo car company for US$ 6.45 billion.

11/10/1996, Ford Motor Company purchased the naming rights to Detroit, Michigan�s indoor American Football stadium, calling it Ford Field.

7/1/1993.Ford unveiled its new family car, the Mondeo.

1983, Ford was shifting its European car production from Dagenham UK to Cologne Germany. In 1973 88% of Ford car sales by value had been produced in the UK; by 1983 this figure was 22%.

12/3/1980, The Ford Motor Company was acquitted of three reckless-homicide charges, after a Ford Pinto was involved in an accident in which its petrol tank caught fire.

11/9/1970, Ford unveiled its ill-fated Pinto model.

16/3/1958, Ford built its 50 millionth car.

28/9/1953, Ford unveiled their new Anglia and Prefect car models.

3/7/1945, In the USA, Ford restarted the manufacture of cars, over a month before the war with Japan actually ended. Overall Ford manufactured 34,440 cars dur8ing 1945, which were very similar to the cars made until 1942. New car styles only appeared from around 1949.

21/6/1945, Ford announced the start of post-War car production in Britain.

26/5/1943, Edsel Ford, president of the Ford Motor Company from 1919, died.

1931, The Ford Dagenham plant opened.

15/4/1931, Ford closed its car manufacturing plant in Berlin.

31/5/1929, The Ford Motor Company signed an agreement with the USSR to produce cars there. The USSR wanted to create jobs in the automotive industry, and Henry Ford believed that he could undermine Communism by introducing capitalism there. The first Ford cars assembled in the USSR were only completed in 1932.

2/12/1927, Ford�s Model A car went on sale as the successor to the Model T.

26/5/1927, The 15 millionth Model T Ford was produced at the Ford Highland Park, Michigan, factory/ This marked the end of production for this model.

28/9/1926, Ford opened a sales office in Alexandria, Egypt.

14/6/1924, The 10 millionth Ford car was manufactured.

1921, Ford was now producing 1 million cars per year.

10/12/1915, The one millionth Ford Model T was produced in the River Rouge plant this day. Overall in 1915 Ford produced 308,162 vehicles, with the cheapest model selling for US$ 390. In 1916 production increased by a further 200,000 amnd the price was reduced by US$ 45. The second largest US car manufacturer, Willys-Overland, produced, in 1915, 91,780 cars, up from 18,200 in 1910.

1/12/1913, Henry Ford, instituted the automatic production line, at his car plant. He was inspired by the grain conveyors and the meat packing plants of Chicago. Workers stayed in one place whilst automobile parts and cars came to them on a conveyor belt; each worker did the same repetitive task all day. Now a car could be made every 24 seconds, and annual car production rose from 82,000 to 189,000; by 1923 2,000,000 Model T Fords were being produced each year. Unskilled workers could be employed. Problems with boredom and loss of worker autonomy caused absenteeism and high staff turnover, but Henry Ford raised wages to the high level of 5 US$ a day; this reduced annual staff turnover from 48% to 6.4%. In 1926 Ford introduced an 8-hour,5-day week, meaning workers had more leisure time to use their new Ford cars.

25/9/1913, Ford signed a contract to sell Model Ts in China. Ford opened a sales office in Shanghai in 1928, which remained open until the start of WW2.

1912, The Ford Motor Company, which accounted for over 22% of total US car sales, was producing 310,000 cars a year. The assembly line techniques introduced at the Ford Motor Factory in 1913 reduced the man-hours required to build a car from 12.5 hours to 1.5 hours.

23/10/1911, Ford Model T production began at Trafford Park, Manchester, England. By the early 1920s, 41% of all cars registered in Britain were Fords. Ford opened its Dagenham, England, plant in 1923, with deep water access.

1/10/1908, Ford opened a sales office in Paris, France.

12/8/1908, The Model T Ford began rolling off the production line. Priced at US$ 825 (about US$ 20,000 in 2017 prices), the cost was kept low by mass production using standardised parts. Instead of one man assembling an entire car, each worker preformed just one task as the car moved along a conveyor belt. By this production line method, the time to assemble a car was cut from 14 hours to 2. To motivate his workforce, Henry Ford raised wages from US$ 2.34 for a 9 hour day to US$ 5 for an 8 hour day. Productivity improvements meant Ford could reduce the car�s basic-model price to US$ 300. Over 15 million Model Ts were built and by the time production ceased in 1927 half the cars in the US were Fords.

23/7/1903, The Ford Motor Company sold its first car, costing US$850, it could reach 30 mph.

16/6/1903. The Ford Motor Company was founded.

30/11/1901, The Henry Ford Motor Company was founded. This soon failed, and two years later Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company (see 23/7/1903).



21/11/1919, The Fox Motor Company was founded.


General Motors

27/4/2009, General Motors discontinued the Pontiac brand, due to the economic downturn.

17/12/1998, General Motors completed a new car factory in Shanghai, China.

23/11/1954, General Motors produced its 50 millionth vehicle, a gold plated 1955 Chevrolet bel-Air.

19/1/1954, General Motors announced a major business expansion.

7/8/1935, The one millionth General Motors vehicle was manufactured.

29/1/1929, General Motors car company purchased Opel.

10/11/1927. General Motors announced the largest dividend in history, US$ 62million.

30/8/1926, General Motors New Zealand began operations, at Petone.

25/1/1925, General Motors Brazil was organised.

12/1/1924, General Motors began manufacturing vehicles in Copenhagen; the first time they had made vehicles outside the USA.

13/10/1916, General Motors Company became the General Motors Corporation

10/12/1912, Charles Nash was elected President of General Motors.

10/9/1910. William C Durant lost control of General Motors for the first time.

17/9/1909, Ed Cole, GM executive, was born this day. He developed the small-block V8 engine, and pioneered research into alternative fuels to petrol. He retired from the GM board in 1974.

16/9/1908. William C Durant founded General Motors this day as a holding company. Initially GM held only the Buick Motor Company, of which Durant was the owner. However GM soon acquired a number of other car manufacturers, including Cadillac, Cartercar, Oakland, Oldsmobile and Reliance Motor Truck Company. Oakland later became Pontiac. Durant tried to acquire Ford, the purchase price of US$ 8 million being approved by the GM Board, but Durant could not get financing for the purchase as GM already was already significantly in debt from other purchases. This led to Durant�s removal from the Board, however he later regained control as part of a deal to have GM purchase Chevrolet, a company he co-founded in 1911. GM in 2017 owned the Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Holden, Opel, Vauxhall and Wuling brands.


Goodyear (tyres)
28/8/1898, The Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company was founded.



10/4/1879, John Hertz was born as Sandor Hertz in what is now Slovakia. He founded Hertz vehicle rentals in 1923.



18/1/1907, Hispano-Suiza cars first went on sale in Britain.



26/11/1948, JA Holden & Co began in Australia in 1856 and became a leading saddlery company; by 1906 the founder�s grandson added car upholstery repair services. After World War Two, Holden executives agreed with Chevrolet to build a Chevrolet-based car in Australia. This day the Holden 48-215, the first mass-produced Australian car, began rolling off the assembly line.



26/4/1983, Honda opened a new car factory in Ohio, USA.

24/9/1948, The Honda Motor Company was founded in Tokyo, Japan. Its sales in the USA began in 1972, when the energy crisis forced US consumers to look at smaller more economical cars.



14/1/1954, The American Motors Corporation was formed by a merger between the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and the Hudson Motor Car Company.

20/2/1909, The Hudson Motor Company was founded. Its first factory was in Detroit, Michigan.



29/12/1967, Hyundai Motor Company was founded in South Korea.



6/8/1907, The Imperial Motor Company was founded in Jackson, Michigan.



19/7/1902, The Jackson Automobile Company was founded, run by Byron J Carter.



17/9/2004, Jaguar moved production from Coventry to the former Spitfire factory at Castle Bromwich.

1989, Ford bought the Jaguar company for UK� 1.6 billion.

1984, Jaguar (UK) was privatised.



28/9/1949, Jowett Cars introduced their first and only sports car, the Jupiter, designed by Austrian engineer Dr Robert Eberan von Eberhorst. 900 Jupiters were produced before manufacture ceased in 1954, and they achieved great success in motor racing.



21/12/1931, The Kissel Car Company went into liquidation.



23/4/1987, Lamborghini was purchased by Chrysler for US$ 25.2 million. In 1998 Volksawgen had acquired Lamborghini.

28/4/1916, Ferrucio Lamborghini, car maker, was born.



29/11/1906, The car company Lancia was founded by a group of Fiat racing car drivers.


Mack Trucks

13/2/1953, William C Mack, co-founder of Mack trucks, died.



13/3/1947, Maserati unveiled its first production car, the A6 1500.



14/7/1915, Chevrolet purchased the Mason Motor Company.

31/7/1911, The Mason Motor Company was founded in Flint, Michigan, USA.



30/1/1920, The Toyo Cork Kogyo company was founded by Jujiro Matsuda in Hiroshima, Japan. After rescue from bankruptcy by the Hiroshima Savings Bank in the later 1920s the company revised its product range and began selling 3-wheel vehicles in 1931. The Mazda name was not officially adopted until 1984.



2/6/1970, Bruce McLaren, car designer, died.



13/6/1996, Mercedes car designer Friedrich Geiger died this day aged 88.

1926, The Mercedes-Benz company was formed through a merger of the Daimler and Benz car manufacturers.

21/1/1918, Emil Jellinek, founder of the Mercedes car company, died.

1901, The first Mercedes car was produced.



7/7/1958, Joseph Merkel, designer of Merkel cars, died.



16/5/1956, MG produced its 100,000th car, an MGA 1500.

1/5/1924, MG registered its octagon logo as a trademark.

12/4/1988, Cecil Kimber, co-founder of MG Morris Motors was founded.


Michelin (tyres)

4/4/1941, Andre Michelin, French industrialist who built the first factories that mass-produced tyres, died in Paris.

16/1/1853, Andre Michelin, founder of Michelin Tyres, was born born in Paris, France.



22/4/1870, The Mitsibushi Group was founded this day by Yataro Iwasaki, as a shipping group. Its forst car, the Mitsibushi Model A, was manufactured in 1917.



22/8/1963, Lord Nuffield, founder of Morris Motors, died, aged 84.

3/1/1961. The millionth Morris Minor car came off the assembly lines in Britain.

1952, The British Motor Corporation was formed by a merger of Austin and Morris. It was itself taken over by British Leyland in 1968.

24/11/1951, British motor manufacturers Austin and Morris announced a merger.

12/10/1948. First Morris Minor came off the production line at Cowley, Oxfordshire.The car was designed by Alex Issigonis.

1/8/1928, The Morris Minor car was launched.

28/3/1913. The first Morris Oxford car left the factory at Cowley, near Oxford.



29/7/1916, The Nash Motor Company was founded, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.



1/5/1917, The first Nelson Motor Car Company car was manufactured in Detroit.



19/2/2015, Nissan�s first President and car designer Yutaka Kataytama died.

8/9/1986, Japanese car maker Nissan opened a factory in Sunderland, UK

8/10/1958, Ray Lemke opened the first Nissan (Datsun) dealership in the USA.

9/1/1958, Japanese cars first appeared in the USA, with Nissan (as Datsun) also Toyota, appearing at the Los Angeles Imported Car Show (although US servicemen had brought a few of these models back earlier on). Toyota soon found that its sedans were too underpowered for the US market. See 8/10/1958.

26/12/1933, The Nissan car company was founded in Japan.



16/4/1908, The first Oakland car was sold.


Ohio, see Packard



29/4/2004, After 107 years General Motors discontinued the Oldsmobile brand. 35 million Olds cars had been produced. However sales fell off in the 1990s.

27//7/1950, The 5 millionth Oldsmobile was manufactured.

12/11/1908, General Motors purchased Oldsmobile.

9/3/1901, The Olds car factory in Lansing, Michigan, burnt down.

1897, The Olds Motor Works was founded by Ransom E Olds.



8/4/1971, Fritz von Opel, grandson of Opel car founder Adam Opel, died aged 72.

29/1/1929, General Motors car company purchased Opel.

8/9/1895, Adam Opel, founder of Opel Automobiles, died aged 58.

21/1/1862, The Opel company was founded by Adam Opel, originally as a sewing machine ,maker based in a cowshedin Russelheim, Hessen. Germany. In 1899 the company started building cars.



23/4/1947, Packard manufactured its 1 millionth car.

20/3/1928, James Packard, founder of the Packard car company, died.

2/10/1908, The Ohio Automobile Company was renamed the Packard Motor Car Company.

22/9/1903, The Packard car factory opened.

6/11/1899, James Packard proeduced his first car in Warren Ohio USA. This was the origin of the Packard Motor Company.



2/1/1915, Armand Peugeot, founder of Peugeot, died aged 65.

6/9/1891, Peugeot began marketing cars for public purchase.

1885, The Peugeot company was founded, originally making bicycles, by Armand Peugeot (1849-1915). Peugeot made its first steam car in 1889; in 1890 it produced its first petrol-driven car, using a Daimler engine. The company bought the Citroen company in 1974, and bought out the European operations of US firm Chrysler in 1978.


Pirelli (tyres)

19/10/1971, Alberto Pirelli, founder of Pirelli Tyres, died aged 89.



13/4/1965, The 10 millionth Pontiac vehicle, a 1965 Catalina, was manufactured.

1909, Pontiac was founded, in Pontiac, Michigan.



27/3/1998, Ferry Porsche, car manufacturer, died.

15/3/1954, Porsche built its 5,000th car.

28/8/1951, The 1,000th Porsche was manufactured.

30/1/1951. German motorcar engineer Ferdinand Porsche died, aged 75.

8/6/1948, Porsche revealed the 356 prototype, the first car badged as a Porsche. Porsche sports cars were developed by Ferry Porsche, son of Ferdinand Porsche.

3/9/1875, Ferdinand Porsche, motor car engineer, was born.



9/7/1985, In Malaysia, the Proton car company launched the Proton Saga car.



2/12/1993. A planned merger between Renault of France and Volvo of Sweden fell through.

6/7/1961, The final Renault 4CV, the first French car to reach one million units , was manufactured.

12/8/1947, The Renault 4CV went into production.

1898, The Renault car company was founded. It was nationalised in 1944.


Rolls Royce

12/1/2004, Rolls Royce built its 500th Phantom car.

2002, Rolls Royce was acquired by BMW, splitting it from Bentley after a union of 71 years.

30/8/2002, The last Rolls Royce was built at their factory in Crewe, Cheshire, UK.

1998, Rolls Royce and Bentley were put up for sale by their owner, Vickers Plc.

2/8/1985, Rolls Royce manufactured its 100,000th car, a royal blue Silver Spur saloon.

22/6/1980, Rolls Royce Motors and Vickers Sons & Company announced plans for a merger.

4/2/1971, Rolls Royce declared bankruptcy in the UK.

22/4/1933, Sir Frederick Henry Royce, English car manufacturer of Rolls Royce cars, died.

14/12/1931, Rolls Royce acquired Bently, which had done badly dutring the Depression. The two brands continued, with Rolls Royce focussing on luxury whilst Bentley went for power and performance.

28/2/1921, Rolls Royce built its first car in the USA.

4/2/1911, Rolls Royce adopted the Sprit of Ecstasy statuette on their cars, made in Derby, England.

9/7/1908, Rolls Royce opened its factory in Derby, England.

13/4/1907, The Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, referred to as 40/50, was unveiled.

20/11/1906. Charles Rolls and Henry Royce formed the car company Rolls Royce Ltd. The Silver Ghost Rolls Royce was first produced, setting a standard in luxury cars.

4/5/1904. Charles Rolls and Henry Royce agreed to join forces in the motor trade. Charles Rolls had set a new land speed record of 93 mph in Phoenix Park in Dublin in 1904, and now agreed to sell cars produced by Royce. Rolls had won the Thousand-Mile Trial of 1900, which had popularised motoring in Britain. Henry Royce was an electrical engineer from Manchester who produced his first car on 1/4/1904, a ten horsepower model praised for its excellent running.

27/8/1877, Charles Stewart Rolls, partner of Rolls Royce, was born in London.

27/3/1863. Sir Frederick Henry Royce, co-founder of the Rolls Royce Motor Company, was born in Alwalton, near Peterborough, the son of a miller.



3/9/2012, Hong-Kong based National Electric Vehicle Sweden bought bankrupt Saab, in order to sell electric vehicles under this brand name.



9/5/1950. Spanish car company SEAT (Sociedad Espanola de Automoviles de Turismo) was founded, to make affordable cars for the Spanish mass market.



8/4/2004, The one ,millionth Skoda Fabia was manufactured.

1895, The Czech car company Skoda was founded, originally as a bicycle manufacturer.


Standard Motor Company

2/3/1903, The Standard Motor Company of Britain was registered.



12/2/1902, The first Studebaker automobile was sold.



7/7/1953, The car company Subaru was established by Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) Ltd. The 6 stars in the Subaru logo represent the 6 companies that merged to form FHI. The stars are arranged in the shape of the Pleiades constellation, known as Subaru in Japan.



23/3/2009, Tata Motors launched its US$ 2,000 Nano car in Mumbai.

26/3/2008, Ford completed the sale of its Jaguar and Land Rover brands to Tata for US$ 2.3 billion. Tata was on a diversification drive and would not make any major changes. The 16,000 employees involved would not be affected.



12/10/1993, The 1 millionth Toyota Camry was manufactured.

31/10/1957, Toyota began exporting vehicles to the USA, beginning with the Toyota Crown and the Toyota Land Cruiser.

14/2/1867, Sakichi Toyoda, founder of the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, was born.In 1933 the company established a car division that became the Toyota Motor Corporation in 1937.



27/3/1907, Vauxhall Motors Ltd was registered in Great Britain.

1903, The Vauxhall Car Company was established in Vauxhall, south London. In 1905 it moved to Luton, Bedfordshire. In 1925 the company was bought by General Motors, USA.



1946, Vespa motorcycle scooters went on sale in Italy.



31/7/2003, The last old-style Volkswagen Beetle was manufactured in Puebla, Mexico. The model originated from the 1930s.

10/4/1978, Volkswagen began manufacturing cars in the USA, in Pennsylvania.

17/2/1972, The German Volkswagen Beetle outsold the US Ford Model T, with over 15 million cars sold.

15/9/1965, The 10 millionth Volkswagen Beetle was manufactured.

6/9/1949, Volkswagen returned to German Government ownership. The plant at Wolfsburg had been destroyed during the War, and came under British occupation in 1945. Within a few months the factory was making cars again.. During the second half of 1945 1,785 Type I cars were built, almost all of which were for the use of the Allied occupation forces.

26/5/1938, The first Volkswagen came off the assembly line at the factory at Wolfsburg, Germany.

26/2/1936 The Volkswagen car factory in Saxony was opened by Adolf Hitler. The Volkswagen or �people�s car� was designed by Ferdinand Porsche of Auto Union.

8/3/1934. The new Volkswagen was unveiled at the Motor Show in Germany, priced at �61.



5/7/2017, Volvo announced that it would stop making petrol and diesel only cars within two years, thereafter only manufacturing only electric or hybrid cars, There were rising concerns over vehicle pollution, exacerbated by the Volkswagen emissions scandal, and the Mayor of London, Siddiq Khan, predicted that within eight years, all diesel and petrol cars could face a �24 charge to enter London.

28/1/1999, The Ford car company announced it was buying the Volvo car company for US$ 6.45 billion.

2/12/1993. A planned merger between Renault of France and Volvo of Sweden fell through.

28/5/1965, Co-founder of Volvo, Assar Gabrielsson, died aged 70.

14/4/1927, The first Volvo car was manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden



23/12/1915, The White Motor Company was incorporated.


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