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Purchase Item 1) Community and Communication.  A compendium of essential socio-demographic and economic indicators for the world, by territory. Covers all sovereign States, also separate entries for the States of Australia, Canada and the US; 293 territories in all.

Full product description, sample pages (Finland and Kentucky), and bibliography here.

Availability; Community and Communications is sold as 6 world regions or as a complete global set.

The six regions are, 1) North America, 2) South and Central America, 3) Europe, 4) North Africa, Middle East and former USSR, 5) Sub-Saharan Afirca, 6) South and east Asia, Oceania.

Click here for map of which countries are included in each region.

Any queries on this product please email Dr Hillary J Shaw, hillshaw@aol.com


Price, £2.99 per region, or £9.99 for entire world. Pay here by Paypal,

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Item 2) product currently under construction

Maps of historical/geographical changes in the UK.

These maps show

canal development dates of opening and closure

coastal changes areas of erosion, deposition, land loss and gain

industrial features former collieries, other industries with current or former rail links

railway development dates of railway and station opening and closure, selected projected railways

roads new trunk roads and by-passes since 1900

urbanised areas, as at 1900, 1925, 1950, 1975, 2000, and more recent; also earlier dates for largest conurbations

All maps contain 1 kilometre grid squares for location purposes.

Click here for key to maps.

Click here for index map showing areas currently mapped and available for purchase.

Selected bibliography

Google Maps, https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.8382004,-2.3278149,6z

Jowett’s Railway Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland, 1989, A Jowett, Guild Publishing, Leicestershire, UK

National Road Atlas of Great Britain, ca. 1950 (undated), A Thomas & Co, Preston, Lancashire, UK

Ordnance Survey Atlas of England and Wales, 1922, Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, UK

Ordnance Survey Landranger 1:50,000 series, various dates 2000-now, Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, UK

(The) Railways of Great Britain: A Historical Atlas, 2003, Colonel M H Cobb, Ian Allan Publishing, Surrey, UK

Railway Magazine, various dates

(The) Royal Atlas of England and Wales, ca.1895 (undated), ed J G Bartholomew, pub. George Newnes Ltd, London, UK


Historical changes map – Free sample here for north Lincolnshire (Goole – Scunthorpe – Grimsby)



Paypal Link, https://www.paypal.me/HillaryShaw