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This map is in choropleth values � per square foot. An average family home will be at least 1,000 square feet. So a value of 300 �/square foot implies a house will cost �300,000. That will likely require an annual income of �60,000 to buy (varies with prevailing interest rates).

So divide �/square foot values by ca. 5 and that is the annual salary in �1,000s you will need to buy there

The full-size map with all postcode areas labelled can be purchased for �5.99 � please see main Bookshop page for ordering and payment (PayPal) details.

� per square foot, detached houses, February 2020; source, Zoopla, e.g.


1)a) For a few inner city postcodes, there are insufficient detached houses and no data is available from Zoopla.

1)b) For a few smaller Scottish rural/island postcodes, there have been insufficient house sales and no data is available from Zoopla.

2) All prices were obtained from the Zoopla website during February 2020. Over a month these prices may fluctuate up or down by a few %, depending on actual house sales achieved. however they tend to move in unison and relative price differentials between postcodes are more consistent. Also the use of price per square foot tends to even out the effects of a few very expensive or very cheap house sales distorting the recent figures.

3) Zoopla has no data for the Isle of Man.

4) For clarity of mapping, some postcode boundaries in very densely populated areas have been distorted slightly to permit clearer postcode labelling.

See also Prices and Commodities, and table of UK prices over time.

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