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29/4/1951, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Austrian philosopher, died aged 62.

30/3/1925, Rudolf Steiner, Austrian educator who founded the Anthroposophical Society, died aged 64.

25/8/1900. German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, died after 12 years of insanity, caused by syphilis, in the town of Weimar. Some of his books sold fewer than 10 copies during his lifetime, but in subsequent decades his fame grew posthumously.

18/5/1872. Bertrand Russell, philosopher, mathematician, nuclear disarmer, and Nobel Prize winner for literature, was born at Ravenscroft, near Trelleck, Monmouthshire, Wales.

5/9/1857, Auguste Comte, French philosopher and sociologist, founder of Positivism, died.

15/10/1844, Friedrich Wilhelm Neitzsche, German philosopher, was born.

14/11/1831, Georg Hegel, philosopher, died (born 27/8/1770)

12/2/1804, Immanuel Kant, German philosopher, died in Konigsberg.

4/2/1802, Mark Hopkins, US philosopher, was born in Stocknbridge, Massachusetts.

19/1/1798, Auguste Comte, French philosopher and founder of modern sociology, was born in Montpellier.

30/5/1778. The writer and philosopher Voltaire died aged 84. His real name was Francois Marie Arouet.

2/7/1778. Jean Jacques Rousseau, the French political philosopher born in Geneva on 28/6/1712, died insane in Ermenonville.

27/8/1770, Georg Hegel, philosopher, was born (died 14/11/1831)

15/2/1748, Jeremy Bentham was born. He developed the philosophical doctrine of Utilitarianism.

22/4/1724, Immanuel Kant, German philosopher, was born in Konigsberg, East Prussia, the son of a saddler.

28/6/1712, Jean Jacques Rousseau, French writer and philosopher, was born in Geneva.

21/11/1694, Voltaire, French philosopher and writer, was born in Paris as Jean Francois-Marie Arouet. (died 1778). 19/8/1662, Blaise Pascal, French philosopher and mathematician, inventor of the first digital calculator, died in Paris.

11/2/1650. Death of Rene Descartes (born 31/3/1596), founder of French philosophy.

29/8/1632, John Locke, philosopher, was born.

31/3/1596, Rene Descartes, French philosopher, was born.

5/4/1588, Thomas Hobbes, philosopher, was born.

12/7/1536, Desiderus Erasmus, Renaissance philosopher, died.

271 BCE, Epicurus (born 340 BCE) died.

322.BCE. Death of Aristotle, born 384 BC, after a stomach illness.

335 BCE, Aristotle returned to Athens and founded the Peripatetic school of philosophy.

336 BCE, Zeno of Citium, founder of the Stoics, was born.

349 BCE Plato died.

380 BCE, Plato wrote The Republic.

384 BCE, Aristotle was born.

15/2/399 BCE, Socrates (born 469 BCE) was sentenced to death for impiety and corruption of youths. He was give the option of fleeing into exile but chose to drink hemlock instead and die.

More on Greek history here.

407 399 BCE, Plato was the pupil of Socrates.

428 BCE, Plato was born.

582 or 580 BCE, Pythagoras was born.


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