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30/9/2005, A Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, published controversial cartoons of the prophet Mohammed.

1992, In Britain the Weekly Journal, a publication amed at Black professionals, was launched. It had a circulation of 25,000 in 1998.

8/4/1992, Punch magazine published its last issue. However it was resurrected in 1996.

25/3/1992, United Newspapers announced the closure of Punch magazine, after 150 years of publication.

1990, In Britain, the Independent on Sunday and The European newspapers were launched.

13/12/1990, The Northern Echo newspaper, Darlington, UK, became the first paper to appear on CD-ROM.

5/10/1990, After 150 years, The Herald newspaper in Australia ceased publication in Melbourne, Australia.

1/11/1988, Batman’s faithful sidekick, Robin, was killed off by The Joker after a reader’s poll of DC Comics voted he should go.

6/10/1986, In Britain a new newspaper, The Independent, began publication.

4/3/1986, The first issue of the newspaper ‘Today’ appeared; it was published by Eddie Shah.

1983, The Asian Times was established in the UK for the Asian Community, In 1998 it had a circulation of just over 30,000.

1982, The Mail on Sunday began publication.

1981, The Caribbean Times, a weekly newspaper, was established. By 1998 it had a circulation of 24,500.

12/2/1981, Rupert Murdoch bought The Times.

1980, The London Evening News closed. The Evening Standard became The Standard.

1979, The subversive magazine Viz began publication.

13/11/1979, The Times reappeared after a year’s absence.

30/11/1978, The Times stopped publication because of an industrial dispute. Industrial relations problems continued at The Times until 13/11/1979.

1/11/1978, The British newspaper The Daily Star went on sale in the north and midlands.  It was owned by Express newspapers.

11/5/1971. The British newspaper, The Daily Sketch, appeared for the last time. It was merged with the Daily Mail, which had changed from broadsheet to tabloid format.

11/1/1968. A new magazine, Student, hit Britain’s newsstands. Its publisher, Richard Branson, hoped the new magazine would become the voice of Britain’s youth.

2/5/1966, The Times carried news headlines on its front  page instead of advertising for the first time.

15/9/1964, The Sun was first published.

14/9/1964. The British daily newspaper, The Herald, closed and was replaced by The Sun.

9/6/1964. British newspaper tycoon Lord Beaverbrook died, aged 85.

8/7/1963, The Fred Bassett cartoon first appeared in The Daily Mail.

4/2/1962. The Sunday Times became the first paper to issue a colour supplement. The idea was expected to fail.

25/10/1961. The satirical magazine Private Eye was published for the first time.

5/2/1961. The Sunday Telegraph began publishing.

17/10/1960, The British daily newspaper News Chronicle ceased publication and was incorporated into the Daily Mail.

5/8/1957, The Andy Capp cartoon first appeared in The Mirror newspaper.

21/7/1953, The first meeting of the Press Council, in London.

14/8/1951, Randolph Hearst, US newspaper magnate, died in California.

12/3/1951, Dennis The Menace first appeared in the USA. He first appeared in the UK in The Beano on 17/3/1951.

1950, Peak daily newspaper sales in the UK of 17 million copies, with total UK population of around 50 million.

16/3/1950, The Gambols cartoon first appeared in The Daily Express.

1947, In Germany, Der Speigel began publication.

29/7/1938. The first edition of The Beano comic was published.

18/4/1938, The Superman hero first appeared in print in the US.

4/12/1937, The Dandy was first published, featuring Desperate Dan.

1937, Daily newspaper sales in the UK stood at 10 million (UK population then around 48 million).

23/11/1936, The first edition of Life magazine appeared.

28/6/1935. The first Rupert Bear cartoon appeared in The Daily Express. It was drawn by Albert Bestall, who had taken over from Rupert’s creator Mary Tourtel.

10/3/1935, The Bill Holman comic strip Smokey Stover ran for the first time in the Chicago Tribune.

7/1/1934, The comic book hero Flash Gordon made his debut in the USA.

11/3/1931. Birth of Australian media magnate Rupert Murdoch.

21/2/1931 The New Statesman began publishing.

1/2/1930. The Times published its first crossword.

10/1/1929, Tin Tin first appeared in Le Vingtieme Siecle, Belgium.

1925, The New Yorker was first published, founded by Harold Ross.

10/7/1925, The TASS news agency was founded in Russia.

10/6/1923. Robert Maxwell, newspaper owner, was born in Solotvino, eastern Czechoslovakia, as Ludvick Hoch.

14/8/1922, Lord Alfred Harmsworth, British newspaper publisher who launched the London Evening News, Daily Mirror, and The Times, died.

8/11/1920, Rupert Bear first appeared in the Daily Express.

29/12/1918, In Britain the Sunday Express newspaper was first published.

1913, In Britain the New Statesman began publication.

16/4/1912, The Daily Herald began publication in London.

29/10/1911. Joseph Pulitzer, US newspaper publisher who instituted an annual journalism prize, died.

1910, The Times Educational Supplement began publication.

1909, In Britain the Daily Sketch started publication; it was a tabloid retailing at  ½ d.

7/2/1908, In Britain the Liberal newspaper Tribune ceased publication.

2/11/1904. The British newspaper The Mirror was founded by Alfred Harmsworth. Originally sold as a woman’s paper for 1d, it was subsequently relaunched in 1915 as the Daily Illustrated Mirror and retailed at ½ d.

22/2/1903, The world’s first ships newspaper was published, on the liner Etruria.

18/1/1903, Henri Blowitz, journalist, died (born in Bohemia 28/12/1825).

17/1/1902, The first issue of The Times Literary Supplement was published.

24/4/1900. 1st edition of the Daily Express printed in London. The newspaper was founded by C Arthur Pearson.

25/2/1899, Paul Julius Reuter, German founder of Reuters news agency, died.

3/4/1898, Henry Luce, US publisher who founded Time, Life, and Fortune magazines, was born.

17/10/1897, Charles Dana, US journalist, died (born 8/8/1819).

4/5/1896. The Daily Mail was first published, founded by Lord Northcliffe. Priced at ½ d (21p in 2012 prices) it was

the first mass-circulation newspaper in Britain.

19/11/1893, The first newspaper colour supplement was produced; a 4-page section of the New York World.

1891, The Irish Times was established, based in Belfast. It had a circulation of over 48,000 in 1998.

6/7/1886. Box numbers were used in advertisements for the first time, by the Daily Telegraph.

1888, In London, the Financial Times was founded; a rival to the Financial News.  The two papers later amalgamated.

22/2/1886, The Times became the first newspaper to have a ‘personal’ column on its classified page.

1884, The first newspaper in London devoted entirely to financial ands commercial affairs, the Financial and Mining News, appeared. It was later renamed the Financial News.

27/7/1883, Francis Blair, US journalist, died in Silver Spring, Maryland (born in Abingdon, Virginia 12/4/1791).

25/10/1881, The Evening Illustrated Newspaper began publishing in Britain; it was the first regularly illustrated newspaper. Later renamed the Evening News, it ceased publication in 1980.

16/10/1881, The British newspaper, The People, began publication.

31/1/1880, Bernard Cassagnac, French journalist, died (born 11/8/1806).

22/11/1879, John Delane, editor of The Times, London, died (born 11/10/1817).

27/10/1879, The Liverpool Echo printed its first copy.

25/5/1879, The newspaper tycoon Lord Beaverbrook was born in Maple, Ontario, Canada as William Maxwell Aitken.

18/1/1879. The first issue of Boys Own was published by O S Beaton, husband of the famous cook book writer. Published until 1967, the journal was backed by the Religious Tract Society.

16/1/1878, Samuel Bowles, journalist, died in Springfield (born in Springfield, Massachusetts 9/2/1826).

1/6/1872, James Bennett, US journalist, died in New York.

2/2/1870. The press agencies Reuters, Havas, and Wolff signed an agreement whereby they could cover the world’s news between them.

1868, The Western Daily Mail, a newspaper serving Wales, was established in Cardiff. In 1989 the Wales on Sunday newspaper was founded. In 1997 these papers had a circulation of 60,000 and 57,000 respectively.

10/7/1867, Finley Dunne, US journalist, was born.

7/2/1865, The first issue of the Pall Mall Gazette.

9/8/1861, Louis Cauchois-Lemaire, French journalist, died (born 28/8/1789)

5/6/1859, Gamaliel Bailey, US journalist, died (born in New Jersey 3/12/1807).

30/6/1855, In Britain, the Newspaper Stamp Duty was abolished.

29/6/1855, The Daily Telegraph was first published, in London.  The first editor was Alfred Bate Richards.

24/9/1853. Britain’s first provincial newspaper, the Northern Daily Times, was founded in Liverpool.

4/8/1853, Newspaper advertisements duty was abolished in Britain.

1851, Reuters News Agency was founded.

10/4/1847, Joseph Pulitzer, newspaper proprietor who founded the Pulitzer Prize for achievements in journalism or literature, was born.

21/1/1846, The Daily News, the newspaper edited by Charles Dickens, was first published in London.

1/10/1843, The Sunday newspaper, News of the World, was first published.

14/5/1842, The Illustrated London News was first published.

17/7/1841, The first issue of the satirical magazine Punch was published in London.

7/5/1841, Thomas Barnes, English journalist, died.

1836, In Britain, Stamp Duty on newspapers was reduced from 4d to 1d (from £1.30 to 32p in 2012 prices), making them more accessible to less well off people.

1/9/1833, The New York Sun newspaper was launched. It was cheaply priced at 1 cent, and was full of human interest stories, aimed for a mass market. Editors of more serious papers were sceptical about its survival. On 25/8/1835 this newspaper claimed that vegetation grew on the moon, and had widespread sales.

1827, The Evening Standard began publishing.

8/11/1827, The first English language newspaper in the Far East, the Canton Register began publication in Guangzhou.

9/2/1826, Samuel Bowles, journalist, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts (died in Springfield 16/1/1878).

28/12/1825, Henri Blowitz, journalist, was born in Bohemia (died 18/1/1003).

20/10/1822. The Sunday Times was first published.

1821, The Manchester Guardian, later The Guardian from 1959, was published.

17/12/1820, John Bull, the magazine ‘for God, The King, and The People’ went on sale with 750 copies printed. After 6 weeks, circulation rose to 10,000.

8/8/1819, Charles Dana, US journalist, was born (died 17/10/1897).

25/11/1817, John Bigelow, US journalist, was born in New York State.

11/10/1817, John Delane, editor of The Times, London, was born (died 22/11/1879).

21/7/1816, Paul von Reuter, German founder of Reuters News Agency, was born in Kassel as Israel Beer Josaphat.

1/1/1814, The first Welsh-language newspaper, the Seren Gomer, was published.

18/2/1810, Sir Charles Dilke, editor of The Atheneaum literary magazine, was born (died 10/5/1869).

2/10/1809, Louis Delescluze, French journalist, was born (died 1871).

3/12/1807, Gamaliel Bailey, US journalist, was born in New Jersey (died 5/6/1859)

11/8/1806, Bernard Cassagnac, French journalist, was born (died 31/1/1880).

5/8/1803, The Ayr Advertiser was first published; the first newspaper in Ayrshire, Scotland.

4/12/1791. The Observer, the oldest Sunday newspaper in the UK, was first published.

12/4/1791, Francis Blair, US journalist, was born in Abingdon, Virginia (died in Silver Spring, Maryland, 27/7/1883).

28/8/1789, Louis Cauchois-Lemaire, French journalist, was born (died 9/8/1861)

3/5/1788. The first evening newspaper, the Star and Evening Advertiser, was published in London.

1/1/1785. The Daily Universal Register was first published by John Walter. It was renamed The Times on 1/1/ 1788.

21/9/1784. The first successful daily American newspaper, the Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Advertiser, appeared.

1783, The Herald, a daily newspaper covering Scotland, was established in Glasgow. In 1998 it had a circulation of 100,000.

26/3/1780. The first Sunday newspaper in Britain was published; the British Gazette and Sunday Monitor.

1778, The German newspaper, Allgemeine Zeiting began publishing.

23/3/1752, Canada’s first newspaper, the Halifax Gazette, went on sale.

17/6/1719, Joseph Addison died. A Whig essayist and poet, he had been co-founder of The Spectator.

1712, In Britain, Stamp Duty was imposed on newspapers, increasing their price.

1/3/1711. The Spectator was first published. It was founded by Joseph Addison (1672-1719).

24/4/1704, The first regular newspaper in British North America, the Boston News Letter, was published.

11/3/1702, E Mallet published The Daily Courant, the first successful daily newspaper in Britain. It was printed as a single sheet.

1701, The first regional English newspaper, outside London was published, the Norwich Post.

23/11/1646, The first advertisement in in English-language newspaper. It was in Samuel Pecke’s Perfect Diurnall, for books.

29/11/1641, The first English newspaper was published.

2/12/1620, The first English-language newspaper was printed. Produced in Amsterdam, it consisted of a single sheet, 6 by 12 inches, printed both sides, reporting on foreign news only. When imported into Britain it was condemned  by King James I.

1590, The first regular newspaper, the Mercurius Gallobelgicus, began publishing in London; carrying news from continental Europe.

13/8/1422, William Caxton, England’s first printer, was born.

748, The first daily printed newspaper appeared in Beijing, China.

59 BC, In Rome the Acta Diurna was posted daily in public spaces.


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