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Summary of mapping and consultancy services


This company offers a full range of consultancy services. Recent projects have had as their mission to assess and evaluate the extent of 'food deserts'; areas where for geographical, social, economic, psychological, or lifestyle reasons, some residents have adopted unhealthy dietary habits. At Shaw Food Solutions we can, for example, determine the extent of dietary deprivation in an area and make cost-effective recommendations for ameliorating this situation.


Our standard service includes:

* Mapping the locations of all bakers, butchers, chemists, convenience stores (differentiated between those with 10 or more kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables and those with under 10), ethnic minority grocery stores (e.g. Chinese, Halal/Asian, Polish), fishmongers, garage forecourt stores, greengrocers, post offices, supermarkets (Aldi, Asda, Budgen, Lidl, Morrison, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury, Tesco, Waitrose, also differentiating between local and full stores, such as Tesco Express) and hardware / bargain stores also offering food items (e.g. Home Bargains, Wilkos).

NB Chemists and post offices, although not food stores, are also mapped as these premises are crucial to the shopping travel patterns of many disadvantaged groups who may also be prone to food deprivation and malnutrition, such ass the poor, elderly and disabled.

* Supplying this map in a digital and/or hard-copy format as agreed.

* Analysis of relevant socio-economic conditions at the MLSOA level (from Government data supplied via Neighbourhood Statistics, at a unit area level of ca. 7,000 population.

* Determination, via statistical analysis, of the main factors affecting diet and obesity within the mapped area.

* Supply of a report detailing the principal socio-economic factors we have discovered to be affecting diet and obesity within this area,


Our current price for this standard service is 10 per 1,000 population of the study area. This price includes travel, subsistence and ancillary materials. However to maintain this price we must stipulate a minimum contract value of 5.00* per mile from our Head Office (currently located in Newport, Shropshire). EXAMPLE, Newport to Bristol, distance 116 miles; minimum contract value is 580, which is the price for mapping a population size of 58,000 people.

For multicentre mapping, the minimum contract value is 2.50** per total shortest travel distance Head Office to all centres and back. EXAMPLE Mapping in Derby, Nottingham and Northampton; distance to travel Newport (Shropshire) to Derby (55 miles), to Nottingham (15 miles) to Northampton (65 miles) and back to Newport (83 miles), total 218 miles, minimum contract value is 545, the price for mapping a population size of 54,500 people (irrespective of how the area to be mapped is distributed individually between these three centres).

*Travel is being calculated on a single-journey basis.

**Travel is being calculated on the total, return, journey,


We also offer bespoke mapping and social evaluation services, please contact Shaw Food Solutions at for further information.

Previous clients of Shaw Food Solutions include:-

        The Academy of Urbanism

        Community Council of Lincolnshire

        Enfield & Haringey NHS Trust

        Friends of the Earth

        Food Commission

        Government Office West Midlands

        Hampshire County Council

        Kent County Council

        Leicestershire County Council

        Leeds University (School of Geography)

        London Food Strategy Group